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  1. Can't download games only from store Windows 10 PC

    I already did that all of that, except your method about separator thing and re install my windows. If you said your method already fixed by flaregame, then the problem lies on my windows. Yes, I read that, about freeze thing in Fall Creator's Update and disappearance of maximize button in Anniversary Update. That's why I afraid to update my windows.
  2. How to start an Alliance war

    You're right, I just read this topic title and his 1st and 2nd sentence before replying. I guess he got 10 members during war season so he can't join current war. He can join next war automatically if he can maintain his current members. @Moonze As Stay0Puft said, You should have at least 8 members before war season started to join war.
  3. How to start an Alliance war

    You should declare the war to other alliance fiefdoms. On the war maps, press/click "Declare" button, then choose which alliance you want to fight/war with. After that your alliance can join war by press/clicked fiefdoms that pointed by red/green arrow. You can only declare in the war when war duration still more than 23 hours 30 minutes. Less than that every alliance can't declare new war. Please visit this website to know more about it:
  4. when to buy uber chests

    Buy it when you're rich gems and when your hero level above 100. When your condition not meet both I write, don't buy it. You can get a lot of free Uber chest trough Ninja event, war, daily rewards, and friend uber chest. You should give priority to spend your gems for your Alliance Tower, Blacksmith slots, and Inventory slots first. And then spend your gems for pro tickets. When after all of that you still have a lot of unused gems, that means you're rich gems.
  5. Can't download games only from store Windows 10 PC

    It's already fixed and that separator thing aren't an obstacle anymore? Really? Because I can't get any ads from version 3.7 onwards until I post in this topic that I can watch those ads again. What do you think about my case? I recently reinstall my windows => is this can be reason I can watch those ads again? perhaps in my previous windows instalment have some virus or something that become obstacle.
  6. Can't download games only from store Windows 10 PC

    I just did just like your reference to me about Thomas post. First time after try that still not working, after aprox 10 hours (turn off mode), it's works. Didn't do anything special between those 10 hours (because my PC was off). Nothing different than what that post suggested I go to Setting - TIme & Language - Additional date, time, & regional settings - Change date, time, or number formats Formats (Format) tab; Location (Home location) tab; and Administrative (current language for non-Unicode programs) tab must be same country (I use US, before it's mix between my country and US) Then I go to Additional settings... from Formats tabs Change Decimal symbol and Digit grouping symbol - OK Delete VungleSDK folder from "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Packages\flaregamesGmbH.RoyalRevolt2_g0q0z3kw54rap\LocalState\VungleSDK" Star the game - try video ads (not working) Download fiddler apps - install - monitoring it's networks. Star the game - try video ads again (not working) Watching some movie Shutdown my PC Aprox 10 hours, Turn on my PC Star the game - try video ads again (it's working)
  7. Can't download games only from store Windows 10 PC

    Yes, it's strange but I'm glad. I just turn off my PC after aprox 8-10 hours I turn on again - read your reply and just wanna try it but bam, the ads works! Thank you. Yes, nothing works atm. From this link the one tha I haven't tried is to update my windows. Question: Should I update my Windows when finally I can watch those video ads? Or just sacrifice Windows store?
  8. Can't download games only from store Windows 10 PC

    There's nothing in my host file and I haven't install any internet threat protection (because I just re install my windows)
  9. Can't download games only from store Windows 10 PC

    Just now, when I try video ads again to ask google where's the error part, the video ads works! But how?? I haven't doing anything. Just try what I did yesterday... So how it's resolve it self? It's strange. LOL. By the way, how do you know the message towards fungle is fine? What message appear if it's not fine? (so I'll know what to do if I got that message again in the future) As I know IP 127 is localhost, and port 80 is web port ps. My Windows Strore still doesn't works.
  10. Can't download games only from store Windows 10 PC

    You used ver 1511 before? and is there any problem with that version? I use Win 10 build 10240 (more old than yours) Yes, I'll update that soon. Thanks.
  11. Will you make a video when you attacking them?
  12. Can't download games only from store Windows 10 PC

    LOL. Really? Then I must be more patient perhaps within 1 month my windows store can work again. Yes, I'll do that next Saturday. Thanks.
  13. Can't download games only from store Windows 10 PC

    I just try it and it doesn't works. Perhaps that's because currently, I have problem with my windows store? I'll try that again after fixing my windows store. Thanks for the info. I download Fiddler and check JSON things, this is the screen cap:
  14. free boost don't work now in windows on xbox

    Just copy what CaptainRoyalRevolt said and change "Username" with your computer username Paste that address in your explore address bar (yellow highlight). ENter
  15. free boost don't work now in windows on xbox

    Just delete VungleSDK folder then when you open the game, new folder with same name will be created. If your game originally have an video ads it'll works.