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  1. Spending gems without warning

    The same thing happened to me yesterday i don't complain usually (spent some gems in the past too with this kind of errors ) but this time it really ruined my plans I keept the gems for alliance t upgrade (2800 gems , 30% reduced i hope) + 3 pro tickets ( 1800 gems ) and now because of this error i'm forced to chose only 1 between those 2 I also would like my gems back ING. skummpik69
  2. Uber Chest

    remove the uber?! are you joking?? All uber are very useful if you know how to use them.. uber help us to emprove our gear with better items ( sometimes) if you dont get good items you can allways melt or sell the items sometimes you get gems or pearls inside them i love the uber from war and ninja events and i find them very helpful also the friend uber are good, i got around 10k vouchers with them so?! why remove them?!
  3. Closed for now.

    don't you dare to close the topic before you visit us! whenever you want it you can come and visit us! We are quite new and small for you but we have a nice history( except for 2 war seasons) your help and advices will be very appreciated! alliance name - gam3ofthron3s