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  1. Aslan777 &MADE IN JAPAN

    Leaders and generals of Japanese allies gathered... We will help new players. (It's okay in any country!) ・You registered for this game but you can not find a good alliance” ・You want more information This game ・You want to raise a new account Please come to this alliance  ”MADE IN JAPAN"  We are looking for an active player. 日本人も勿論OKです
  2. ares shop products

    Whether” your first Turkish ”in English forum,suddenly... What do you want to do?What do you want to do with it? I do not understand at all.   If you are Turkish?”Saçma Saçma Konuşma!” If you are just kidding Turkish ? "Do not be silly. It is also insulted by it”
  3. Waiting time and bug of Ninja event

    I understand. I will hand in it soon. Thank you for your information.
  4. ares shop products

    I thought you were a Turkish here  I intended to translate what it was written In this way you are It was not necessary. Excuse me?
  5. ares shop products

    I see ... You can use it to read What do you understand more than you can read? You are posting in the forum in English. You say that you do not know the talk of the Turkish who translated Google . ”Excuse me?u r Against the Turks・A discriminatory countermeasure with insufficient effort・You insulted the Turk language Discriminatory posting in the forum" Your thread in this way will be reflected in me like this This game is sold to people in various countries. Please be a little more careful.
  6. A bug occurs when one island that is kept waiting for a long time at the event is delayed I can not go to the last island Even if there is no mistake I can not go to the last island (4・9・14・19・24・28)There is a long waiting time at the number of this island This is one shift (5 · 10 · 15 · 25)After conquering the 29th island, we used 30 times of battle counts and it has become impossible to go to the last island. ”ハリマオ”I confirmed this bug with this account.
  7. ares shop products

    Nothing serious.  Just copy and paste it in Google Translate Umarım siz diyorsunuz: neden bu kadar uzun bir zaman için eşya kalır ???? ??? (I hope you say:why do things stay for such a long time ???? ???) The rest is to read the context the Turkish want to say. Knowing the Turks will make the answer easier... "Bana ne?"
  8. ares shop products

    Why does Pro Shop change place in 5 weeks? (Pro Shop'un yeri neden 5 hafta içinde değişiyor?) You only have to wear Ares and Apollon items. The problem is pro Pal. The alliance that had saved Phoebe trying to be a beast is now only able to get 3phoebe+@ "10000 yen "offer. (Sadece Ares ve Apollon eşyalarını giymek zorundasın. Sorun Pal. Phoebe'yi canavar olmaya çalışırken kurtardığı ittifak şimdi sadece 10000 yen teklif alabiliyor.) There will be an alliance wanting to raise only Phoebe beast. Only propal sold for them should be able to exchange at any time. (Sadece bir Phoebe hayvanı yetiştirmek isteyen bir ittifak olacak.) (Sadece onlar için satılan propal herhangi bir zamanda değiş tokuş edebilmelidir.)
  9. Pal Flute - Forum Contest!

    The king and the Queen。。。 looked at the beast in the garden and said it. ”I would like to take the big beast that is larger than the small pal”  But there are not enough breads to take a big beast. It's an invasion, not a circus! So GRANNI gave the king and the Qeen a flute. ”Playing this flute will make your small Pal transforms into a big beast” The King and the Queen。。。went aggressively carrying a small Pal gladly. ”I will invade this castle today!” But While holding a sword, holding a cane,holding a shark, What are the kings and the queen playing with the flute?。。。Beast will soon return to pal. That is a new trial of the king and the queen... While the king and the queen are crazy about such a thing。。。 ”ROYAL REVOLT2” This game will be fun !
  10. Like the "Vampire Cup" of the Pro League...When Bella of Pal demonstrates special abilities”Heart's broken symbol”This is displayed above the enemy unit's head. She absorbs the enemy's physical strength and returns it to the hero. "Life Drain"
  11. Why did not give her a cute element! Young Bella makes a provocation with a tongue out, holds a mouth with a hand and laughs and it's cute... If she becomes an adult。。。 This threatens with a cry that is not a bat。Eyes are on the increase。。。。。。 I wanted a bat's beast BUT! "Cute is justice" …Elements that users want to collect are "useful" "cute" "cool" It's awful 
  12. Aslan777 &MADE IN JAPAN

     hmm ... ideal members is "A member who gives me time to research is good !" 「我に研究に没頭できる時間をください。」
  13. I want the language flag to be increased to 3 Japanese and Turkish, Vietnamese and English generals are in the alliance. Everyone seems to put a flag on it
  14. Does Phoebe become a beast?

    I will collect it from the crystal at once.Thank you for telling me.
  15. I would like to collect Phoebe if I can donate to the alliance.