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  1. Weird indeed, the Samsung Galaxy J3"6 is under Lollipop, which should work with this game, but as @mabaeyens said, check for OS updates
  2. A whole set of colorblinds settings should be in the setting menu. Because if you make this kind of change like rarity initials in the small box, I bet there will be thousands of question on the IG hub "WHAT IS THE LETTER ON THE TOP RIGHT CORNER I DON'T UNDERSTAND PLEASE" 😕
  3. I guessed everything was sync to the server for anticheat purposes, if it's not the case, where the devs learned "security"?
  4. No the R just mean "Raging"......... I just got another rare Ithaca 37....... AGAIN!
  5. Hello guys, I've already posted this on the In-Game community hub but I thought it was better to post it here. So I'm going to talk about Loot Bonus. Everything started with Nightman's topic (also on the IG Hub) where he did some research about that. I decided to join him and we tried several things. Milk Run: 14 seconds Airmail: 15 seconds for one building, 10 for the other First I didn't see any difference between the different troops, I tried demo only, scout only, mix of every types... even different difficulties. Then I saw it: In fact, imagine a single Default Class troop. Let's say it'll loot a building in 10 seconds. If you now replace this Default Class by a Demo one with an RPG US, you can subtract the Loot Bonus from those 10 seconds. So it'll loot the same building in 9.91 second. I saw the difference playing Scorched Earth, my scouts team did 13.9 seconds, my demo team did 14.4 seconds, I might be wrong with the delay so let's say 14 and 14.5 seconds. My demos full RPG US has a global Loot Bonus of 0.36, whereas my scouts with mix shotgun has a global Loot Bonus of 0.89. Conclusion: My thought seems to be confirmed. If you look for the difference between the 2 teams you find approximately 0.5, the same result that I saw on the looting time difference. Feel free to try and tell me here if I'm wrong. Happy hunting guys
  6. I know what you're feeling, I have 2 Epic and 2 Rare 30mm cannon, 2 rare ac 20, 2 rare RKT 80 and a bunch of other Rare guns that I already had in Epic.. Yay!....
  7. No you just need to fuse it with whatever grey weapon you have.
  8. Personne ne s'intéresse vraiment a la communauté chez FlareGames. Entre les dizaines de reports que j'ai fais dont le dixième ne sont pas traité, les scores d'Influence qui ont été codé n'importe comment (un report ne fais pas perdre de point, poster des topics qui n'ont aucune réponses en fais gagner), les bugs graphiques des Titans, les informations manquantes sur les tours de défense et j'en oublie sûrement beaucoup d'autres.. Bref, je n'espère rien. Edit: I'm not speaking english well enough to say this, my apologies, I'm sure there's a French speaking guy at FlareGames
  9. Hope it'll help Edit: I grab those two on the Community Hub
  10. The grinding would have been pretty easy lol
  11. Hey guys, another thing to be done. You'll clearly see that the range is different when your tower is upgraded, but you have not displayed this information in the game. I think this is a quite important thing so here I am. On the right side, level 1 range goes to 4 squares, on the left side level 2 range goes to 5 squares.
  12. Every kills performed by a tower is not counted
  13. Devs already know that..
  14. This game require a server for good reasons I guess. With a phone's time based game, you'll be able to "cheat" by changing your phone's time settings. There's also the Defence Mode that has this timer and as you point out there's also daily rewars on missions and even daily objectives. I understand that it can be frustrating but many games works like this. Also yes there's a limitation of rewards for the missions, also understandable. Winning 1000 metal/supply with Grey Valleys' last level is pretty easy, so everybody will be able to get a full storage in half an hour without playing (because this level is so easy even in Hard Mode).
  15. Express crates are not so bad.. I've got my first Epic from one of them. As a reminder, when you finish a mission for the first time, you always have a Regular crate and an Express one. You just have to make sure that you've the slots to keep them. And I know "we only have 4 slots this is BS blabla" but man, calm down, it's a game. This is the first release, even a game in dev since 4years have some bugs when it came out, that's why Devs release "Patch" "BugFix" and all sort of thing. Oh, and you want the Devs to come on the forum, or on the In-Game hub, reading hundreds of post reporting the same things ? Such a waste of time. I guess Nikko is reporting the most important bugs and the most interesting features that he's seeing. But I'm agree with you, promoting the most actives users is not a great idea. Because if they have to moderate, they'll not be able to continue what they were doing before (Guides, Stories).