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  1. punish a person for abuse

    Bold / loud text equals whining. One gets a respons in kind.
  2. punish a person for abuse

    At this time I am building stuff of several millions (upgraded my castle to it's highest level in fact) without spending even a dollar/yen/euro or whatever in real cash. I never loose my gold from the vault so you don't play smart. And I get attacked. Btw I raided other players for fun/cash I think once or twice this month. Learn to think outside of the box and you should be able to do so too.
  3. Can't click/tap anything - Windows

    Within my alliance all those with Windows run into issue's regardless of using a mouse/touchscreen. Those with iOS / Android seem to do fine.
  4. Fail Festival! Many won't be able to get Bella!

    Getting Bela for free... First of all if that was possible for anyone FG would have less of a chance of people buying the pal through additional chest paid by gems if they get short. So I would say chances on any fix is zero.
  5. Important News without announcement?

    Mhhhh a free game banning a paying costumer (especially if this costumer does so on a regular basis) because he/she has more then 1 account.... I am pretty sure some folks spend 50-100 dollars monthly on this free game. If I were FG I might be not so inclined to ban anyone unless no other option was available.
  6. A call against Flares open policy of WINDOWS USERS DISCRIMINATION

    All I read as a Wndows-User is the following. FG is unwilling to help out Windows players as the game was most likely once created for iOS and Andriod only. Optimised for it too as it is easier since these platforms are pretty much static in hardware used. I will assume FG wanted additional cash via Windows App by porting their current iOS/Andriod app to Windows. The porting resulted in a somewhat runnable App. However at that time they became aware their in-house technical expertises were inadequate and they are now unwilling to break open there development cycle as is to make their 3D engine/in-house tech fully Windows compatible. This is just a question of cash spent to include all platforms verses cash gained. Up till now they (FG) most likely see the cash spent to optimise this game for all platform as a general loss. Result being the current game as-is. So again in short: a full Windows App is a no-no as it costs to much hence FG is unwilling to help out us Windows players. Anywho carry on.
  7. Today the Granny Festival apparently is started and again a new pal hits the spotlight. Perhaps it's me but wow again a new pal? Even more so as your paid Pro league has a reskinned pal? If I were a casual paying player I would be getting bored with all these pals. This game to me is like a theme park. You pay to get to be able to ride all the attractions. But now with yet again a new pal introduced the core entertainment of the theme park become stall. If I think of a fun theme park I would like it to stay a bit like it was the old way. You paid and had a great day and got some fond memories. Later on I might just return to relive those memories even if I had to pay for it a bit more. Sure a new attraction is added fun but only if it is not a copy of something else. A not so fun pay to enter theme park is one where once you had fun but a revisit of the place turns out to be a park where added attractions are just copies of old. Sure the paint is new and the look is a bit different but the feel is just the same. A balance would be needed. Sometime adding a new flavour to an existing dish is not making it better. Refining the existing tast is then so much better. Anywho. my 2 cents
  8. Why should we come to your Gamescon Event?

    When it comes to games ' suitable ' for the USA you basically can't have King/prince pairing of any sort. Queen/princess is tolerable but only just. Same for certain other countries... Frankly it's silly enough but that the way of the world.
  9. Are You Playing Pro League, Or Waiting

    Played once now with the free ticket. Will wait till I get another free ticket. Then I will play just enough to get at least 1 box. Sure I have enough gems to buy a ticket but no way I will do so. Getting free gems takes time and frankly 1 ticket is not worth the time I had to wait gathering the gems. Same goes for Ninja event. I play that event for getting 1 Ninja only to help with dungeons. Not going for Uber chests or the title. Not even looking at the Summer festival. Rest of my time I read a book / watch movies/series when I am free and wait till I can upgrade another building/troop-unit or spell.
  10. Server maintenance during war????

    Frankly, the assumption of Pro-League being the issue is not that far fetched. We did get a free ticket and all. I will just wait and see what happens.
  11. Server maintenance during war????

    odd I doubleposted.
  12. Server maintenance during war????

    If indeed the server(s) crashed because of the Pro-League someone clearly did not stress test the system properly. (Anyway, good to see I am not the only one having connection issue's. Me, I did not even see any announcement of "maintenance".)
  13. Is the Pal Phoebe from Pro-league disrupting Pal-drops?

    Guess I have been extremely lucky then up til now. Got me a couple of pals from free chests. Same for getting Aki and Eldrak from free Uber chests a bit back.
  14. League

    Personal pride of what I accomplished. The satisfaction of knowing I was able to hone my skills through wits and tactics. Having been able to overcome my competitors in a "friendly and hopefully all out battle'. (Much like being a poker player or perhaps a chess player.)
  15. League

    I wonder too why people Pay-To-Win. I play for the competition I might one day have with others. To me competition is a battle of wits and tactics. Gear is not part of that.