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  1. pro tickets

    I support you! Maybe they can hold a weekly event about pro league in the future? including ticket discount?
  2. You're lucky there. You got like 800 per chest! 😊 However, they're some unlucky player who got around 500 points per chest (more or less) so 7000 point is what I predicted to be the lowest a player can get in the end (with 14 chest in total). Nevertheless, I hope I'm the lucky one in this festival 😁.
  3. It's 13 days festival but yes, we can get 14 chests in total so around 7000 point(?)
  4. I would like to buy it every week if the price for one ticket is 250 gems despite we only get 1 free ticket every month.
  5. Wars rules are stupid!

    [OOT] This baby has -74 trophy 😱😱😱
  6. Pro league monthly scores

    No, your weekly rank has nothing to do with your monthly rank. Weekly leaderboards rank is based on your current pro-league "score/ point" compared to others pro-league participant "score/point". Montly leaderboards rank is based on your accumulated weekly pro-league "score/ point" compared to others pro-league participant "score/point".
  7. Wednesday and the question arises again

    @Archimedes @flaretara Is there only Halloween festival for tomorrow and no weekly event again like 2 weeks ago?
  8. I can not join pro league

    If you really not cheated during your pro league in the past, you can contact support as Archimedes said and they'll fix that (misunderstanding). Good luck! 😊
  9. I can not join pro league

    Did you use cheat on pro league before?
  10. Lack of Customer Service !

    Yes, he's still work at flaregames
  11. New event

    Flaregames: "SURPRISE..!" 😈
  12. Alliances dumping players during war

    @Warriornator Just realize your genie and master is different than dena4 genie and master. Is one of them a sub alliance?
  13. Bug with videos

    Then is it flare tactic to prevent me to win diamond league anymore? LOL 😅 Still need thousands gems more for new AT level and my BS slots. 😥 I get free chest for every 4 hours when I can watch the ads. Glad to you for gained new ability. Hope they'll do something in the future update that makes me get back my old abilities. 😅
  14. Monk range

    Your answer was in this topic.
  15. my purchase has not arrived yet (Small Grab Bag)

    After you file a ticket, you'll be contacted via email, so it's not over yet. Watch your email (that you wrote when you file a ticket) for further investigation process. Yeah, hope all is well. 😊