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  1. LOL Yes, totally agree
  2. I understand gettting -3 for missing on an open base, but not in a war attack
  3. I have 2930 trophies currently, and attacked a player with 2950. Tell me why, when I get 94% (knocking down the gate), do I receive -1 trophy?
  4. The opponent was 5 trophies for 100% and no, it's not a glitch, it's just the way it works
  5. Exactly, this happens very often for me
  6. The "Celestial Phoebe" is awesome. Deals Armageddon and Blessing
  7. how so? On one hand Phoebe can heal your hero with 6k more health, but on the other it could ruin your chances of winning a battle
  8. Shhh, I don't flare to figure out about this one haha
  9. Many people have sent in complaints, but they've never said anything about adding a confirmation button on gems
  10. NO! I don't have Phoebe but don't get it. Phoebe has a Blessing ability which has a total of around 13K or so at level 8, which means only 2 Blazing Knights would be healed if Phoebe was behind the hero, while Tammy heals 8K for everybody. Tammy is a trillion times better, except for the Pro Bonus
  11. Hello anyone and mainly players from Knights who say Ni, my computer for some reason can no longer open the Royal Revolt 2 app, please don't kick me as it may be a while before I can come back
  12. What do you mean? when I said 130, I meant I had lost 40 places
  13. well, I'm at 130 now
  14. Finished the Pro League with 1548 and am now in 97th place
  15. Okay, yeah sorry about that after I restarted for the third time, it works now. 3rd times the charm
  16. I was playing in the Pro League, I had 12 min left and had just finished a battle (I had 2 battles left and 1150 Lion Badges). If the game restarts for me I will never play again
  17. Thanks PaSte, I appreciate it
  18. I have placed 1st in ninja events 5 times in a row...however this time, on island 29 I have 2 take down 2 lightning towers before the gate. i take down the Lightning Tower on the left and take 75% off the next with my firestorm. Then I cast a Sonic Blast and it does 0 damage. Not one little bit. And btw, I have a level 10 Sonic Blast. Then my cannons take the gate down and I don't get 100%, but 99% and 2 crowns
  19. Next: You use 500 gems on 1 million gold
  20. LOL, good advice
  21. Okay, I'm really excited for the Community Week, but what are Uber Boost Days? I have never heard of them before
  22. Ah yes, that must be what happened to me last ninja event, a werewolf howled as a cast the spell. But, that doesn't really explain why nothing came off the tower
  23. This CoF should never happen 5 TIMES in one ninja event, please fix this flare. I am on island 23 and have already almost used 200 gems on the CoF. And btw, I got all 3 items only 1 time out of the 5
  24. This Tower hold the power of Black confuses enemies while copying units
  25. Phoebe is a risk, either it is WAY better, or WAY worse, it's better to stick with Tammy