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  1. you have no idea what you are talking about or what we are talking about it will take you months to find out bro.
  2. boosting defense / nerfing attacks , balancing change and else are made to all players so that's aside. but this kind of nerf in new gears while keeping old gears as same is not fair by any means , ppl who had been in max lvls now clearly have the edge this thing is an unfair mistake not a change/balance or anything alike. either nerf all existing and new gears or fix this mistake, to keep the competition fair and same for all.
  3. 1-tower based on Helios 2-power based on Pheme IGN: <.: HADES :.>
  4. 1. a bigger upper air stream over an aircraft based on the angle of attack of it can led into a downward motion. 2.in Cumulonimbus clouds water,ice make many collisions which leads to different electric charges as N loads place in lower and P loads place upper. if the loads get big enough an electric current will happen as lightning due to electric potential difference. 3.in theory there is no max value for ritcher scale, as it only describes the displacement an EQ can cause in earth surface,"10 or else is no limit for ritcher but may be for other things." 4.cloudburst is meant to define an extreme rainy condition which happens in a short time.Rainfall rate greater than 100 mm/h is called a cloudburst. 5.in a solar calendar the real duration of each year is not exactly 365 earth days.is about 6hs more. 4x6h=24h. to make "our own" seasonal and solar timings right we need an extra day each 4 years . 6.Dirty thunderstorm as the name ,idea is collisions which happens between ash particles and ice elements can create massive electric charges, which leads to these electric currents as thunder, also we have some lava bombs there too.nice pic btw. 7.the cause of wind is different air pressures. a warm air is thinner/faster thus with "lower pressure" a cool air is thicker/slower which makes it "high pressure" as a fluid, air moves until reaches balance in pressure, which leads to winds. uneven heating of earth surfaces can cause this difference in temps. 8.sunlight has all wavelength lights.but the earth atmosphere scatters short-wavelength lights like blue, violet so based on the angle of the sun with our position on earth some wavelength lights can be seen like yellow,orange which are the longest wavelength lights. 9.no it's not the same.the geological poles are based on earth orbit around itself. the earth movements creates a strong magnetic formation of fluids in the outer core of the earth,this formation is called magnetic pole, which changes position on the geological measurements over time based on outer core displacements. 10.no? i hope. game: Olympus Rising IGN: <.: HADES :.>