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  1. Unfortunately, the drop rates are just terrible and lots of people have complained. You need to be really lucky (spending money doesn't help) to get a decent weapon.
  2. I have it too since beta.
  3. You need cannons for the impalers. @LegendaryCrate That is SO messed up! The odds against getting 3 of the same legendary should be astronomical! Have you bought a lottery ticket lately?
  4. I find that holding will waste ammo as the next shots land in the same place doing minimal/no damage to the zombies. I frequently strafe my shots to maximize damage and then pick off stragglers.
  5. Epic 5.56!
  6. I usually run an AC, Cannon and Sniper. For Impalers, wait until they are grouped up and fire a cannon shot. In the mean time, snipe them out if there is 1-3 in an area. Your AC should be able to drill down packs of 4-5 impalers reasonably quickly. If not, you need to upgrade it or hope for a better one. If there are no titans in the map, go AC, Cannon, Cannon for more shots.
  7. Sorry, didn't mean to sound like disagreeing. Your numbers are definitely useful for those who aren't at Interstate Hard already. I do almost exactly what you do, except I run Hard then Medium on Interstate so as not to forget Medium. I keep track using the last dimmed, check if I ran medium or not, run it and then go to the next undimmed map on Hard.
  8. Sorry to see you go Primathon... Afraid I won't be long behind you. I don't even bother tapping the ads that I don't watch in the first place. The game just isn't that much fun. @mabaeyens While your calculations are correct, it's more efficient to run Interstate Hard and Medium, Grey Valley Hard and then grind Interstate 1 on Hard (at reduced loot). You are getting more bang for your time compared to any other map and you can do it with 3 taps while afk for the most time. That's 524 metal for 1.5 minutes (including tapping time between runs).
  9. Just keep opening the 3 hour crates (basically what's on the above response. I get my purple and golds from those.
  10. I generally scrap all 1 star weapons to make space and only boost/fuse 2 star weapons. If you don't have enough 2 star weapons, boost and fuse a few 1 stars to 2 stars to make space.
  11. Legendary AC25 with a blue 50 Cannon occasionally firing. Titans are dispatched within 6 seconds with my Purple Sniper 20.
  12. 99% (imho, I don't have research backing this number) of games reward those who pay money. Sometimes the equivalent of legendary here is straight out unattainable by f2p. Sure, those who pay might have an advantage, but as the other post suggested (the guy who spent $350), you may not end up that far ahead. I have paid nothing so far and I actually got super lucky in having only (sarcastic) 2 Legendaries that are Autocannons! If a competition gets implemented and my girlfriend is away for the duration of the event... I will be up there with the whales . My point being that others who already got lucky with a gold AC or 2, maybe another high kill weapon would also be high up in the ranks. All that being said, # of zombies isn't really cutting it as the best grinding map is in North County... Green weapons can get you the theoretical max without issue. You don't even need to pay to rank high up in such a competition. Number of maps completed wouldn't work either. Hmmm.... Need a better idea here...
  13. @Nikko If I may suggest: Make it a global competition with all players competing for Legendary weapon(s) at the top ranks going down to Epic, rare and uncommon as your rank is lower. Add metal/supplies rewards. It would be awesome if one could assemble legendaries from something like shards or fusing lower rarity weapons. The rewards could be a legendary weapon at the top rank and shards of legendaries at lower ranks.
  14. This is more for people who can't beat the map in the first place I will note it in the guide though if you don't mind.