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  1. Gold

    Dear Devs as you have seen topic talks and complaints here in the forum is gold because you can increase the capacities in the islands or add extra gold islands conguer 800k / 1million and increase the amount of money we get per hour !!
  2. Current State of OR

    Yeah sure it's still cheaper Prometheus I just use epic chests for gems I play in odyssey only 8 I use now and forged a thing to make it titan 4 million, you do not know what to make first of all that from the point of view of gold there is some easier to do because the game has been hindered with the new upgrades !!
  3. Current State of OR

    The problem is clean on the money, I agree with prometheus but to raise only 5k the gold to a high level helps only those who are believed I have to do something above for the gold I am an active player from the morning till the evening and I believe there are many like me at my level I am 100lvl with 6800trophies, @Captainmorgan
  4. Forg

    Hello I think now with forged it has made it hard for the money for money I think it's a problem, I would suggest that you reduce prices in things or raise the rate to our money we play all the days and we have no money to buy gems we can not do both !!!
  5. Alliances recruit

  6. If the Hades and Zeus heroes will lose the meaning of the game, the game has some heroes of Greek mythology and as goddess of Hades and Zeus
  7. Change!!

    Hello if you can raise the speed of prometheus is very low the speed is a change believed that everyone wants in this game !!
  8. Problem

    How can I restore the text of the titan chest after I have been tamed by my own mistake?