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  1. As a Dawn of Steel user, I really enjoy the game, but there is so much neglected potential. The developers have seemed to abandon the game. This is sad because despite of my efforts to contact the developers, they seem to have done nothing about it. Maybe if we contact them as a hole then maybe we might restore the chance of rejuvenating this game. This game needs a community that will support it, and might as well the developers do it too.
  2. I really like the concept of this game. But somehow, I feel that this game deserves more. The Alliances for me are currently useless, no actual team interaction with the Alliance like Alliance Wars or anything, defenses are not even working anymore because of OP rigs. The game needs an overhaul. It has a lot of ignored potential. I feel that the developers has overlooked this game but it is indeed a great game for me. I just hope this game gets the attention it deserves.