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  1. why does it make no sense?
  2. you are the one that is misunderstanding...there is no upgrade button instead of playig the dungeons
  3. AUGH! I just faced a base with 2 Werewolves and 2 Ogres in each wave...why? this is a Flothaboss type base...flaregames, my goodness, change it NOW
  4. AUGH!! yuck...flare PLEASE change the festivals...they are so unfair...I haven't faced one base that I have gotten 2 crowns on in over 2d...really? come's stupid...I faced a base with only necromancers in it...There were basically One BILLION skeletons by the time I got to 1 crown (2 Necroes in each wave) have to change the festivals...this is a major problem...please make them fairer and based on bases that only players at the kings level would face...that means that I (level 89) should NOT be facing bases that players at level 100-110 have. PS: I want to stop the stupid replies by some of the people here that say "drop trophies"....NO, this festival I have not gained more than 10 trophies since the last...and this one is WAY harder than the last
  5. Thank you name (as you can see by going to my youtube channel) is Aaric, and I live in Florida!
  6. thanks William
  7. YES!! This would stop the interrogating of generals by the leader lol
  8. over 25k leadership is useless
  9. can we please get back to the original topic....sharing your thoughts about the idea
  10. oh yes...I meant, Bill's son, cause I'm not even old enough to be Bill himself....I am still trying to follow in his footsteps
  11. How do you know that I am not Bill Watterson
  12. do you have a problem with everything?? I'm just making a joke, goodness