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  1. Hello everyone, looking for long term members for our Alliance, 💀Unbroken⚔️Titans 💀, currently level 38 Alliance, 43 member allowance at the moment, rank 110,we have members that's been with us from the beginning, and member's that comes and goes, we're trying to put together our permanent team of serious players, that wants to get to the top 10 Alliance rankings, looking for higher ascension player's, 90 and up with higher hall of Uranus is a bonus, we communicate well and often in chat, a fun,family oriented Alliance that's serious about winning, so look us up please ☺️ and thanks everyone 🤝🍻☺️👍
  2. Community chat

    A chat room, separate from Alliance chat, where everyone can communicate, from different alliances, ☺️
  3. More flags

    I know about the Alliance flags in Alliance chat, I ment the flags where u edit your Alliance emblem, and u have 2 flags to pick, I only see a few options for flags
  4. I'd pay 2000 gems to be able to change my Alliance name, made mine, and started my Alliance, before I read the instructions, didn't realize I couldn't change the Alliance name at least 1nce,, but I'd pay gems to do it,, if the option ever became available
  5. More flags

    More flags, to represent our members, I change my secondary flag daily,to represent different countries or state's, depending on my members, but not many to choose from, need more like Australia, Canada,just to name a quick couple, countries/states,etc, thanks
  6. Rule_breakers

    Hello everyone, rule_breakers is looking for members to join our team,must be active, we're a chatty group that enjoys conversations, American team, but all cultures are welcome, I'm the founder, Smoke_Alot ☺️ hope to see you on our fast growing team