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  1. Does Phoebe become a beast?

    I will collect it from the crystal at once.Thank you for telling me.
  2. I would like to collect Phoebe if I can donate to the alliance.
  3. Subscription pricing

    I'd like to present 10 gems a day to everyone in our alliance At $ 5 per month  Daily gem gets over 50 gems a day and costs  $ 3  a month... …$ 50?   Has the flare game got a cold? 
  4. Aslan777

     Now I got it all right.  Thank you very much.
  5. 私は昨日友人とチャットしていて I was chatting with my friend yesterday ユニットをアプグレードをすると When you upgrade your unit 彼らは、レベルが上がるにつれてライトブルーがダークブルーに変わることに気づきました They noticed that as the level goes up the light blue turns into dark blue
  6. I want to know her true identity

    I was sorry  I never asked about her again 😹
  7. she is blonde hair  with one Braid 彼女は 金髪の三つ編み Freckle and green eyes   そばかすと緑の目 Invincible laugh 不敵な笑いをしている I want to know the name and age (profile) 私は彼女の名前と年を知りたい(プロフィール)
  8. to AwesomestKnigntest ええ、しかも彼らは怒りに満ちて目が吊り上がっている。 Yeah, they are full of anger&Eyes are rising... これはゴーストバスターズの時間だ It's time for Ghostbusters 👻👻👻 to LordBarnot hajimemashite oaidekite uresiidesu! yorosiku  😸 I'm glad to meet you naruhodo ! watasi ga asi wo kakimasyou !motto hayaku hasiri masu! Let me draw their feet ,To be able to run faster  👢🌌👢
  9. フロスターとパイロマンサーの足はない 胴から下がないのだ Froster and Piromancer's legs have no bottom from the torso それでも動画をみるとフロスターは青い靴を履いた一枚絵があるが パイロマンサーはそこでも足がない Still if you look at the movie Froster has a piece of picture with blue shoes but Pi Romanser has no legs even there 日本の幽霊は足がないものだが...彼らは幽霊という設定なのか?  Japanese ghosts have no legs...Are they settings called ghosts?
  10. はじめまして  リアルネクロマンサーの風貌をもつaslanです Nice to meet you It is aslan with the appearance of real necromancer 今日も徒然にRR2で遊んでいます。Today I am playing with RR 2 ここに何か 書き込みにきましょう Let's go down here and write something あなたも気が向いたら書き込んでください Please write if you feel like it. 楽しみに待っているわ I am looking forward to it.
  11. Aslan777

    Aslan777 Japanese ledar! general ! and Turkish general! Alliance level 44    Elite Boost Knight · Battery · Wolf Always    WE OWN BEAST Name is・・・ Tammy! ・Archimedes!・Howl!・Eldrak!・Bucky!・Aki!・Kaizar! I want an active member!・・・Everyday donation · Alliance war · Ninja event! ”This is a good alliance to study”
  12. Howl is a weak beast?

    Thanks to the cooperation of our alliances, howl 's beast has reached level 2. However, my strength and attack power are much weaker than other Level 1 beasts. Even though we collected 150 Howls... Beast boost level is 2 Attack power 1638 Physical fitness 28623  (howl Lv2) Blow 2362 Physical fitness  32236 (tamii Lv1) It is too different.