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  1. New Flag Not Displaying Properly?

    Hey @RyanPlegics can u check now.. if possible go inside our Alliance.. If still blank that's mean there a bug. But i think everything its okay. Thanks.
  2. Server update

    @CaptainMorgan Just i wanna tell you " Thanks for ur support and include our flag inside the game, I have asked for ONLY Saudi Arabia flag but you have add more Flag for other country in Middle East one of them is for my country " Palestine ", Thanks again "". BTW some of our Alliance the rank now 59 " Islamic Union ".
  3. Forging

    there was many version updated and nothing we got! 3.7 is the big update and in 3.5 version have add Indian flag. I think that's easy to add more flag for many others counties if Flare DO NOT WANT add our flag just tell us.. We are not 1 or 2 members.. there are hundreds Arab fighter active in this game. We know you @CaptainMorgan help everyone as much as u can.. we hope to do this for us soon. some of our Alliance rank is now between 70 - 80 in the world.
  4. Forging

    @CaptainMorgan Its great the new update, But we have asked you before few month to include flag of Middle Eastern But Unfortunately nothing we get! I have been talking with u and @dumpster he asked me "which flag u want because there are many". I told him can use Saudi Arabia flag. Can u tell me why we didn't get what we asked for it?!

    Your Alliance are great and get more than 1m score but lose all the strike! There should be strategic planning in the war.
  6. Matchmaking is really painfull

    Its not about his account problem the game system its not normal.. before few days was everything looks good, But now its not normal.. I have lost more than 100 trophies in less than 10 hour. When u want collect trophies takes a lot of time and most of the island u can get 3 trophies!!! BUT when anyone attack u.. will lose 24 most of the time! That's not fair at all.
  7. Very few attack???

    haha me too BUT if many players attack u and take u down u will complain, Right? As a lot of players have complain before SO what I think the Developers they have made some change to fix that issue.
  8. Odyssey

    For me previous odyssey was a bit difficult but this time its very easy! I have completed all adventure. I think its random.. as @CaptainMorgan told me before when i asked him the same question.
  9. ithacan harbor

    Thanks @ataide maybe in future will think to update it and use it @CaptainMorgan W hy when i destroy the Gate the connection lost! its happen with me many time! So today I decide to tell maybe u can help us, Because its cost me wisdom and some time I'm using gems to win! Just before few minute lost the fight and 5 gems also more than 800 wisdom.
  10. Flare just BROKE THE GAME

    haha i was wondering why many player can now defeat me! now i know the reason.. Because the last update.. Nyx Tower become weaker than before and i have updated to lvl 8 and cost me a lot of books and gold.. but for me its OK if that will be good for the rest of player..
  11. ithacan harbor

    ooooh just now see that's | But also not good option | hmmm actually i don't use it, its very weak even if he's max lvl.. Thanks ataide
  12. ithacan harbor

    @CaptainMorgan Can u help me with this before start the Adventure or i have no choice and gonna fix this in the future..
  13. ithacan harbor

    hmmm u r right about gotten unlucky island with very hard defense, But still not like this to be very hard! in 1 island i have used more than 21 gems.. Of course its better than the first time also the books cost less than before. But what about this picture! its like given u only one option!
  14. ithacan harbor

    @CaptainMorgan @flaretara I think the last live server update 30 Aug make Ithacan Harbor very difficulty!! At level 7 i used Ajax lvl 20 but I can't win without use gems!! This is not far guys pls fix this issue and get back as it was last time. I'm lvl 96 i have more than 2440 points..
  15. Especial Donation