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  1. Nice pic, This would be an awesome helmet for an awesome knight
  2. It'd be cool if we got this one at Christmas!
  3. Please do something like this. Not long ago I suggested a choice for our skull towers, so that we could choose between skulls and poison bombs I'm bored to death of doing the same crap over and over and over, I really want to quit
  4. ugh, and I now may have lost myself the chance to win LOL
  5. Read the title again if you didn't get it. Nikko said that by 23:59 Germany time on the 18th of August that the results would be in
  6. LOL Yes, totally agree
  7. I understand gettting -3 for missing on an open base, but not in a war attack
  8. The opponent was 5 trophies for 100% and no, it's not a glitch, it's just the way it works
  9. Exactly, this happens very often for me
  10. I have 2930 trophies currently, and attacked a player with 2950. Tell me why, when I get 94% (knocking down the gate), do I receive -1 trophy?
  11. The "Celestial Phoebe" is awesome. Deals Armageddon and Blessing
  12. how so? On one hand Phoebe can heal your hero with 6k more health, but on the other it could ruin your chances of winning a battle
  13. Shhh, I don't flare to figure out about this one haha
  14. Many people have sent in complaints, but they've never said anything about adding a confirmation button on gems
  15. NO! I don't have Phoebe but don't get it. Phoebe has a Blessing ability which has a total of around 13K or so at level 8, which means only 2 Blazing Knights would be healed if Phoebe was behind the hero, while Tammy heals 8K for everybody. Tammy is a trillion times better, except for the Pro Bonus