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  1. My good friend "solarok" from Street-Fighters requested that I submit this idea. The war fiefdoms should be labeled alphabetically. This way it is easier for Generals to tell which Fiefdoms the Leader has told them to attack
  2. My good friend "solarok" from Street-Fighters, requested that I submit this idea. The war fiefdoms should be labeled alphabetically so that they are easier to point out
  3. I have never had this problem
  4. Happened a lot to me when I first got the game, once you get into the game, it'll be easier for you to spot the arrow
  5. Replaying battles would help a TON!!! I was disappointed, when I first got the game, that I couldn't check my defenses
  6. These first two are the main updates that need to be put in
  7. I often find myself thinking enemy monks are my own mid battle, so I suggest that you change the colors of the Blue Monk Robes to Red as all the other ENEMY troops have, thanks - AwesomestKnightest
  8. Join Street-Fighters, I can send you an invite! What's you're IGN?
  9. I think that cannons are toooooo powerful, they take down every tower in only 5 or 6 blasts....maybe a tower that is Cannon resistant?
  10. Hello - Goodbye
  11. I hope those guys down at flaregames see this discussion and change it soon
  12. gel = Jello
  13. This is a baby Ogre with a baby club that is very powerful. Every 10s it casts a Devastating hammerstrike
  14. When I first entered the page, it was automatically translated, but it doens't work anymore