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  1. Wednesday and the question arises again

    So should I forge my stuff? Couldn't blacksmith event start after ninja event?
  2. Still waiting for the promised new Community Manager

    That sounds like an awful job and they don't even state the pay grade. Asshole-free environment, really?
  3. Alliance Name: Dominion If you meet the requirements, sending me a friend request is the best way to be put under consideration for entry to the alliance. Rank fluctuates between #25-#50 We are looking for active, communicative players that meet our requirements of: hero level 105+, 1 million donation +, 3500+ trophies. We have all the boosts permanently on except viking and basilisk boosts. We have lots of languages within the alliance, so as long as you are willing to communicate in your language, you are welcome. (Main language is English) If you become a valuable long-term member, there is every chance for you to become a general. IGN: Bobo the Mighty - Dominion General
  4. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    Maybe the devs should play the pro league with real accounts and see how "rewarding" the reward system is in the Pro League.
  5. Got rank 114 out of more than 15,000 participants in this week's Pro League. That is top 1%, and what do I get? ONE Pro Chest that contains no ticket, no gems, no crystal, no pro item!!! It's about 800 gems for each ticket and even if you manage to get top 1% it means absolutely nothing! The reward structure NEEDS to be fixed: 1). Top 10% should at least get a free Pro League ticket in their chest for performing so well in the event. 2). Stop putting Uber items in the Pro League Chests. 3). 101st place in the event only receives ONE Pro Chest, REALLY? Do they realize how many people participate in these events? If they want these events to be competitive, maybe 101st-100,000th place shouldn't all be receiving the same ONE Pro Chest.
  6. No Video Offers for Windows 10 PC players

    Okay, so I did both of these things and a day or two later I can watch ads again.
  7. No Video Offers for Windows 10 PC players

    It's Windows 10 on PC, tried both of those solutions and neither worked
  8. (Thread Solved) There haven't been video offers (to speed up building, free chest, etc) for Windows 10 users for at least a week or two. Are there any plans to fix this?
  9. When exactly do you get Special Deals?

    Just to be clear, holding too many achievement gem rewards can stop the offers since unclaimed gem achievements count towards your total current gems. You have to be 50-75% lower in total gems (owned plus achievements) than the offer they send you. HOWEVER, dungeon and gems gain-able by cashing in your vouchers DO NOT count towards the total gem amount Flare looks at. So save those gem dungeons and vouchers until you get a special offer and you can beat the system