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  1. Odyssey Quests Feel Unbalanced Again

    Gold costs are fine for me, no one says you have to do 5 lvl 10s, I do just enough to get all of my chests. Feels manageable, but I acknowledge this may be an issue for some
  2. wtf is this?

    No malice intended, but this is not the best way to suggest stuff for the devs to change. Honestly, even I had to hack through it a bit. Thats more of complain at the moment... The actual suggestion, I presume, is to remove any timers blocking adventure initiations system deems impossible? If this is so, it seems rather logical, as I would want to have the full time too (given that you can go double-time, 15 min is feasible for 5 quick strikes on difficulty 7-8 as worst case scenario)
  3. Balance for new player and fix Ajax

    Yeah, i am in for Ajax... had to cut him from my war team, really sad to see him trying so hard to be outplayed by... Jackson. Cant loose to heroes like that. By the way, and sry for side questions, do we know if this is the small or the big Ajax?
  4. Account linkage cooldown

    Thats what I figured too, thanks for the help!
  5. My expectations and probabilities about v3.8

    CaptainMorgan --> AdmiralMorgan. Ofc it is 0% otherwise, actually a demotion
  6. iran

    Cool picture. Question is, and as I say in such cases, It might be me not being the sharpest knife here, how is this related to OR if at all?
  7. Balance for new player and fix Ajax

    As a 2-month newbie, I would say the timers here are actually alright. Took me some 60 days to reach lvl 90, that involving decent amount of prestige farming. As long as you have a good alliance, providing buffs and strategies, it is possible to farm some gems, get some workers and speed the things up enough not to feel crap about it.
  8. Version 3.8

    Else it may act as the mobile gate, drawing the fire of all the units and towers (For they are eager to hunt the deer)... Or compete with the minotaur, charging Nyx towers wherever they are
  9. Account linkage cooldown

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so I figured out it would be better to have it in this category. As it usually goes, please direct me to the correct place if this isn't the right one. The most vigilant and active of you might have extrapolated that my Ipad was recently assigned a KIA state, meaning that I had to emergency-link my account to my PC, so that I would not miss stuff. My PC is not something I take with me when I leave my house, so overall I have a rather crap experience with OR on it. I do have a new Ipad now and I am eager to go back to "normalcy", yet I am unable to link my account to the new Ipad, all due to the 30 day cooldown. The actual question I have is whether there is a way to speed the things up a bit (through the formal ts request for instance), or I absolutely have to suffer for the remaining 16 days? Ideally, should Morgan or Chris wonder in this realm, the follow-up question would be whether bringing the issue to Suggestions (special feature or complete cd removal) would be useful or such things are locked for discussion?
  10. New hero?

    Lets plant our hopes in 3.8 then
  11. Unit, gold and new hero

    3.8 is coming, so we are getting those way before
  12. Unique items

    They are tweaking it in 3.8 I believe, Morgan mentioned it in one of the Unique item suggestion threads
  13. The Griffin Warrior

    How many active players do you have atm? My alliance isn't in its best shape either and we are looking for someone with similar issues and goals to merge with. Everything is negotiable, should you be interested.
  14. Рабочий

    Представить проблему не мог, потому и спросил. Теперь примерно могу, благо описание ты приложил. Хорошо бы еще тип зданий указать, но попробую предложить наиболее вероятные варианты: 1) У тебя выбран лимит по башням, потому новые не влезают в построение. Отсрой Ворота новые и снова попробуй впихнуть башни, либо убери часть уже построенных. 2) Постройка велась в другом плане обороны, значит и ставить их нужно в том плане
  15. Nyx tower is now a tax

    One thing I noticed about AI priorities is that most prioritize gates over towers, which may make sense (For what other use are they, except roadblocks then?). Here, the tower is actually stationed behind the two gates on the same path, so this may be the factor messing up the AI. Overall, haven't had issues with Nyx while using phoenix, def mode, meat-shield and trebs in right combos. Only went up to lvl 110 so far though, might change when I meet the 128s