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  1. Fail Festival! Many won't be able to get Bella!

    I haven't opened my chests yet but I already know that although the gear looks great for a change, the actual item perks are quite useless for me (except the shoulders, maybe). Something to use for the vanity slot rather than wear normally. Not really, the conversion ratio blows so you'll be lucky if you get 100 gems from all the pumpkins you've accumulated.
  2. add more quest in the duengon

    Well I'm stuck on Gold Dungeon 23 (or something) so this doesn't affect me at the moment but yeah, I'm closer rather than further from the end of dungeons so it wouldn't hurt to have more. Although considering that my framerate drops the deeper dungeons I visit, maybe it would hurt after all... I support both suggestions, add dungeons and add quests. There's more and more new levels and troops so they oughta yield some achievements as well.
  3. BUG: Losing Trophies even with successful raids

    Hmpf, had to happen to Flotha for flare to do something about it...
  4. Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

    The king comes back to life as a zombie and splatters the monks into green goo. That'll teach ya... Next: Having seen yetis do it, your ninjas combine into a SupaNinja.
  5. Growing alliance in need of active players

    Much room again, give it a try.
  6. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    I know what unit would have a resistance to ice - Russians!
  7. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    Maybe so but with that logic everything in the game should have a weakness to ice (maybe except frosters but then again...). And maybe buildings should get a higher susceptability to explosive damage after being frozen, being made more brittle due to the cold? Or completely fall apart if hit with a ice & fire combo (b'cuz y'know, physics)?
  8. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    Well this is flare we're talking about so reward = suck. Maybe the gold reward for 1000 f#ckings will be at least remotely useful.
  9. ATTACK And Defense replay

    Yeah, the jury is still out on that one.
  10. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    You have successfully completed the "use the word 'f#cking' 10 times in a post" quest - you win 5 vouchers.
  11. New Pupil ?

    It's a she?
  12. Oh, I could have spent literally half a day on a single game, and like suddenly realising it's past two in the morning, so I know what proper immersion and excitement is about. I also often regret having so little food because I want to raid more. But what I refer to as a job is when you MUST fit the game in your daily schedule because it's a war and your team needs you or it's a league and you need those gems etc. Of course, the counter-arguement is that no one is really forcing you and you can skip that event or this war round, but you're not gonna grow very fast if you skip on every chance to improve quicker.
  13. ATTACK And Defense replay

    I've already suggested a compromise, which is a detailed report. Not "player A got x%" but "battle lasted x minutes, x units used, x defending units killed, x towers destroyed, average player health, etc". That would actually tell how effective your defense is and where.
  14. You know, needing to raid for ~5 hours per day for several days (as Dena calculated) is when the game becomes a job rather than fun.
  15. About renaming

    You know, since they allowed this one change it shows it's technically doable, despite flare's original claims, so nothing's stopping them from giving additional renames in future updates or something. Just sayin'...