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  1. Trivia n°11: Phenomenons on Earth

    AboYoumna Olympus rising 1.Which wind movement causes aircrafts to enter a downward motion? Gravity/ Air turbulence / Pitch All affect downward movement of an aircraft. Pitch is the normal wind movement during voluntary control. I think is the answer they are looking for here. 2.what cause lightning : Lightning is an electric current. To make this electric current, first you need a cloud.When the ground is hot, it heats the air above it. This warm air rises. As the air rises, water vapour cools and forms a cloud. When air continues to rise, the cloud gets bigger and bigger. In the tops of the clouds, temperature is below freezing and the water vapour turns into ice.Now, the cloud becomes a thundercloud. Lots of small bits of ice bump into each other as they move around. All these collisions cause a build up of electrical charge.Eventually, the whole cloud fills up with electrical charges. Lighter, positively charged particles form at the top of the cloud. Heavier, negatively charged particles sink to the bottom of the cloud.When the positive and negative charges grow large enough, a giant spark - lightning - occurs between the two charges within the cloud. This is like a static electricity sparks you see, but much bigger. 3.maximum value on rechter scales: In theory, the scale has no upper limit, but in practice no earthquake in modern times has ever been registered above magnitude 9.5. 4. What is a cloudburst and how is it different from rain? Cloudburst is a form of precipitation along with the hailstones. Sometimes, the strong winds blowing upwards push the down pouring raindrops in the reverse direction, that is, towards the clouds. In this process, the raindrops change into hailstones and the clouds become heavier. These hailstones are so heavy that the upward winds cannot hold their weight. This results in a sudden heavy downpour along with the large hailstones. This is known as the cloudburst. Cloudburst is mostly seen in mountainous regions. In India, you can find such cloudbursts occur often in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. All heavy rains are not necessarily cloudbursts. 5. When does a leap year occur A leap year is acalender year that contain one extra day (366) on Febraury month that become 29 days added to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year Because seasons and astronomical events do not repeat in a whole number of days 6. Volcanic Lightning - Sometimes, when a volcano explodes, it releases a powerful amount of energy into the atmosphere. This sudden jolt can result in strong reactions that ultimately produce lightning from within an eruption! 7. What is the cause of winds Wind is caused by air flowing from high pressure to low pressure. Since the Earth is rotating, however, the air does not flow directly from high to low pressure, but it is deflected to the right (in the Northern Hemisphere; to the left in the Southern Hemisphere), so that the wind flows mostly around the high and low pressure areas. 8. Even though Sun’s light is white, why does it appear to be yellowish when viewed from Earth White light is a combination of all colors produced equally by a glowing object. A glowing object that appears blue is blue because it's producing more blue light than it is producing red, orange, yellow, green light. The color of a glowing object depends on the temperature of the object.Tow Reasons why the Sun appears yellow: 1. The Sun's surface temperature (5,500 degrees C) produces a range of visible light (red to blue) in which yellow is the most plentiful, but not much more than other colors it produces 2 The Earth's atmosphere acts as a kind of light filter. Some colors are filtered more than others. The Sun is a yellow star, but the Earth's atmosphere makes the Sun look more yellow than it appears than if you were to observe it from space where it would appear more white than yellow 9. Is the Earth’s magnetic north pole and geological north pole at the same location, if not state why it isn’t the same. No This difference is called the magnetic inclination. Magnetic deviation is the error of a compass needle including nearby metallic objects. Magnetic inclination varies according to where you are located on the globe. In order to point you in the right directions, users can compensate for magnetic inclination by using charts of declination or local calibration. The difference today is about 500 kilometers. But the Magnetic North Pole is actually moving kilometers every year. This phenomenon is known as the Polar Shift Theory. 10. Earth is Prolate Spheroid in shape No the most accurate description is oblate spheroid