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  1. Odyssey

    I do exactly the same. Cheap and not so hard at all. Get the fifth chest is too much for me actually.
  2. Hello, new on chat ;D My english is not fluid but I will try to explain property... I have noticed several times while attacking/deffending that troops emerge suddenly close to the hero comming from nowhere (sometimes helping and others hitting me) This is not associated to medusas sons, fénix power, hydra hitting or any other similar things. For me it´s clearly a bug, and sometimes determines the battle victory/defeat. ¿There´s any other guy with the same bug? In other hand, I have checked that Hades, mean while he has take an ally life is vulnerable to Helena transformation power. I mean, sometimes Hades just directly die when Helena uses her power. ¿Isn´t it? Thanks in advance!!