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  1. New & Improved: Knights who say Ni

    This is an awesome alliance and I think it is better for me.
  2. Why phoeve can't not heal

    I have never tried phoebe but it have awesome power and ability
  3. Who Boosted It?

    You are absolutely right
  4. The Incredible Champ

    Our alliance won the war season again ! Hurry join now
  5. Hi I am vedant

  6. Towers Of My Dreams

    Thanks Thanks
  7. Happy Father's Day

    You are looking good my friend. What is your name in which country did you live. I am from india We are together
  8. Alliance towers need a lot of gems for upgrade.too loss and hard
  9. Shadow of Moon

  10. Towers Of My Dreams

    Awesome towers . this towers could also benefit me.the best tower I like that is the flood tower.that tower is awesome.I hope flare games would success to add your towers in the game in upcoming future
  11. Check this out

  12. Check this out

    Good but my leadership is not much good yet but i am too surprised when i see the leadership of flothaboss. He is really a good and experienced player.
  13. 1 Million likes! festival?

    yes very good items are available but i want nidhogg festival.
  14. New Tower: Knight Tower

    knight tower is good and more better if it spawn a lot of knights automatically