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  1. gliches

    Just a big glitch on that part. But the developers have abandoned this game sadly, so there is no hope for any changes
  2. Date of game creation

    I think the game was created in early 2014, I think summer
  3. Hey guys, sorry about this, but my laptop, once again, is being unresponsive. This time it seems worse, so I'm not sure how long I will be gone. Just writing this so that you know why I'm not participating
  4. Wednesday and the question arises again

    They should do a community week soon
  5. Account back soon

    WOW, very nice
  6. Account back soon

    I should have a new computer (or a "new" fixed version of my old one) with which I will download again and ask flare for my account, adios, hopefully I'll see you guys in a few weeks!
  7. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    No,I mean the special war boosts
  8. I complete all Quests :)

    In my trophy range that I was in (2800-3000) It was unstoppable, but I don't know how it is in higher trophy ranges
  9. OR won't conect

    My laptop was Lenovo too, it broke, that's why I can't play RR2 and OR. Technology nowadays seems to be going almost downhill. It seems as if they intentionally make the devices so bad that you have to buy new ones within a year
  10. I complete all Quests :)

  11. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    Congrats! What were the boosts?
  12. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    I've kinda lost track of the weeks. Is this Friday a war or a Zombie event?
  13. I complete all Quests :)

    Stun is really good, I have a 10s stun and it really helps me in tough battles. I use Firestorm, SB, and Stun
  14. Beasts

    I agree with Cromka here, all that was needed to be done is make it to where you could still donate pals after a beast has been maxed. Now that a new level is in place, it just makes it harder for younger alliances to try and catch up (or mustard lol) to the higher alliances
  15. I complete all Quests :)

    It's likely that the top players have finished this quest already, but Congrats nonetheless!!! It's an amazing achievement!
  16. Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

    What happened to the smiley faces, they used to be yellow, now they are black and white drawings basically, it looks terrible
  17. Pal Skins for Charity

    Wow, just looked at the RR2 Facebook and Twitter. They took my idea!! To raise money for charity, good cause guys, really good job!!
  18. My bag of gripes vol. 3 (or so)

    I agree with this one, this would be great to have you're whole army have it's own unique color, good job on this one
  19. Account back soon

    lol, no, new laptop, which is basically the same thing, but better, cause I need one for school
  20. Account back soon

    Bday in 10 days....hint hint lol
  21. Kaiser Pal Gameplay

    Hey guys, love this all, but this topic was just to show how Kaiser worked, could you please make a new topic on tips and tricks with Kaiser or just a "Kaiser Talk" discussion, that'd be great thanks
  22. Loot 💰 algorithm completely sucks!

    When I was playing before my computer broke, I hadn't used Matchmaking (or Player search or favs) more than once a day, I used to attack more than 20 times a day in my first 3 to 4 months....nowadays we just work and work and work for what? Wars and Ninja events that give you the same equipment EVERY SINGLE TIME...Sometimes you'll end up getting the same piece of equipment in the same chest lol
  23. Account back soon

    You're level 94 now? Nice
  24. Daily and Weekly Quests

    I gave a suggestion like @QuantumApocalypse a while back, where alliances can attack others (like in a war) but the alliance that wins (loots most gold or something) will gets gems for all the players!