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  1. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    IGN: Spacebreaker Alliance -POLISH KNIGHTS- I hope You will recompense it. Its unfair when i attack base where enemies has ninjas
  2. Cheaters in pro

    Some time ago flare banned 'cheaters' accounts. Now still You can see a lot of low levels players in the top ranking in pro. I know they can play good but i wont believe that everyone plays fair. I would give my both hands for it. You know it too, impossible to play so good by some players.
  3. Cheaters in pro

    But cheatears still plays... Unfair when a lot of people playing clearly (not hacking)...
  4. Cheaters in pro

    Flare can You finally do sth with cheaters in pro ? A lot of people (playing fairly) do not received deserving rewards. for example - i'm on 101 place in rank and you give me only 2 chests (some cheaters are over me and i cant get 3 chests). @FTB @Nikko @flaretara @KKStar?
  5. Dragon transform duration

    Yes, when dragon appears animation is stopped but when i look at the timer sometimes it last about 3sec.
  6. Dragon transform duration

    @Flothaboss not at all, sometimes transform last about 3sec, its one-two times on 4 battles. Lets check this
  7. Dragon transform duration

    not all time but 2-3 times in battle, its really annoying
  8. Dragon transform duration

    hi, do You see difference between transform duration pyro in dragon before update (viking, basilisk tower) and now ? once it was 1sec now about 3sec
  9. Omega Armor back ?

    Guys do You know if Omega Armor will return to pro shop ? I really want to buy it
  10. Please !! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Never 😂
  11. Monk - range of healing

    Flare, why u removed information about range of healing (Monk)?
  12. Eris pal

    Guys, what u think about Eris (pro pal)? Is anybody who got him or who can tell me sth more about his power?
  13. New event announcement

    Well said, we quickly wanna see the event. Flare dont let us wait so long 😁