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  1. Account Back!!!

    Hey guys, AwesomestKnightest is now active again!!!!! Hope to see you all soon, whether attacking or in my friends list
  2. Great News!

    Thanks Macamus!
  3. Great News!

    I'm getting my laptop back today!! Probably won't be back up and running till tomorrow or the next day, but still, pretty excited. See you all in the game pretty soon!
  4. Skull Tower update

    This is Flothaboss's video on the Bomb Kicking Arua. Now, this shows how it ruins the entire point of having bomb towers
  5. If this happened, then there would once again be the problem of multi accounts. Endless reams of gold going from one player to another
  6. Questions about Ceres...

    I didn't know about the new Penguin pal. Wow! Finally flare answers long time requests! He looks awesome!
  7. There must be a way

    Although, that would ruin the Rift Warp Mummy Boost
  8. 3 Pages of Problems & How to Fix Them!

    This has been suggested before, but not sure by who. Olympus Rising had this added into the game as soon as they added the forge feature. This should've been in RR2 a long time ago I suggested this a while back, but they (flaregames) didn't say anything about this one
  9. There must be a way

    I think you're looking for the Evoker forum
  10. Bela collector cheat

    yep, exactly right. It may just be the way that he counts. It's just a simple misunderstanding. No problem @Archimedes.
  11. Bela collector cheat

    Here's the math: Wednesday morning event starts. Thursday morning, it has been one day. Friday morning, two days. So technically the event was over three days but only lasted for 48 hours
  12. Not receiving ad-for-free-bonuses anymore

    This happens with a lot of players after updates
  13. If it went any higher, then I think the units would become too powerful. 4 Levels of Pro Boosts is about right in my opinion
  14. Spell Boosts

    So you're saying that the unlocking of the spells should go in somewhere in that region? I totally agree
  15. Pro-League - Friday 8th, December

    Wow, there's a lot of mess ups going over at flare right now