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  1. You should make a topic about looking an alliance here: @KKStar please move it to the right section thank you
  2. Pal? Do you mean the "Beast"? All of that caused by "Zombies " ability, perhaps this topic can help you knowing the situation:
  3. Eh? What about your alliance? Do you want to leave them forever?
  4. Yes that's definitely a bug for all PC user after update version (forgot the detail), they have yet to fix it. However, it's better than the previous bug (after that update too) about auto delete message when we set a focus to the chat box. can you fix it? @PaSte
  5. Really? OK then, because what I wrote above was caused my game lagging and sometimes forced to close it self (but never frozen like yours). After I counter with some action (depend on the problem) all is well again. (from core i3, 2.1 GHz, and 4 GB RAM)
  6. The skeletons from Zombie Necromancer wasn't a zombie. Is it a display bug OR deliberate? If it was deliberate then why?
  7. As per version 3.5, Necromancers no longer attack Towers and Obstacles directly with their lightning damage. Instead the lightning strike can still bounce off them, even if the player has targeted a unit first. The main lightning damage will be dealt to units.
  8. What's your computer specification? Were you running RR2 with other application (e.g Firefox with 10 tabs and/or play a movie and/or a bunch of Explorer windows)? Do you have a lot of startup application enabled? Was your PC heat abnormal? How about your graphic card? is it work well?
  9. Case closed. It's Alliance Insta Party! Who's Happy? 😀
  10. Go to this link: Click "Submit a request" Fill your data and your problem (the more detail your description is better) Verify you're not a robot then Click "Submit" Wait their respond in your email. (You'll continue your consultation via email after that) ps. [just curious] Was my previous reply not visible or unreadable?
  11. You just have to be in the alliance that already had those Defense Zombie. All alliance members have an icon Defense Zombie on the bottom left of their base map. Search and join them now! 😊 ps. For an alliance, they have to reach a certain amount of point that their members collected to get a Defense Zombie (a certain amount depends on alliance level).
  12. I'm always 1st in level 8 tier but only once to get over 500 gems from the chest rewards. You're super lucky. 😊
  13. I think 100 gems is a good price for new slots max price, 500 gems is really expensive.
  14. It's going to make difference if we have a lot more time to play this game than the other players who's competing in the same league with us.
  15. Perhaps, because English is my 4th language. 😊 Sorry to ask this, how old are you?