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  1. Totally agree! This new loserbonussystem is unfair in wars with Mid-Level-Alliances! If there are two Alliances A an B with nearly equal strength, Alliance A is only a little bit stronger in scoring and has only one more fiefdom in the beginning: Day one: Alliance A wins -> Alliance B will get "normal" LB Day two: Alliance A wins -> Alliance B will get "normal" LB Day three: Alliance B will win cause of the LB -> Alliance A will get only 30% of LB and THE LB F ALLIANCE B STILL INCREASE!!! Day four: No chance for Alliance A, no chance to get "normal" LB, cause they have two more fiefdoms!!! Day five: ... This is really unfair! We are forced to lose our wars in the beginning of war seasons. Flare destroyed the war system, cause they are focussed on Vanguard and Co. This will bring this game to an end! Most of us do not play this game cause of the proleague!
  2. Rewards pro league

    Nothing. No Support, No ...😂 Same problem here.
  3. Für die fehlenden Ninjas bekommst als Vanguard 1000 dias, sonst 500 😂. Hatte ich auch schon.
  4. So give us all the full rewards as compensation ;-)
  5. Personally i am missing a connection betweeen the item preset slots and chosen troops and spells.
  6. Bladestorm

    I think it was an intentional nerf of the overpowered LT. I think it´s OK. Now there are more variants in this game!
  7. Connect your account with your Facebook-account.
  8. Disconnections after disconnection

    No. Disconnection after disconnection.
  9. Fix the base defense algorithm

    And Flare should think about the reasons of this behavior. One reason is: Alliances want to reach LVL 80. But they don´t want to spend thousands of $ or € like Vanguard or Todes. So they save their Alliance Gold -> No defence boosts. In this situation it´s better to place only some towers near the gate!
  10. I can not join pro league

    Pro Cheater League ;-) There was a guy, who named others cheater. A few weeks later, he got a top ranking. His alliance members got top rankings. But everybody deserves to get a second chance.
  11. The support gave some Players 1000 gems as a compensation. Other Players habe not been compensated until yet. Me too 😒
  12. Update 3.6 for Windows phone?

    same to me. We all have to quit the game 😊
  13. Proleague cheaters

    Exactly, cromka: For all those bans in the last, they had no proof! Now they banned all players from pro league, who are in possession of more than one account, or which shared their accounts with other players.