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  1. The cost depends on the level of the item. At low levels, about 60 pearls will be suffice.
  2. ANIK, if you play on android or on ios, you will can watch videos (usually they are long between 15 and 30 seconds) by pressing before the farms and later "^^". So the farms will double their production for 4 hours.
  3. I'm sorry, but I have not yet faced players with electric tower boosted.
  4. Players need a good amount of gems, otherwise we trend to spend gems chests to buy coffers that give rewards, if our goal is take more items/pals.
  5. Lightning tower, if boosted and/or at high levels, should have more than 3 charges.
  6. I agree, at the Dragon festival, their prices are a bit increased, and this time they are ascended significantly. Furthermore, the coffers are giving less rewards lately.
  7. In my opinion, the probability to obtain gems at the chamber of fortune is reduced at least 100 times after the update of Royal Revolt 2 at version 3.0. This probability has to rebalance.
  8. abrada, you can see it in "royal revolt 2 wikia" site.
  9. In this festival, my main priority is to take gold because I need to upgrade units, spells and buildings. This time, the items are, in my opinion, less interesting than in the previous ones (my first festival was the Birthday festival) because I bought and sold some of them. Moreover, I bought Bucky and Aki pals in the previous weeks.
  10. I'm sorry, Warriornator.
  11. Techtonic, you wrote this topic in "General Discussions" section and not in "Suggestions and Improvements" section.
  12. In my opinion, Flaregames has to add quests about the number of monks, ogres, gargoyles, werewolfs, necromancers and black magic used. I've forgotten to add mummies previously.
  13. The items of Dragon Festival are a bit more expensive than those of Birthday and Easter festivals, but Eldrak (like price) is of another category respect to the others. The rewards for every coffer are not enough to get all items; the same thing is for the frequency of every coffer (1 is not enough every day). Moreover the conversion of the rewards into gems at the end of the last festival was a bad idea. I have a positive feedback about Flothaboss and Pellez's videos.
  14. In my opinion, 42:1 is not a business because in a coffer you get about 600 rewards on average daily during the festivals and if you buy coffers using gems (300 gems for a coffer or 2000 gems for ten coffers) you get more than 800 rewards for every coffer. In these cases the ratio becomes between 2:1 and 5:1. The conversion from rewards into gems is not a good idea.
  15. When I started playing Royal Revolt 2 (at the beginning of February of this year, now I'm at level 71 (almost 72) and my goal is to reach level 100 before February 2018), all the top 10 of world ranking had more than 6000 thophies (and the first about 6300). Actually, all the top 10 of world ranking has having less than 5800 trophies: so, there is the possibility that, at the next ninja event, nobody will partecipate at "ruby sensei" (requires at least 5900 trophies). In my opinion, there are more players that have completed the upgrades of buildings, towers, obstacles, waves, units, spells, ect..