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  1. Loot 💰 algorithm completely sucks!

    This thread just proves what nonsense this game has become. If you think about it, what really is the objective? Trophy level means nothIng because people trophie surf, player level means nothing because everyone if free to attack everyone. People that spend hundreds of pounds a year play against people who spend nothing. The fact that you can make more gold attacking someone 10+ levels lower than you than some one at the same level is illogical. The fact that people 10+ levels above you can gain trophies from raiding you when you are powerless to stop them is also illogical. This game encourages you to fight weaker players were this is little to no risk of failure.
  2. Fix the base defense algorithm

    The whole concept that destroying the gate, it any towers remaining count against you is stupid. The towers are supposed to defend the gate, if the gate falls the towers failed. The defender deserves no credit for this. If we delve into something a bit more real world, your soldier should would not stop and cheer if towers were still shooting/poring lava/poison on them, they would finish them off. Finally, often the towed are about to fall due to a spell and only stop because the game stops. Again this is silly. If you then add in the inconsistencies of the AI this entire process is a joke.
  3. Shortcomings in the War System

    So the skull level is pretty much pointless then. It should reflect the difficulty of the opponent.
  4. Shortcomings in the War System

    Main issues: The boosts cancel each other out, everyone gets the same boosts which are often a significant advantage for all. Net result is everyone can get 3 Stars in 6 attacks. Might as well not battle at all. In every war there are openness 5 levels lower than me to 10-15 levels higher than me who give maximum skulls. This is stupid. Higher players should give more skulls, lower players less skulls. We should be incentivised to attack higher players. Most wars are won by the team that gets the most players to attack. No point bothering to battle.
  5. Pro League Thoughts

    The Pro League is just terrible. Why would anyone want to pay to play with such a basic king, troops and spells? The rewards are nothing special. This was a mistake Flare.