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  1. Super Blizzard Battle

  2. Disappearing Invites

    If we're not gonna blame you, then there really is no need to apologize on flaregames' behalf, let them apologize to those alliances
  3. We need new button

    Not even Google Translate, it's amazing
  4. Fritz Pal Gameplay

    I did a real attack with him and dominated, I think he's good, but the one bad thing is, you are forced to use monks (or heal spell) in your army
  5. Fritz Pal Gameplay

    yeah, WAY better than Kaiser
  6. Special Event - Advisor's Choice

  7. Fritz Pal Gameplay

    Fritz is like Kaiser, but is much funner to watch and in some places much deadlier
  8. Advisor's Choice Event

    Go ahead and vote, just wanted to see how people reacted to this new event
  9. Christmas Woods Song

    Yeah, it's fine for me now, it's just right on the headphones and it's perfectly normal. The laptop without the headphones distorted the sound, my bad lol
  10. Trophy System SUCKS

    WHAT THE HECK FLARE? I work and work and work and work my ass off to get to 3094 trophies to get myself up before the ninja events. Averaging 5 trophies per attack for about 25 attacks today and what happens, I lose ONE attack, ONE! And I lose 54 trophies, it's prepostorous, it's happened 2 times today. And I've lost a total of 110 trophies off 2 attacks, its BS (and I don't mean blacksmith )
  11. when to buy uber chest

    Don't buy the Uber Offer. To give you advice, I'd say the best way to get Uber Items that match your king level is to participate in ninja events and earn the Uber Chests there
  12. Skull Tower update

    So, could I just get a reply on why it would be a bad idea to make Skull Towers have bombs that can't be kicked back, but deal less damage, please?
  13. Christmas Woods Song

    Hey, just wondering what happened with the Christmas Woods song. It may be a bad on my part, but to me it sounds as if the song was removed from the game by accident and they couldn't find the song and took a sound recording off someone's computer and slammed it in the game. I can even hear the staticy sounds of a sound recording