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  1. Helen of Troy Unbalance Issues

    She will be very powerfull dont worry. My hero standings according to powers are like this: Hercules) Cadmus) Helen) Perseus) Athena) Odyseus) Hades) Ariadne) Jason) Achilles) Ajax) Zeus
  2. Helen of Troy Unbalance Issues

    That makes Helen, super god....

    Tomaxo you must join forum much more. Personally i prefer to read funny stuffs and suggestions that make me think about game i liked instead of endless discussions...
  4. Potency should work with all Powers

    Democles and bia clearly best common powers. At high levels map defences are all very good and many map opponents are from top alliances. Needless to say they have all blessings and also those are really blessed, more powerfull because of they are the members of high alliance levels. They have much more advantage against the players of mid class alliance players. So without bia it would be very very hard to pass those defences.
  5. Potency should work with all Powers

    When i was lvl 109.cadmus had %58 cooldown bonus. Sorry i could not find helen at my records. But she she was clearly higher. But again stas decrease when asc lvl increase. Now cadmus has better equipments but now total cooldown %42...
  6. Potency should work with all Powers

    When I was early lvl 100s i had cooldown more than %60 for Helen. But when ascension level increased, as you know stats came from items decreased (and equipments nerfed). And cooldown decreased dramatically. I am lvl 120 now. Currently my Helen has %47 cooldown now. 38k and 37k from two 5 stars titan brachelets, 29k from a cloak (currently forging, i think it will hit 37k) and she has %15 naturel. I think soon helen will pass %50 cooldown. Maybe %4 can be added from masteries. And helen can have near %55 cooldown. Cadmus can have %50. The others can not reach these levels.
  7. High Trophies Holders.

    Interesting this week Prometheus was the honored hero for 3 times.
  8. Server update

    Good idea 👍. One for Mount Olympus and one for underworld of Hades plz.
  9. Server update

    CaptainMorgan i suggest a United Nations flag. Our alliance has members all over the world and all of us will like it.
  10. Mission Suggestion: Continuing

    As a devilish mind 😂 i think this idea has a complication. Think about this, create a new alliance with some friends and begin from bottom rank and war #1 and gems guaranteed for months. What about further rewarding players getting all chests for 4 weeks with gems as a reward? War contrubution is significantly increases i think...
  11. Fix the Masteries

    I have 2 suggestions. 1) Best but complicated solution: We must keep all the masteries we earned and equip 5 of them any hero we want. 2) Good and simple solution: If the mastery is same as we have and same slot we have; %50 of stats added. Both suggestion makes mastery experience better and no need to complain about further.
  12. Server update

    Ok CaptainMorgan. It effects all (fair) so not a big thing for me 👍
  13. Server update

    I do not have mirror shield. But with a brachelet and masteries, i have %19 damage reflection for perseus. Now the statue has %10 reflection. I have %90 physical resistance for perseus but statue had %49 physical resistance. I can understand nerfing mirror shield that is clearly owerpowered but the decreased reflection from a brachelet that i forged from godlike to 5 stars titan and also gained reflection from 2 mastery slots (spent many gold/wisdom/2 slots) seems a little bit not fair...
  14. Unique Items