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  1. Yes right, as an alliance commander, war at every weekend 👎👎👎
  2. Alliance War: Island Marker.

    It was a very logical suggestion and may help commanding easier, i am upset to hear, it must be implemented..
  3. I am not a game developer, my job is any close but i wonder is it so hard to add something instead of this boring war. For example attacking a powerfull Titan as a team? Attacking ai alliances preselecting harndess like odyseus missions? Personally my son plays another game 😂 i see there is a frequently new challange there.For me same thing for almost a year... And there can be many easy addings, special weekends, special challenges, special bonus x2 gold vs weekends, prefered hero x2 xp weekends, attack rush week ambrossia needs reduced, fast building days, anything bring action to the game i mean..
  4. More upset players than i imagine, war system must be changed...
  5. Alliance War: Island Marker.

    Same thoughts with you.
  6. Ataide hi. Yes an alliance having for example total trophies 200k has no chance against a 500k alliance. The point is not that. Noone seek for it. System never matches. But when teams are having near power, we discuss about those. And keep in mind, there are some alliances who still does great against more and more crowded and having more trophies alliances. Currently with 29 members we are able to win many opponents having +40, +45 members between top 10 to top 40. They have many advantages such as numbers, stronger blessings, but it is not enough for them they still seek for street gang. So this system does not allow the good alliance to be rank 1,2 or even rank 3 when matched with gangers, but sytem allows gangers to share top spots... Now it is really disappointing to see from the beginning of war who is ally with who, and knowing the results from the start... It is not a competition... I wish OR should give us a chance, and who wants can join 1vs 1 battles or who likes to play like current continue the current... I bet many alliances choose the first way... And wonder so much what will gangers do, because they used to fight unfair:) do they still remember to fight with their limits?
  7. I really liked your comment. Personally, i see a problem and i am trying to do my best for solving problem. And i saw i am not alone. Lots of people agreed, only Jerry not agreed. Ok, fine for me, i respect all and him too. At least we are a group of people sharing a common pleasure, the OR. I think the issue is adressed well with all aspects. I get some personal messages, froö other players, telling who is ally with who. And that lists are beyond my imagination. And really disppointed, we can not cross the lake, how we can cross the ocean.. Now, I really want to hear what will devs say. And if me and the ones that supported me will not succesfull; i will be happy that at least i/we tried, and did something. Adressed the issue... In fact my hopes are decreasing, because lots of alliances are in that endless turn are in silence. Again, i wonder so much what will devs say.... I play this game for 1 year, i really worked for my alliance (İ feel huge reponsibility) but if the game does not present me/us the true/fair competition or reward of my hardworking or the times i spent or the gems i purchased, then i will have to choose my destiny at a different road.
  8. Jerry are these the ways for making friendship ? -last week, one of them joined my team as an ordinary member, and shared all war infos, tactics with our opponents. Our opoonents were all ready for our next move. When I investigate he was another team a while ago. I talked them and they complained too. They even say after the war, those gangers sent screenshots of their war infos while captured at war. DELICIOUS FRIENDSHIP BONUS👍 -3 weeks ago, when war starts, at the very start of battle, one of them sent message to me to join them.... I did not answer and ganged. TASTY FRIENDSHIP BONUS 👍 -This week one of a ganger reached me and wanted me to merge them, refused and wished me luck.... for next war. I think i am going to be.... . AWESOME FRIENDSHIP BONUS 👍 Ps# *Most of team and me are over 40 years old, and we are quite experienced about something. These are not the ways for getting friendship. We do not have time/energy for theese. We just want to play a game, test our might and get the rank what we deserve. **I still (want to) believe, you did not live this and you did not see things, so your comments are not realistic.. ***These couple of people try to fix the unfairness, if we can fix it, it would be good for all of us and for you of course.
  9. Dumpster i really wonder what do you think about allied alliances gang bang problem? Current situation is, Fair? Unfair? If fair, why? If unfair? How it started? Why spreaded like a cancer? Did someone started that action, and continued like a chain reaction? Did someone make attempts to stoo these? Are devs aware it? Will devs working on fixing...?
  10. I think fury regenerationspeed up might help if you are near elemination. I never lived it. But i guess it does not help when you trying to resist against 2 alliances. Wish fury regeneration become fast when a team get many attacks from all borders, it would help, it would bring some balance.
  11. Thx for your comment. And i must say i like your idea so much. Brilliant 👏👏👏
  12. I really waiting forward to see that you take your alliance with the help of your great war tactics to higher ranks. And really waiting forward to see, when you get higher ranks, which way do you choose, seeking for a game that i named fair or the way that i named unfair (you thought fair???) and waiting forward to see what actions will you try for making alliances to be your ally? Or if you choose the way that i named unfair what great war tactics will you process, while getting all attacks from all your borders for 2 days/3 days... Guys and girls, this play style is not suitable, someone started this and many fall into this thing. There are still some alliances want stop this. It is like a cancer, started and it is spreading, for the benefit of all the community it must be fixed quickly. As alliance HEROES declared before, i am speaking as the founder of THE REAPER OF SOULS , we will stand tall, we will not join any alliance now or in the future. We will always seek for fair competition....