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  1. More flags

    I know about the Alliance flags in Alliance chat, I ment the flags where u edit your Alliance emblem, and u have 2 flags to pick, I only see a few options for flags
  2. I'd pay 2000 gems to be able to change my Alliance name, made mine, and started my Alliance, before I read the instructions, didn't realize I couldn't change the Alliance name at least 1nce,, but I'd pay gems to do it,, if the option ever became available
  3. More flags

    More flags, to represent our members, I change my secondary flag daily,to represent different countries or state's, depending on my members, but not many to choose from, need more like Australia, Canada,just to name a quick couple, countries/states,etc, thanks
  4. Rule_breakers

    Hello everyone, rule_breakers is looking for members to join our team,must be active, we're a chatty group that enjoys conversations, American team, but all cultures are welcome, I'm the founder, Smoke_Alot ☺️ hope to see you on our fast growing team