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  1. Thank You!
  2. Hi! maybe there is already a topic so, but I was thinking that which could be useful a table with values and levels both for defenses and for powers. Can I find it somewhere? Thanks, Nym
  3. My in-game name: NymNymeria Tower: Helios Power: Eolo
  4. celestial boost

    Ah ok, thank you!
  5. celestial boost

    What does it mean with "daily blessing"? Thanks.
  6. I think the goal of the game is to get all the heroes to the top and this proposal coincides with it. Among other things all the allies would find themselves in the same condition. Every ally has high player and low player.
  7. I think it can make the game less "static" for higher level (who always carry the same heroes in war) but even stimulating for younger player. Maybe to avoid the problem the turnaround could only affect one hero every war.
  8. Yes, I mean life on hit. Zeus has 0. instead Ade, for example, has 6.730.
  9. The reason could be that Zeus has zero points for shot (I mean the single heart). He has only regeneration. So, if he is in a bottleneck, he dies.
  10. Thanks!
  11. I have noticed in recent times that Zeus is less powerful than before. It's only my impression, or he was actually underpowered? thanks!
  12. Thank You for your answer. I had already read the indicated links but I still do not understand why If I have 6.900 trophies and find an opponent with 6.990 trophies, I will not win more than three trophies. Can You explain to me? thanks. nym
  13. Hi, sometimes I find on the map enemies with more trophies than me (someone even with many blessing on) but if I win the attack, I still win only three trophies. Why? It depends on what? thanks, Nym
  14. Hi! I have a question. My Apollo Tower has 15.000 health. But if I try to attack me, with only one scilla (8.281 damage) or one damocle ((7.500 damage), it collapses. I don't undertand the reason, can someone help me? thanks!!
  15. Someone of us have Max fury, others have only two attack for now. Why?