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  1. I'm not in the least colour blind, but I second this. Accessibility's important! 😎
  2. Yeah, I'm happy. I got a rare 7.62 for my trouble, and I've been looking for a decent secondsry AC. It's funny how long you can fire that s.o.b. without overheating when you're used to 5.56.
  3. Well, I did play Easy for this little joke for that very reason. With a pair of good sniper 20s, I might've kept them back one more wall. The 25 kills any titan in one shot now, but it's so slow to zoom in compared to the 20. The stats for that little clip are as follows: 38 shots fired 2 misses 24 single kills 10 double kills 2 triple kills 50 total kills 1:28 This is my normal modus operandi for Operation Wolf & Nighthawk on hard, since those maps are such a snore otherwise...
  4. Gah! I had Google Play set to prevent me from hitting the phone's Back button in-game. I'd still put an actual button/link on the Current Events page if I were you guys, though.
  5. I'm Canadian. A Canadian sniper has once again taken the world record for longest distance confirmed kill: http://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/canada/canadian-sniper-hits-isis-militant-with-record-setting-shot-1.3471687 In honour of this achievement, here's how we do Scorched Earth up here in the Great White North:
  6. Drilled down to an event, which does have a 'back' icon.
  7. ...and scrolled to bottom.
  8. Samsung Note 5, Android 7 'Nougat' Current version: N920W8VLS4CQF2/N920W8OYA4CQF2/N920W8VLS4CQF2 Updates installed yesterday, though bug predates this. I can't find a way to back out of the in-game Event viewer. Within the viewer, I can drill down into "Zombie Slaughter", and there will be a little blue & white 'Back' icon to get to the Current Events page. From that screen, however, I see no way to get back to the game. Normally I would expect to find the little black 'X in a circle' icon, just like in the ads. The back button on my phone does nothing, either. Instead, I have to kill the app and restart it. Here's a screenshot, scrolled to top:
  9. I'm running all scouts, and survivabilty is no issue. I just find that so many shamblers, dogs & titans spawn at once as soon as my guys leave the second building that I can't kill them all before they walk headlong into my path. The fire & forget nature of rockets might help me here, though I don't really have any levelled up to the task. Plus I have to take a moment to whack the mortar as soon as it's done helping me.
  10. I was showing two extra Junction stars during 0.6 & 0.7 days. It shrank to one extra star upon 1.0 release. I found that the key to finally getting past Stolen Property on hard was to utterly destroy every barrier even close to my troops' path as soon as I've dealt with that first little pack of imps. I run the boys from west to east (on the assumption that the mortar is due south of building 2). I actually waste the first couple of shipping containers in front of west building before the imps even spawn, just to straighten my troops' path.
  11. Haha! That was just my kids coming and going from playing outside. I was kind of embarrassed about the missed snipe in the middle, but figured that I made up for it with the double Titan shot in the last second! Yes, I do have time difficulties on Stolen Property and Suppression. The latter on hard is still my one missing star. I have no problem with the impalers at the beginning, but trying to make the long run from building 2 to 3 past the groves is evil. I always run into more company than I can deal with, stalling my troops.
  12. I only notice it in all scouts mode. When I go full assault for Grief, they stop shooting one another.
  13. Bummer that you fused one. I would've liked to see a vid of all 3 if them loaded out on Grief! 😁
  14. Oh, there's a few relevant posts under "Bugs." It is a known issue, and the devs are on it, we're told. The regulars on the forums are looking forward to a big juicy payout when the bug is fixed. Edit: Forgot to answer part of your question. Junction doesn't count as a campaign. Silencio Heights is #1, North County is #2, Grey Valley is #3, and Interstate is #4. Edit: Now I'm second guessing myself -- Junction might be #1, and the others all shifted one up. Prior to beta 0.7, there were two other episodes showing above Interstate, as well.
  15. Oh, that's sexy! Fap, fap, fap! You must repost when you get it up to level 60!