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  1. Training Camp

    NAPC, Thanks in the name of those that don`t know how to do it. Personally speaking, all my heroes are level 20, except 2, Achilles 19 and Artemis. Whenever I`ll make time for them, I will.. I made this topic since I`ve seen a lot of ppl that still struggle improving their heroes, so a "training camp" could give them a hand and enjoy those heroes more. This simple, no need to go into a paranoia about exploiting the game etc. Cheers
  2. Space for items

    Really impressive Dheth, 342
  3. Panicmind nailed it. 👌👏 So Jerry and other Jerries, come on guys, be reasonable. Get the point and cut it shorter. You are making most of us ignoring all these long replies 😂
  4. Ascension level is above 105, sorry, forgot to add this line. Cheers
  5. If you upgrade the temple of heroes at level 11, then you can upgrade that harbour to its max, which means you can do 10 skulls fights ✌
  6. Version 3.8

    Warrior, those gems are being paid for the distance and not for the difficulty of the island.
  7. Account blocked

    D9 have you done anything out of the ordinary? Coz it makes no sense
  8. Version 3.8

    Sorry, my mistake... her fire spell requires trophies, being in top 1000 and it's not easy to maintain them. I wonder if it's the same trick as Pheme...?
  9. Version 3.8

    I don't think that making her fire spell with fame points was a good idea. Why? Simple...if we need to level her up, how can we deal with barricades etc? Use venom? 😒
  10. Resources Boost

    I also would like another feature alongside this, an "autocollect" option so if we get attacked and our hero is removed from the least we won`t lose those resources while being out of the game. Cheers
  11. Training Camp

    Hi guys. I'm coming up with an idea. What if we could have a training camp where we could level up our heroes..? Sort of upgrading with gold/books (and not the only option with gems). I'm saying this coz I'm sure that most of you out there have left weaker heroes still untrained, parked in islands and rarely used, maybe just doing Odyssey challenges. Could this be useful for all ascension levels? P.s if we get 50k of Xp per single fight..what if we could pay 100k of gold to get them?
  12. Resources Boost

    Soldiares, what we need the most is GOLD...due to forging and upgrading, it ends faster than the rest. At least this is how I see this. Cheers ✌
  13. Why Not have the ground mode for attacking too!!

    Great idea. Imagine while you fight against a wave of Warriors and suddenly a Griffin smashes over you ... you won't see that coming 😂😂
  14. Version 3.8

    Btw for those that are waiting to unlock least when you will, you will see that all the items she's on, they are on titan level, uniform + boots with ice effect, bracelet/ spear/cape have life on hit,attack speed and cooldown. In my opinion what she needs the most, it's the physical resistance and then she can do good. P.s Idk if this post could be a double one but for someone it could be a kind of hint.
  15. When paused, why not........

    True that, it would be good to have the control of Artemis so we can aim where we want and not letting her shoots birds