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  1. Since version 3.8 the pearl meltdown / gold amount has been reduced. There was a bigger reduction that was acknowledged as a bug by @flaretara and the amount was subsequently increased, but still less than pre-3.8. See below image, left is a the new testament I just received at a higher level with better stats, worth less than the old pre-3.8 testament with lower stats. I have forged +1 to make equal as forgings increase pearl amount. more details / discussion from existing thread below.
  2. i think most top raiders do not adjust at all for defense, the use their go to setup for basically every fight.(unless testing / trying something out) their go to setup may change from time to time, but they will use the same setup regardless of base.
  3. I think currently at the top no one uses blizzard, and everyone uses fire. might change with the BS change, yet to see how that plays out.
  4. (past) pro players

    Not asking if you can tell, i'm asking if what you think - since as you you say, we can't tell if someone was using it. If people are is constantly top 10, 20 and suddenly cannot get top 100 anymore, it wouldn't cross your mind something fishy was going on? top guy is extreme example, two months in a row top place, looks like last month he did 2/4 or 3/4 perfect scores. Then this first week he could not manage top 100? They are unlikely to get banned, it wasn't a hack. They were making use of a bug, maybe a bit on extreme side, but there are other bugs people take advantage of in the game.
  5. Bladestorm

    totally disagree, no matter how long they play most players will never: 1) reach / fight top bases 2) understand how to min / max As you say they are talking about a "different game" killing firebolt towers, which no one uses at the top.
  6. (past) pro players

    Do do you think those guys in the screen shot played without using the bug? As in the OP can you can help spot them in the top ranks? it is hard to browse the top. Khiago has posted he is still around the top.
  7. (past) pro players

    I'm not so great in PL (yet). rank ~250 this one. 100% 1-9, then not so great after that... I made mistake in X else could be higher. last month was first full month i completed, think i was 300-400 monthly, so I am happy enough but hoping to improve. before last month I had only done 1 PL.
  8. what makes you say fully maxed and forged barricades are stronger than blockades? blockades have more hp.
  9. Wednesday and the question arises again

    ive not had event announcements on android for a while now, didn't get the last granny vs blacksmith, and dunno how many before that.
  10. Unholy Paladin (Pro Boost)

    did they share to have one player get them all top PL scores? From my understanding that was the issue flare had, not sharing accounts in general.
  11. Unholy Paladin (Pro Boost)

    are you sure they are always innocent? you know the old saying where there's smoke there's fire... and taking the PL dc bug as example, sure it wasn't just the viets taking advantage, but there seems more smoke in that direction. seems smaller proportion of top viet scores now, though maybe as you say they are all banned now.
  12. Wednesday and the question arises again

    To me a the surprise should be what the event will be, not when they will announce it. But if they announce too early for you, i'm sure a smart guy like you can manage not reading announcements, steering clear of threads / people / chats that may give spoilers.
  13. Wednesday and the question arises again

    i just wish they could make event announcements with some sort of regular schedule regardless what event...
  14. Unholy Paladin (Pro Boost)

    I know free players with multiple accounts, no problems. I think the ban on PL recently was more for account sharing, rather than multiple accounts.(think even flare made a post about this?) And who knows, maybe some got banned for more unscrupulous reasons other than multiple accounts, but are ashamed / don't want to admit and just tell everyone flare was being unfair. obviously a grey area, you can't dump gems on yourself with a second account, seems no issue donating pets, donating tickets? not sure yet its almost the same as dumping gems as yourself. Will have to wait and see flare's opinion on this. questionable strategy, as above you can create multiple new accounts, keep dumping the gems on your main. Many people would consider this on the side of cheating, but not if you are just playing the two accounts separately and not to gain from one.
  15. Wednesday and the question arises again

    a lot going on from flares side right now with the upgrade / bugs and all... but it is wednesday!