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  1. There are RoyaleDing and RoyaleDing2 profiles.
  2. 1) I haven't Aska and Phoebe. Tammy (my most used pal), Archimedes, Howl, Bucky, Aki, Eldrak are at level 5, Nidhogg (my most expensive pal) at level 4 and Growl at level 1. 2) I want Aska, and especially Phoebe (it could take the place of Tammy).
  3. Why does Flothaboss push Aki towards his units risking them becoming confused or frightened? In its place, I would have pushed Aki towards the gate to protect my units.
  4. I know someone who has hero level above 100 but have very weak defense like level 50 hero has. What do you think about him? What will happen to him if there's no cap hero level that determine his base skull? Will he only be a burden to his alliance? I think flaregames did that to balance war alliance as we have SP to boost those skulls. Perhaps they choose to capped at level 95 because they have thought at that level the player have decent defense (most/all of them are maxed but not forged and will begin forging their tower after that level). What's your reason to give those option to flaregames? There's 4 option, but I saw point 1 and 3 have same meaning; point 2 and 4 have same meaning but with different amount. I found it for you: Few players decide to open or not to improve their defenses. The two players with level 99 that you chose have 3987 trophies which are smaller than 4000. What did the original RoyaleDing end up doing?
  5. You didn't understood my previous post: I said that top team players prefer Aki (see Flothaboss' videos) in defense because Tammy, Archimedes and Howl have lower health respect to Aki. But medium and low level alliances haven't unlocked Aki in defense.
  6. Players' defenses with level 95 cannot be compared with those at level 120: players with level 95 may have been upgraded at the maximum level units, spells, towers, but they may have not forged them as much possible. Moreover, they have not items with maximum level and it's improbable that all the waves are at the maximum level. In my opinion, Flaregames should rebalance the base skull. Option 1: eliminate the cap of 1015 skulls. Option 2: base skull = 300 + 7 * target hero level and fix the cap at 1000 skulls. Option 3: base skull = 100 + 7 * target hero level (no cap). Option 4: fix the cap at 1050 skulls. Finally, I don't know players that have both level lower than 100 both trophies equal or higher 4000.
  7. Tammy, Archimedes and Howl have lower health respect to Aki, so top team players prefer it in defense.
  8. Thanks for the answer and finally I decided my intentions about Pro League. I'm going to wait until I will reach level 100 before taking part to it, so I will buy items with maximum level.
  9. Is it possible to get experience points to level up and medals to win bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond league if it do the 12 levels of pro-league?
  10. This time Flaregames chose items inspired by American sports.
  11. friendcode

    Friend code: LVVQWXMGG
  12. Moreover, @NIkkoesq didn't visited this forum for more than 18 months. He/she can be inactive.
  13. Cromka1, I watched your video about pro-chests few minutes ago (and you anticipated Flothaboss to release on youtube the video about pro-chests). I note that for a few seconds I don't see well the rewards. Anyway, I congratulate you for reaching level 129. KKstar, in my opinion Cromka1 quoted the correct person (they are part of the same alliance) and you can see the wiinner's profile (@nikki).
  14. Who is "--rr2 realplayer"? A teammate thinks that he/she is a hacker. He/she doesn't accept friendship requests and alliances invitations. Level: 97. Donations: 250k. Leadership: 14819. Health: 20784. Attack: 2218. Trophies: 2600. Ranking position: 25596th.
  15. How can I delete this post?