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  1. Another question about wars, is there any way we can see a breakdown of how many pts each member earned, or even just who attacked? I wanna kick inactive players but can't find a breakdown of any kind.
  2. We're in our 1st war now and this thread has answered my questions well. Thanks guys! One thing I can't find is if the larger islands are special in some way. I notice the skulls (difficulty, more pts) goes up as I get closer to them. Are they the highest difficulty? Also, does holding islands matter, or does your rank come strictly from points?
  3. Do you get a bonus if you put heroes here as you do on other islands?
  4. You have 666 tropies in game lol Invite sent!
  5. The statue is a hero. You'll get to place one soon, think I was able to do it on my 3rd day or so at a certain lvl. Look at your map and click on the podium by your gate, it will tell you the requirement. Just keep upgrading and you'll be able to take them out very soon. Same for the sirens.
  6. I didn't see a place for discussion on layouts so thought I'd start one here. I'm still new so mine are going to be HT2 and under for now, but it would be great to see what some of you guys have as well. I guess I'll start out by sharing the HT1 layout that worked best for me. I'm still learning the mechanics so I can't tell you why it worked well, it was just the hardest for me to get through and was undefeated in the short time I used it before upgrading to HT2.
  7. rare item revealed

    Got it my 1st day so it's not very powerful, but cool nonetheless.
  8. Thanks again I appreciate the help. We haven't even done a war yet, that's a whole 'nother barrel of monkeys I'll have to dig through when the time comes
  9. Thanks ataide. Is it normal to always have the blessings going, even for smaller alliances with minimal donations? I can see maybe as the costs are lower. And I assume the boosts are probably gonna be "pick and choose", depending on what our majority of needs are?
  10. Other than war prep for a free boost, is there any reason not to upgrade your alliance as soon as the gold is there? Or are there other factors to be considered? I'm exactly 2 days old here and have an 11 member alliance that all donate. Trying to learn what I can before I move too fast or make any dumb decisions. Thanks in advance, I'm sure I'll have more questions coming.
  11. FURION ALLIANCE is a brand new alliance looking for ACTIVE players to help us rise in the ranks. All levels are accepted, but only active players will be allowed to stay. I'd like all members to share their tips and ideas with the other alliance members, as most of us will be fairly new at this time. We currently have OPEN join, so if there's a spot open, come on in! If not, send me a pm here and I'll see if I can make room. FURION KING FURION ALLIANCE