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  1. Top alliances­čśÄ

    after reforging one of my friend did get skull perk in a pro item...
  2. 1-short of money - if u have gold gear,or atleast kaiser pal gold is not of a issue..sometimes we may have to search a while for good gold giving players,but thats not a big issue 2-waste of time-not all can do all 30 battles @ once,3 days is the best.this timing system is really good, 3-legendary chest-i dont no about you,in what trophy range ur in, I usually stay in 4k to 4.5k trophy range,and the legendary chests r the best for me,its one of the way i make more gems,from each ninja event i make around 300 to 400gems min.its very useful 4-clan event-it depends on ur alliance players,if its getting tough to get defense ninja,try to step up a bit,try higher tier..+1 high tier might do the job..our alliance is lvl 71-we need 11.5M coins,we made 12.7 million this time. removing coins from chamber of fortune was the best move.,that helped a lot in saving atleast 200gems per ninja event.
  3. i submitted a request to support team - i was @ 86 or 90th rank while giving reward,now 86,if flothas score was adjusted i would have reached rank 75, 200 more gems for me. this was their response (Hello Dheeraj1615,Thank you for your inquiry.We are sorry to hear that are having this experience in one of our games.We take such issues very seriously. Therefore, be assured that we will investigate this as soon as possible and will take appropriate action if necessary.Please understand that you might not receive a personal update on your request as we cannot share information about specific users with other players.Should we require additional information to investigate your case, we will get back to you immediately.Thank you for your understanding.Kind regards.)
  4. will there be any new event starting tmr...? ( boost offense or defense or castle ) , @Archimedes @flaretara
  5. New event announcement

    after ninja events r announced on tuesday,and will last from wed to friday
  6. Where are the trophies?

    most of us dont have strong defense to reach 5k just by defense,but our spells r good,so in wars we r supposed to attack top players for zero trophies,
  7. Update

    update is available for windows 10 pc also.
  8. Where are the trophies?

    anyone please respond,is this the new rules or is it a bug.
  9. Where are the trophies?

    this player is in 4800 trophy range,i'm in 4170 range. please fix this fast,
  10. Where are the trophies?

    even i have noticed it,i'm in 4200 trophy range,players in 4700 or above trophy range are giving zero trophies.. i used to attack ppl in that range for medals and trophies,now no trophies only medals.
  11. New Player:Any advice?

    if u have more workers,u can max everything while ur throne room is upgrading to next level. go for throne room first , then other things , the gems or the vouchers you get in quest,save them,don't collect them unless its an emergency,like u got an offer package for workers or other things. alliance tower is one of the most important thing,save gems and upgrade it. ( do it only during alliance part event )
  12. xp bonus is not fixed,. any one from flare,please respond. did you guys even see this post..
  13. Updating timer paused

    since the uber boost days event is going on,it seems like it is stopped,but its working fine. u gave that inventor workshop before the event started,so it seems stopped. dont worry,its working fine
  14. just because he came 1st this time does not mean he is stealing places,or made pro league battles more than once, previous pro league why didnt you complain.. every pro league he was getting silver or bronze crown,so he wanted the gold crown and he did well this time.