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  1. can we please get back to the original topic....sharing your thoughts about the idea
  2. This tower has many knights at the peak of it...The knights hurdle themselves in front of the incoming attackers and block the way..they still hurdle themselves from the tower if the king and attacker have passed the tower and not knocked it down
  3. oh yes...I meant, Bill's son, cause I'm not even old enough to be Bill himself....I am still trying to follow in his footsteps
  4. How do you know that I am not Bill Watterson
  5. do you have a problem with everything?? I'm just making a joke, goodness
  6. Flaregames REALLY needs to change this...getting 70% on a base (reaching the castle gate) should not be finishedd off by the player losing 30 trophies, rather, you should make it be you lose 2 more trophies than what you would get for winning
  7. yes
  8. Look at this, I first saw this when I was about 5 days into the game (Royal Revolt 2). The two are Chief from Tiny Troopers 2 (I've got 10,315 kills with him) and the king from rr2
  9. I believe that the players should be able to have their home base in the ninja island landscape, I think it would be lots of fun to have your home be an island
  10. WOW...72 lol...I'd love to be the defender who gained that lol
  11. Flare won't add another Dragon into the game unforunately, but the Faerie Dragon does sound good The Kodo Beast sounds like a way worse Boosted Werewolf
  12. okay, I guess's just not really fair to lose 30 trophies when you got 75%
  13. Here is the Knight Tower that I made in "3D Builder"
  14. why not give them the 26 trophies, as usual, and give the attacker only -7 (if it's a +5 win)...that way everyone is sorta happy
  15. I mean, as soon as I put flaregames I was like, "Oh no...Warriornator's gonna put 'Suck'" haha
  16. Lost --> Found
  17. LOL
  18. Knight --> Archer
  19. Hehehehehe
  20. AUGH!!! flaregames...DID ANY OF YOU DO MATH?
  21. Wha in the world FLARE?? I just attacked an open base that would give 7 trophies for a 100%...I got an 88% win...leaving only a high level firebolt tower behind...this player is 400 trophies higher than me...Why in the world do you I not get any trophies from it?