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  1. There is only one way to manage these tricky situations: 1 boss and 1 general. The end. If it wasn't you, guess who did it...
  2. The last offer for this type of discount was 50% and was in end of August-begin of September 2016 week, I remember it because I was on vacation in those days. Maybe you can check again now that you know when there was.
  3. Dear flary flare flare, I think is more than 1 year that we don't get a discount in freeing the tiles for your path design. Do you plan to add it in the "Boost your defence" event or to make a new event, as we had already in the past (-50% I remember)?
  4. Subscription pricing

    I just realized and checked that I spent 8 euros in the last year...
  5. @flaretara 1000 gems/day/member?? Hope this is a bad joke...
  6. Battery consumption (iOS)

    iOS bug could be definitely an explanation...I play with the tablet just for RR2 because I feel actual pain and limitated playing with the smartphone after 10 minutes. I'm also trying to move to the PC with a gaming mouse but it takes time to learn tricks like pushing troops/enemies etc. In any case, let's see what happens with iOS 11, even though each new version looks worse than before about the battery...
  7. Battery consumption (iOS)

    Hallo Flare, maybe it's just me, but since a couple of updates I see the battery going down much faster than before on my iPad Air 2 (iOS 10.3.3). Is my battery having problems or is the game requiring more computational power? Thank you.
  8. Proleague cheaters

    I only used your quote, it was not for you...the one who need to understand is another one...and he didn't, as usual...
  9. Proleague cheaters

    Bla bla bla bla BURND bla bla bla bla...
  10. Proleague cheaters

    The usual, old, Cromka1 attitude...low level trolling...someone should be banned from the forum too...
  11. Proleague cheaters

    double post
  12. Proleague cheaters

    Uhhh I see now why I gained positions during the last
  13. The new Scream Button

    I am not sure...maybe you are trolling...mmm...who cares! Captain Obvious here! Somewhere over the rainbow your hero HP lies... Your pals are always sad, so their special skill half-circle is grey...
  14. New Version - 3.6.0 (Discussions and Feedback)

    You took quite a risk selecting 851 gems speed-up believing in the change notes...