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  1. ??? Why i get green card

    i get also greens but its all by luck. This event i had luck first drawing a legendary and i got 2 ultimates out of paeses
  2. Cards that hit multiple targets

    try to get legendary cards. And max them. Dont forget to max each card before fusing them
  3. Cards that hit multiple targets

    hello, its 1413/3= 471 even if you put him left or right its the same.
  4. i would say you are great, why they dont take you as developer. You make great things.
  5. time that they do a action
  6. Arena/Piece PvP Fights are IMPOSSIBLE for New Players

    i am on level 71 have few legendary and few ultimate. One legendary on ++ the others all + i play evry day. And still have fun once you get few legendary it getts better.
  7. i know. I just wanted to say, nice. It looks so real they have to implementate it
  8. where is that new thing?
  9. Tokens: Is it best to refresh?

    thanks, didnt know that.
  10. 😮 50mil, thats allot, thats why why there should be an exchange ability, gems card parts potions....
  11. Tokens: Is it best to refresh?

    i cant go farter than level 17, on 18 i always get killd. Tried multiple deks al ready
  12. Tokens: Is it best to refresh?

    it say may contain. So its never sure. I would try. But its up to you. what level you are doing to get that much tokens? I only got 1😐
  13. maybe i am wrong. But whit gems i mean the cristals to buy cards or complete cards
  14. i dont say i dont enjoy it, i just have lots of purpel card parts i dont use even full cards i have. I had luck whit the card drops when i started. I have 2 ultimate and 4 legendary + and 8 legendary