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  1. Unnanounced Event does not work

    I started playing after that festival, but in my opinion there will be Fritz pal.
  2. Unnanounced Event does not work

    In my opinion, Christmas/Winter Festival will start on Thursday.
  3. The winner is "William Eric 1", with 1 more vote than on "o r k o". I have not registered video because I would have to waste time, out of my inexperience, and I was in a hurry to open my gift chest. Then I (I'm in tier 7) attacked "William Eric 1" (he is in tier 11) and, at the first attempt, I obtained 9% without using scrolls and I levelled up to level 100. Unfortunately I made a mistake with the screenshot: I disconnected from the game instead to do the screenshot, and later, after the reconnection, I missed the exultation of my king.
  4. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    Did you uninstall the game from all your devices?
  5. I've never recorded a video about my fights and about our in common game (Royal Revolt 2). I recorded video only with my cameras and with my old cellular/smartphone Samsung F480 (it's 7 years old and it's incompatible, but it's younger than my cameras). I will think about your idea: it would be also my first video with my current/youngest device Iphone 7 (I started playing Royal Revolt 2 in early February with my laptop, while in April I transferred my account into my smartphone, but in May I made a mistake with my laptop to manage my cloud backup, so I've been playing for the last 7 months only with my Iphone 7). But I don't want to record voice, music, sound (I prefer a noiseless video because I'm going to do my last fight before reaching level 100 tomorrow evening and my parents usually watch tv in the evenings). If I will record that fight, I will publish the video only in this topic of this forum.
  6. Time out! It's not longer possible to register as a volunteer!
  7. Also "lord_pk" is officially volunteer in all respects.
  8. Update 3.8 Live.

    It's a really good idea, but it would be better to extend to 65 as the limit number of members of an alliance. I'm exploiting this live server update (on suggestion of one of my generals) to convice some players to choose my last opponent before reaching level 100. Unfortunately 4 players don't accept my friendship requests, some players ignore my friendship requests, while other players accept my friendship requests, but ignore or don't understand my question. The positive news is that the majority of my alliance voted.
  9. How to get more exp?

    Answer n°2 is interesting, but in question n°6, KK Star said that necromancer (out of skeletons) gives a lot of XP (see here). Moreover, Flothaboss made an old video about Towers and obstacles XP.
  10. Currently, there are only 2 volunteers: "o r k o" and "William Eric1". Deadline for booking as a volunteer will be on Monday 11/12/2017 at 9.00 pm , time zone CET. For the Others: I must inform to the other players of my alliance in time about other volunteers.
  11. What is your favourite unit and pal victory dance?

    News: Fritz pal is available.
  12. Great News!

    I'm going to reach level 100 on next Tuesday, but I can make a mistake of 1 day (earlier or later).
  13. Questions about Ceres...

    In my opinion, the next festival with Fritz pal will start after the end of the current war season on the next Thursday.
  14. In my opinion, I'm going to reach the next level (100) on next Tuesday, but I can make a mistake of 1 day (earlier or later). You still have time, because, since last Thursday, the capacity of friendlist has been increased to 50 friends (from previously 20). Remember to write your IGN.
  15. Flaregames should increase availability of vouchers (for example adding quests and improving the quantity to voucher friends). Since August, thousands of medium and especially lower level players have abandoned to play Royal Revolt 2. Moreover, it's harder to find voucher friends, while friend super chests are increasingly rare at increasing of the level of my king. A lot of beginner players forget to add friends before creating alliances.