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  1. Halloween Festival

    The Festival was my idea and now I won't be able to participate . I guess it's all just bad luck haha
  2. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    Wow, just, wow
  3. Argh! How to stop incessant attacks???

    When did you start @REVOLTROYAL? I started on Jan 16 of this year. I'm 93 also!
  4. Alliances dumping players during war

    ouch, I was unaware of that, thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to let others know that when I can get back into the game
  5. Wars rules are stupid!

    @Darren795 lol, you changed your name to BABY in all the games lol, why'd you do that haha
  6. Alliances dumping players during war

    What's the problem with getting 8 @Warriornator
  7. How do you get 5k per month?
  8. Oh! I see now, sorrry @Cromka1, didn't realize that. Still, you're not supposed to do taht
  9. Alliances dumping players during war

    WHAAAA? You guys have 1.2M already! Amazing!
  10. Alliances dumping players during war

    Knights who say Ni faced this alliance a while back, I remember it was horrible. They dropped all but 5 members and then shielded them, I lost 50% of the battles I tried, but I won some of them!!
  11. What in the world? I give up, haha, that is probably the biggest BS I have ever heard
  12. I will never be number 1 in RR2, because of the new boosts I won't be able to be as strong as top 200+ players. I know you're gonna say, "join an alliance with boosts" but no, I donate 250k and should've been at 500k if I hadn't wasted 2000 just to get Kaiser before Flothaboss . I won't EVER get to 750k without paying for gems. I could wait a year to get 8k gems, but that won't happen. Even if I do get 8k gems, the next is 16k for 1M, no, I can't get into high alliances which equals - no number 1 for me
  13. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    that's no good then, cause I have the only computer that can have games. Any other computer will not be compatible with it. I think I'll just wait till it comes back and then ask flare to give it back to me
  14. Not sure what you mean, but what I'm saying is, a player that starts in CoC right now has the same chance to be number 1 in 2 years (if he has 5000 trophies) as the player that is first right now in CoC
  15. In Coc, in the top tier every month the players drop down to 5000. This way players who have just started still have a chance to get to that magical number 1 position after a few years