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  1. When is supposed to be on versión 3.8?
  2. i.e. of cursed chest you will not get into normal ones... (got it a few days ago). Sometimes it just give you higher stats than normal
  3. Celestial Boost Help

    As said in before, even if you reach max Celestial Boosts you will keep paying gems everyweek, so not so urgent for you to pay 445 instead of 430
  4. Full build best heroes for auto attack

    Thanks @vasudeva1. I guess my Cadmus is not actually good enough... I will check. Maybe upgrading somethings...
  5. Hello, I´m level 118 and rounding 10.000 trophies. I use to play this game while doing other things in my daily life. For this reason, it´s essential for me to make most of fights using autoattack. Time ago it was easy with some héroes. After updates, my increased level and trophies it has been changing. Actually I guess I´m close to max all powers and fight the highest players of the game, so I´m looking to get the right balance on some héroes to be able to keep doing autoattacks. I had to dismiss Hércules as my main hero because he has por protection agains elements, so he used to die even killing really fast. Actually, my best autoattack héroes are: Athena, Perseus and Jasón (don´t remember the english name ). Still waiting to maximice Achiles powers to introduce on the top group. What hero do you use for autoattacks? And, what build do you use? Is there any way to take back Hércules to the top? (many health steal ítems?) I would like to have some others experiences on high levels players (I will show pictures after of my héroes and equipment...) Thanks in advance.
  6. Can we?

    OK! My bad! It works. It´s a problems of range. You need to be quite close to have effects. Thanks!
  7. Can we?

    Hi! I have checked again, and confirmed that reflection does now make damage back on tropos, and neither towers. I can not be sure if the damage to hero is reduced, maybe. Image after being burned during 1 minute (sirens are not healing) using Perseo with mirrow 19%
  8. Can we?

    Hey mate, nice point of view... Just one question, you speak about REFLECTION while attacking, and I noticed by my own that it just works while defending (statue), and has no effect if you are attacking. I tested agains range troops and towers, and no damage was reflected to them. It´s correct?
  9. I guessed...thanks! Last 3 levels are useless...
  10. Celestial Boost Help

    Not so sure mate... I was thinking about complete celestial, but if you must keep paying to extend time for me is useless to reach level 30
  11. Celestial Boost Help

    If I remember proporty, Hero Temple Level 11 give you extra ornaments to include. Are you supposed to stop paying gems if you reach celestial 30?
  12. Hi! One simple question. If I reach Celestial Boost level 30 (max), is it still needed to pay gems every week to keep them? Thanks in advance!!
  13. Damn, I didn´t know. My Alliance hall is máximum level, but I never use real money on games, so certainly if it´s needed I will never reach it Thanks for the info.
  14. Hi there! I have no option avaliable to use 750 gems on Alliance donation as others players have actually (just normal donation or cash payment showed)
  15. Odyssey

    I do exactly the same. Cheap and not so hard at all. Get the fifth chest is too much for me actually.