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  1. A game becomes a job when you get bored / not enjoy it anymore. I consider a game good where theres enough to do for over 5h~ day for several days, and keeping me wanting to do more than I have time for. And Dena's calculation is for what he needs to do to get 60k medals, and this next bit is going to be a bit brutal, but the fact is you can medals more than 4x as fast as his calculation. Its not un-usual for games where the good players can get things done in much less time. This is a game, its meant to have lots of stuff to do, preferably more than the average player 'should' have time for. Why would any gamer want a game where there is not much to do and they can get it done very quickly.
  2. 2.01 should be fine, i would get attack speed before health. Huge part of ogres is being there for the stuns, they reduce damage taken a lot. I usually run with 2 ogres only, 3 max. Don't worry too much about your knights running ahead, let them take hits, you should be endlessly spamming knights for most of the raid. I suggest using shield though. But maybe if you learn to survive without it, when you do use it it will be super.
  3. Like LacunaC, I am also not in a level 70 alliance, I don't have mad monk usually. But I suggest using the combo Cromka has mentioned all over the forums. WOK, shield tc fs. with tammy. tc is not an offensive spell, it is used defensively with the slow time perk. Save it for U turns along with FS. Consider also using 200% start morale, get a couple ogres, a wolf and you are good to go without having to scream back to base (I have heard some dont use scream with start morale) but i do.
  4. Just pointing winning diamond league was responding to something else not cof issue. You seemed to think I was searching for ways to pay the gems. Anecdotal evidence. Agreed. Another reason I am against suggestion to further 'band-aid' changes to cof, making the code even more complicated / hidden.
  5. My reply was in response to awesomest, nothing to do with the COF. But since we are on this topic, I don't how crazy the leagues you play in are, but most of mine can be won with about 60k medals. Ie. about an hour a day if you know what you are doing. But I agree, most people cannot do this in an hour and is hence unrealistic, but the fact remains it is doable. I'm saying your suggestions are not good and gave reasons why. flare has limited time like everyone, I would rather they work on something else than make something a little less bad. Would be great if they removed skulls from cof altogether, but obviously they can't do this for every gripe else they would go bust. If you know statistics, then you know why I would take anecdotal evidence / statistics people use prove their point with a grain of salt. Now if you can provide video / something more concrete that would be good. Or better yet if you can reproduce consistently. If you believe in seed / set pattern, maybe you can work out with Warriornator a pattern to always get skulls. (I believe it was warriornator that said he could work out a pattern to get most cof, which worked ... except when it didn't).
  6. Pretty much this. I take advantage of every game mechanic I can, trophy dump, save dungeon / voucher rewards to get packages. Free slots from cgg etc. Majority of players will until alliance event to upgrade AT, so it won't be 8k for the expensive AT upgrades.
  7. Cromka agrees with you on COF, so do I. However (IMO) you have not come up with a good suggestion / solution. I don't think the intent is to tell you to quit if you don't like a small portion of the game. But when you are getting so worked up and angry in your posts that make it look like you do not like playing / would not recommend the games to others. Then you should leave the game. If you enjoy the game, and want to make it better, make constructive posts, get people on board without the whine. If someone came to you for help at work with the attitude shown in your OP, and further posts, would you jump out to try assist?
  8. I have not played CoC, but would you expect to get to #1 as well if you randomly spend (waste) premium currency? I have not played RR2 that long, but last 3 months, I get at least 5k gems per month as free player, probably over 6k. At this rate I will get enough gems for 1.5mil donation by end of year. Now I wont go into top alliance with all the defensive boosts and get to top 1000 , I don't aim to. But the point is that it can be done, but just like you I choose not to go for the top. Of course there is also issue that for the majority of players, they won't put in the effort / play the game well enough to get to the top.
  9. I don't think cromka has ever said you need to swallow and digest everything. If I read his posts correctly he is saying if issues bother you so much / don't enjoy, stop playing the game. Else be realistic, there's low chance you will get the changes you want, accept that like every other game there's going to be bits that aren't perfect and you will enjoy the game more once you accept this. There's no harm suggesting changes, and constructive criticism, but most of the suggestions here are not good, and often from people that are worked up. Least thats my take on it. The reason I don't think rewarding COF on the next try after a fail is that without removing the gem requirement altogether, people are still going to complain anyway. Its a pointless exercise. On a lesser note it will / may skew situations where you have opened two chests successfully, then much more rewarding to pay gem to open. May end up earning more gems than losing in this manner. Course they could change the odds etc, but I would rather them spend time working on something else
  10. I think it goes both ways, many would also do well to listen and take lessons from Cromka. As for attitude, most of the 'suggestions' to improve the game come from people with bad attitudes. Ie. all these flare is greedy and flare doesn't care about us. That aside I agree removing skulls from cof would be welcome as well, remove some randomness and aggro from opening them. I don't like complicating the cof, where the mechanism would work differently in war to outside. Or pay some other amount. Don't really have good suggestions, maybe make champing use gems instead of skulls? that would reduce some aggro on champing slowing down alliance upgrade. Don't know how it would work to allow generals to decide who champs, but this would allow whoever wanted to sacrifice gems for the team to do so. And still have a way to get people to use gems.
  11. Lack of Customer Service !

    I was more trying to point out this was a mega necro post. For what its worth I've had excellent customer service from Flare for non payment /gem issues so far. But I must note, I contacted them for 'real' issues, no stupid questions and what not, and gave them all information they required / made it easy for them to help me.
  12. Lack of Customer Service !

    Does Jona still work here nearly 3 years after the post(s) in question?
  13. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    I think another way of what Cromka1 is saying is, if all the members of VL moved to a level 70 alliance (or lower). And everyone else was put into a level 80 alliance, would the outcome of the wars against VL be any different? Probably not. I think the main issue here is the pain for lower level alliances between paying for boosts, fighting hard with champs / shields and saving to level up. Maybe if leveling the alliance up was based on XP or something, then it is much less stressful for lower level alliances to manage funds.
  14. Many reporting video rewards not given

    not working on android for people in my alliance... windows seems to be ok surprisingly. additional info: per picklepete info, videos offered and watched, get the note rewards will be given soon, but nothing happens.
  15. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Your suggestion has a major flaw, as you say you have to assign 1 defender knowing VL wont attack. So this person has to sit out war? who would want to be assigned defense and possibly not get to participate. Or even worse if you assign half / all of your guys to defend a fief you don't want to lose. So you all sit out when no one attacks. Still your suggestion is a round about way of 'closing the gap,' and if you make it so more powerful teams will lose because everyone else just gangs up on them, why would anyone bother to join a better team for war?