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  1. Flare added 12 minutes in pro! Extra!

    Understand them, they have to face many failures, especially the failure of their company, Flaregames Holding GmbH is bankrupted...
  2. Dear all, it's in german but you have the technology to figure out the meaning. Is any of you surprised? I am not... BTW this morning for 3x Phoebe, 15k gems and 5 unique items, failgames asked me ONLY 110 euros....nice try... P.S.: if it was already posted I am sorry, I found no traces in the forum of this news....
  3. I'll be honest, I never invested in Pro leagues, tickets are way too expensive in terms of gems, monthly payment is silly, only a way to take money from the players. This is Flare's job, and this is fine. Flare decided to give us one ticket per month and I tried to manage this opportunity as best I can. I collected (in a pretty long time to be fair) enough crystals to buy 10 pro chests, instead of buying pro items directly. This is my personal strategy, you can find tickets, pro items, gems, something better than the naked item. I open one after another: pearls and pet food. That's it. I was not happy, of course, but hey, I knew the risk, OK. In my ally we discuss about this and one of my friends does the same, he buys 6 pro chests. I open our ally whatsapp chat: screens of 3 pro items, one better than the other. Pro items/chests: 0 out of 10 vs. 3 out of 6 My honest reaction: congratulate with my friend, press the home button closing the game, switch off my tablet, go out enjoying the day, go to bed. I waited 1 day to write this post to avoid an easy ban, I'm not playing since then and I will not today, I already informed my ally that tomorrow I will be not online. With uber-chests at least you find 90% of the times an uber item (a Tournament set item, but this is a story for another day...). And you don't find this FKING TRASH PET FOOD. This BS is just the same BS of the event chests. Randomness totally wipes out every efforts. You can do more, and gain much less. I want the time I invest in this game to be rewarded somehow. If all I get is frustration for idiotic mechanics, I am done. FAIL, sorry, FAIR, sorry again, FLAREgames will not listen or answer, so, dear reader of this post, thank you for sharing a little bit of my frustration. See you soon guys (maybe).
  4. Many reporting video rewards not given

    Update: It gave me the free chest after one hour, I think this is the same problem we have now and then, with rewards delivered late.
  5. Many reporting video rewards not given

    Same here, both on iOS and about Windows.
  6. Anti-farming system TOTALLY BROKEN.

    BTW, of course not a single official statement from the moderators on a pretty obvious game mechanic flaw... The PR of FAILgames is pure gold, as usual...
  7. Anti-farming system TOTALLY BROKEN.

    Since how much time were you online? I think they implemented a "anti-autoclick mouse" system. If you stay online repeatedly for hours, the systems allows other players to attack you once in a while. You lose trophies but 0 gold.
  8. How call it a "bug"...
  9. No more Phoebe

    Every pal is mediocre, by design...they are just another way to make users waste their gems. (MHO, but heavily supported by facts...)
  10. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Last LT war boost just increases (even if only for one week) further the gap between alliances, just to say... ...but everybody knows here then FAIRgames has smiles only for top(aying) players.
  11. Argh! How to stop incessant attacks???

    Of course if you enter in the list of "Favourites" it takes a lot of time to get rid of someone... BTW I have to say that sometimes it's the matchmaking which creates such a situation, I found myself attacking 3 times the same player just because of it.
  12. 11 Mondays and Xmas is here...maybe they are already in the mood...
  13. I want an official statement

    Randomness is a state of mind in Flare headquarters...but in the case of the ability of the pals I think is somehow correct. Practically you have: an highlander unit; an highlander unit with regular attack; an highlander unit with regular attack and regularly casting a spell sometimes stronger and more often than you can. 80% of Pals are a total waste of time, food, money, gems, whatever. Up to now, and IMHO, the most useful ones are Panda (evergreen), Aska (very rare and very powerful) and Kaiser. It spams a very strong sonic blast at a out-of-mind rate, If you could control at 100% the behavior of the Kaiser, you would finish every path with 1 minute left... Already now I have 20-30 second of difference between Panda and Kaiser...IF I manage to survive meanwhile! With the time left, you can even manage to clear eventual gate towers: check the bars of scream and pal ability, try to anticipate your troops with the hero and deal with the tower(s) of one side with the Kaiser and scream the troops for the other side. It's not easy, but you can get used to it. Of course it is not the best solution if you want 100% for sure (Ninja/Wars). Keep using it and practicing, with experience you will be able to reach, let's say, 70% of Kaiser control (much easier now with the new bars on the scream button)!
  14. Anti-farming system TOTALLY BROKEN.

    I understand it, but the point is: if I gain 0 attacking him, he should score 0 attacking me. Otherwise he can steal my trophies and I have nothing I can do about it.
  15. ios to android transfer?

    IMHO, the best way to save your account is via facebook, because then you can transfer your account wherever you what, in all the OS you want, just login in the app with your fb account.