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  1. Griffin And Phoenix AI problem

    @HOLYDIVINE so your main issue is with NYX tower that troops don’t attack 1 on it and then they should attack other stuff right.?? Then what will your hero and his spells do.?? If the troops target the nyx first instead they are doing right now then many other players will have problem that the NYX tower got nerfed .. The game become interesting and challenging with such stuff .. or else we all have maxed troops both the troops are equal it’s not challenging anymore ..
  2. Training Camp

    @Neptune just telling what mistake are they making on lvling up there heroes..😅
  3. Griffin And Phoenix AI problem

    That’s not a bug .. Griffin and Phoenix will ignore each other .. that’s a good thing because there Attack are same what they are resistive with (I mean Phoenix Attack fire and he have resistance of fire) so they will never be able to kill each other so without wasting any time they ignore eachother..
  4. Training Camp

    Bad idea .. as everyone will use speed up auto play and level up each hero within 1-2 days ... I didn’t found a hero who is crap or not capiable to reach lvl 20 every hero is good .. All you need is to attack on right islands with right hero ..Each different and so as the heroes .. And Ajax and Prometheus are Great .. Prometheus I use as my war hero ..and can go 8/9 Skulls on harbour ..
  5. New Power Available sign

    @Asd0011 I know that but is a bit the stats of power is also not visible ..and some powers shows wrong stats and some shows lvl 1 and they higher then that .. I am At Lvl 123 ...
  6. New Power Available sign

    No idea .. it’s annoying ..I tried reinstalling the game but nothing happened
  7. New Power Available sign

    It’s a bug .. it’s on the Ajax power .. You might have upgraded his power .. The stats of that power is also not visible..
  8. Version 3.8

    That’s what I said you need to become strong first ..I am in top 250 right now ..
  9. Version 3.8

    @Neptune increase your Fame points simple ..I have more then 5K points all powers unlocked .. You need to become strong to use the Hero...
  10. Version 3.8

    Artemis She is very strong but difficult to play so Dev’s choose to unlock her powers with Fame points that is a good decision .. 😪First become strong and use her manually she is very effective ..
  11. Game Crash

    My game just crashed twice during War and I lost my Fury .. I am on iOS 11.2 please fix it ASPS. 🙁
  12. Black Weekend Raffle!

    In-Game name NAPC
  13. In-game name NAPC i made a patten and design to show my workers architecture skills. AR video YouTube link..
  14. Game freeze on IOS 11

    @CaptainMorgan I am using IPhone SE .. it freezes anytime no fix timing ..
  15. We want free Sundays!

    Big No Again.!!! We will Get less Titan Chest it that case.