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  1. Flaregames performs missions at Grandma, but I did not get the jewel because I have to wait. Why did not I get them?
  2. Pro ligue !!!!

    In my opinion, the proliga should be changed to a compartment without crowns and crowns. Because it is pathetic that one person wins all the time, so people without crowns can not get their crown. People and what do you think? @Flothaboss, @Niko
  3. Why??

    Administrators and their shady server maintenance. I cant access my account.
  4. Unwanted benefits from Flothaboss.

    Flothaboss people buy food for diamonds. He won the league and bought the food. It never makes a game easier. You would have known if you had some respect. Never use additional units during an attack so as not to have an easy one. Get over and do not write such stupidity !!!
  5. Why has it weakened the toxic cloud? This spell became useless when it was weakened. Think he should go back to the previous version (80% slowdown). And what do you think about it?
  6. Maybe someone knows when the next festival will take place? Everyone wants to get a new animal and grow up as fast as possible. Once again it puts you in the wrong light because high lvl can get a good animal
  7. Może ktoś wie, kiedy następny festiwal odbędzie się? Każdy chce mieć nowe zwierzę i dorastać tak szybko, jak to możliwe. Po raz kolejny stawia Cię w niewłaściwym świetle, ponieważ wysoki lvl może uzyskać dobre zwierzę
  8. Next Festivals

    When can you get Aska Pal? When will the next festivals take place?
  9. Medals

    I would like to show you some error or something to fight for a medal. Because the medal system is bad because they can. The small lvl has 180 medals per fight and lvl higher gets to 31 medals. Please reply to the moderator
  10. Flaregames

    Can anyone tell me from what time the flaregames are open because something is not replying. I mean the hours of their work.
  11. Thank you for your help.
  12. Why did not I get help after two days? Will I get a reply from Lory or someone else can help me, because I can not live without this game.
  13. Please help me regain my account..
  14. I just want to recover my account, I do not want anything else and administrators are not interested in please return the account.