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  1. I am a fan of TD type games and i like support towers. And so i like helios much of course. It give the game different type of playing ( both defense layout and attacking strategies) And i think that helios + nyx combo very powerfull but can be passed with correctly equiped heroes and troops. Without helios there was an unbalance attacks/defenses. Now it is somewhat balanced. Personally, some other support towers must be further considered to, for example giving attack bonuses, hp bonuses, revive bonuses to not only towers but also defending troops.
  2. So first tip is from me: As you know we have 3 layouts. Let's say you use #1 layout. And you want to start a new tower upgrade and it is not as strong as you want and you dont want remove one of your good tower. Ok here is the tip, make upgrade process at another layout. And you do not need to remove anything from main layout.
  3. Dear friends, we are a group of people who has a common pleasure, gaming and especially OR. So i think we can share usefull tips/hints with eachother to grow all together. Some tips we mostly noticed, some of them may be really new to us and may help any of us. A hint is a hint. Can not have to be game changing, but personally i believe we will get all fun, and say " i noticed or aaa i did not notice it"
  4. Tomaxo. Your stats has no importance. You have many unique skills, including kindness, full of brilliant ideas and helping many ppl. And they are all at max lvl. Waiting for you... πŸ™‹
  5. SoldiAres, your planet must be closer to its star. A year is equal to world 8 months??? So what is your planet? What is your life form? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜€
  6. I feel like new goddess wil be ARTEMIS
  7. Very nice idea. I need speed for big projects...
  8. Sometimes I want to cancel an upgrade and start another quickly. After new update i have to wait for days to start the library of wisdom upgrade. Sometimes i click not suitable upgrade by mistake. Why can't we cancel i? I am fine to loose the resorces (some/half/even all) for using upgrade process.
  9. I do that mistake too. i throw something like 200 gems to toilet, but 1k lost really hurts. Glad to take back at least half.
  10. I want warfield appereance. Btw Soldiares what is your in game name?
  11. I mostly decline a phone call when fighting, unfortunately there are some calls i must answer. Phone call is important, fight is important... A race with time starts. I try to talk very fast, i say all to yes, ok (one day i will be in trouble for saying everyting yes, ok πŸ˜‚ but if the call is over somewhat a minute, upps game resets itself. And 25 pts is gone... Game does not continue at backstage (it says in 3 min will continue, but not). Can a way to fix it? Ps: i only play with my android phone:)
  12. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ A warrior can not fight without a good and long sleep:)
  13. I agree accumulation
  14. At last. All answers to questions. Thx a lot.