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  1. Your weapons will be at MAX and your wallet will be at EMPTY!
  2. Since there's usually an expiration timer on the rewards, I'd cash them out over time as my storages could handle them.
  3. That problem is easily solved! Keep your wallet and plastic in your back pocket until the developer creates something compelling enough for you to spend your hard earned money on.
  4. Oops @mabaeyens , that farewell was meant for @Primathon. My apologies to both of you. I'm getting old and clumsy :-(
  5. @OnLikeDnkyKong I just upload the full-res video to YouTube, it does the down-sampling automatically, then I post the URL to it here in the forums. The flaregames.com site automatically displays the video player in the message window from the URL. Very simple and straight forward.
  6. @krkhans No wealth has rolled my way, nor explanation as to why achievements still don't pay out. @Nikko, please advise. Thanks!
  7. @mabaeyens, I'm sad to see a fellow veteran player and forum contributor go as well. You will be missed by the rest of us who are gluttons for ongoing punishment. Just one "correction" from me. I collect (12) resource bonuses from ads per day. 6 of each (Metal and Materials). Not sure why you only get (7)?
  8. Too bad to watch a developer take a game that was a lot of fun to play and break it right before general release. I bet the general public would rather have waited for a balanced and fair game rather than being handed broken pieces, a pat on the fanny and been told, well... that's the best we can do for now, grin and bear it.
  9. Green 3-star was the best I got out of all those crates. What a bummer.
  10. I tested it also using direct and sustained fire on my troops from my 4-star purple 5.56 machine gun and 4-star green Griffin missile and while my troop icons blinked red, damage wasn't registering on their health bars so, negligible damage would be a valid description. Thanks again.
  11. @OnLikeDnkyKong, this is the trophy icon we're talking about. Mine is inert.
  12. I've been playing ZGS since beta and didn't know this fact. Very handy info when protecting your guys & demo gal.
  13. @Slaughterhouse, I've been playing ZGS since beta and never noticed that trophy icon, not sure what it means. However, it's not an active button that changes your deployment location. Your deployment changes just because you're tapping on the screen somewhere and it tries to get as close to your tap location as possible. Try orienting your screen so the trophy hovers above a different place on the field, or even out of bounds, tap on and around it to see what I'm talking about.
  14. @AK5x5, Here's a pair of videos for Fading Memories. One with gunship support, one without. If your ground troops are strong enough, you can just watch them go to work without intervention. Notice where I deploy my troops. This limits exposure to defensive towers and speeds your time looting.
  15. I would share my spreadsheet but the results are 100% dependent on your ground troop load-out and weapon strength, that results will vary widely.