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  1. Unit transport

    Kind of but not quite. I get what you're saying tho, I was just throwing random ideas. Btw I got an Aska in an uber pal chest the other day. Like...whoa... I thought you can only buy them for hard cash.
  2. Unit transport

    I know there is a portal spell and all but I ain't gonna spend on that. There's also insta troops but how about something more varied, hear me out. So how about there's a rechargable boost/spell/something that would allow a bunch of troops to be delivered to the king faster, not needing to wait forever for them to crawl through the entire path? Imagine mechanised infantry or paratroopers, and think a number of troops (can be set up beforehand as your "reinforcement") gets on a wagon and darts off to the front lines at high speed. Or get picked up by giant eagles and be dropped off where the king is. Yeah I know there's insta troops but this'd be more like a speed up to the troops you summon from the tent anyway rather than a 4th troop slot. Not to mention it would allow you to quickly get a combo rather than just x cannons or suchlike. Food-for-thought idea.
  3. Allow Us to Decline One Time Offers

    I don't want any offers at all so I wouldn't mind if I could turn them off completely.
  4. 3 Pages of Problems & How to Fix Them!

    For the record, I never said the idea of lane-hopping gargoyles is bad (because it isn't, it's logical to think that if gargoyles fly they can fly over stuff rather than take the long way), I just wanted to add some possible rules to it in case somebody complains that it's too much of a shortcut in certain layouts. More variety in layouts would be also appreciated btw. And hell yeah to a forge progress timer window!
  5. Unit transport

    Well it was the first bird that popped in my head when I was thinking of examples so...I guess. That's why it should be only useable once or twice per raid. Kind of a special ability that takes time (or raid progress) to charge and one you'd use in crutial moments.
  6. 3 Pages of Problems & How to Fix Them!

    Yeah the forum seems to break pages after x posts rather than after a page gets long enough. With several super long posts it really takes forever to scroll down while topics with much shorter posts are long multi page at this point. This should be code-able.
  7. Skull Tower update

    Here's a crazy idea: have skull tower shoot random stuff - bombs, poison, firebombs, granny, you name it. To make it even weirder every bomb in a barrage could be a random type of bomb. No way you could be immune to that.
  8. It is the minor things in life that say you care

    I was just about to groan about a lack of forging progress indication and someone's done that already. Although considering this topic is over a year old with all suggestions still being valid it proves flare cares about neither small things nor us (us=small things?).
  9. 3 Pages of Problems & How to Fix Them!

    Well said. Two comments tho. 1) while giving fiefdoms specific boosts/bonuses (+x% gold revenue? +x% unit hp?) is a great idea, it would (have to) turn a tower defense game into a for-real strategy game, and that's a whole new ball game, so much so that it'd be enough material for a separate game. It's probably too difficult/too much work to implement anyway. Much easier to make another bear pal. 2) gargoyles jumping lanes would create some interesting exploits, like spam gargoyles and they would just ignore a ⅓ of the path and go straight across the lane while you just wait at the first turn. Therefore lane jumping should be allowed once the king has actually reached that "across the lane" section and it's now "his turf". Figured I'd clarify on the rules of this before people groan that it breaks the game.
  10. True but the current solution isn't any better really. Maybe if you leave alliance during cup the points would stay in the alliance but you'd also keep the boost? Or make boosts more dependant on contribution? I dunno... Maybe these pro boosts weren't such a great idea after all...
  11. Alternative market / Secondary shop

    For some reason when I read the topic title I immediately visualised a black market sort of thing, where you can buy shady items (boosts? powerups? girlfriends?) from a shady ogrish pirate salesman.
  12. Chamber of Fortune

    Warriornator suggested before that your victory chests would depend on how you did in the raid (1 crown - 1 chest, 2 crowns - 2 chests etc). I'd include luck gear in this to increase your chance to get better items in these guaranteed chests (I have also suggested random drops during raids but that's another ball game). It would be less casino rubbish than it is now.
  13. Change attack menu

    Well it is a mystery anyway because you still don't know what units/towers are where in the map and at what level and at what boost. You may technically know the locations of boosted towers but if they're all boosted (like different boosts for different towers simultanously) it won't work. You can guess the towers at the start and at the gate will be the strongest but that still doesn't tell an awful lot. You're still going into battle half blind though you may spend half an hour trying to guess things by various clues.
  14. Not if he spends/shields it all.
  15. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    It seems Mr. Listen To My Suggestions Dammit & Mr. Your Suggestions Don't Matter So Shut Up will be going like this till the forum shuts down. This has long gone beyond meaningful ranting. When even other users are asking for intervention then it really is time for one. @KKStar @Heroesflorian
  16. Blacksmith Meltdown Button

    Right, who needs a pearls indicator by the melt button when they can do the math in their head. While we're at it, it wouldn't hurt to be told ahead of time how long it will take to melt an item. Or is flare trying to turn us into savants, doing all these absurd calculations in seconds (gold/4166.667=x*137 or whatever seconds. What, you can't calculate this? Weakling. ).
  17. TR level 9? Dang, you sure powerleveling there, eh? Pass on the challenge though.
  18. So if a base can have 20 towers but only has two by the gate, does it mean that if I destroy the gate ignoring those two towers I will still get ~95%? I think this requires field testing to know for sure...
  19. The issue of leftover towers would be solved by the simplest of simplest methods by putting an indicator somewhere on the screen that says "obstacles remaining: 3/17" or so. No bothering with progress bars or crowns, just clear and direct data. As for what is the topic of this thread, if the new calculation system is implemented only in some scenarios, it begs the question: why? If you're making a change about how the score is determined, why not implement it globally, to all raids? Do it all the way or don't do it, doing things partly is nonsensical (although typical to flare, it seems).
  20. I haven't noticed before but when I summon heaps of knights (for quest) at some point they stop showing up in the progress bar. If troops in the front get killed more troop blips will appear in the rear. Is this a device limitation or a game thing?
  21. Oh for flare's sake...! Must every actually useful improvement be implemented broken? Btw you can't melt items from the inventory screen. Guess if you're in town you might as well do all your melting at the blacksmith instead of your dressing room.
  22. Basilisk Tower Stats

    I don't think there is normal damage resitance anywhere in the game but not 100% sure. Definetly no room in the stats window to display this additional resistance. Them are some unimpressive forges for a tower btw. No offense upgrades and just hp and res?
  23. Limited # of troops in progress bar?

    Not saying you did, just thought you might know. At least it turns out not to be a glitch (until proven otherwise anyway).
  24. Limited # of troops in progress bar?

    And the reason for that amount is? To be fair, unless you summon countless cheap units that you then carry throughout the map (like early/low tier ninja maps) you never really have as many units involved at once. Although you might in pro league.
  25. POLL: Granny purchases! (Dec 2017)

    Almost 7 million gold for a seemingly unimpressive uber item? Dafuq is wrong with you, you old hag! Well at least it ain't 400+ gems for something far more crap... For that kind of money granny should be making me custom gear that I design myself. Or from blueprints found during raids (like you find perks for granny to include in the gear you're designing). Wouldn't that be a lot more fun?