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  1. Hi so if all my troops die I get defeated. If I abroad a mission I get defeated. In both cases I loose what ever they looted. however my overall kill count of zombies goes up. in other words.... why should I give a crap if the troops die if I can kill zombies for a bit longer? CU ABurned ;-)
  2. Well keep in mind that bigger is not always better. If the projectile is flying too fast, then you will shoot through the target. But a slower one might start to wigggle around in the target and causes more harm. also keep in mind bigger need more space to store and is heavier. Oth. It necessary good on a plane.
  3. Hmmm interesting how people struggle with different levels. I got grief done with only one epic and two rare. However I am stuck getting my last three stars on infrared.
  4. Well back to maybe rant a while back. I do not think that they have anyone involved that is specialised in “in game economy”.
  5. IM Talking about These herethese here
  6. Hi the add bonus disappears when the counter should go below 100 hours. So instead of the 223h (is the the value?!) availability you only have 123. Cu ABurned ;-)
  7. Before addressing the colours I would like to see that every weapon actually get an individual icon :-/
  8. Jupp that is the second person for sure who is requesting this
  9. I wish it would be that easy. But that is my first ever and I actually find it not useful at all :-/ would have preferred a automatic gun.
  10. Hi ok I got it my storage is full I can not store any more supplies. I have to update the building for that. I got it.... understood.... comprende I don’t need another reminder after each mission to do so. But I can not even if I would throw Euros at that problem! i get that question to update that building, then the information that I need to update my HQ first and if I want to do so. When I agree then I get offered to upgrade the HQ. I agree and then I get told I have to level up fist. no shit Sherlock. But going through those extra loops now plus the notifications that i can not store additional crates is really adding to the frustration in this game. i still have 10000XP ahead of me before I can level up my HQ. And as i don’t want to play x-different missions each day, I’m stuck with some 250-280xp missions. Do the math those messages are annoying! CU ABurned ;-)
  11. Good luck that you won’t run into the problem I am Stückes with right now :-/
  12. Advertisements and using the bonus packs you receive when getting to a specific level. Some of those bonus packed showed up twice for me. So yes kind of cheating by investing real money. in the fist few levels I actually bought supplies. Now I don’t do that anymore. As I waisted gold that way. Actually I am now at the point that my warehouse is almost full and I still have 10000xp ahead of me. This time i only bought metal for guns to get my weapons better and unlocking some crates. But this baby (heck I never use those type of weapon) arrived by breeding a common crate in 3 hours :-/
  13. The problem might be that the payout might come when you can not use them because your storages are full :-/
  14. Good bye and thanks @Primathon... maybe the time will come and the bug fixes get implemented so that you come back.