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  1. Very few attack???

    I think, after the war, when your alliance wins some blessings, the attackers will be more hesitate to attack you. At least for myself, I usually wait until the war blessing is ended, then I attack.
  2. Odyssey

    Lucky! Very good to hear. I'm still struggling upgrade my harbor or not. Right now at level 4 harbor, the maximum is 6 skulls which spend 1 million gold, and I can finish to get all 5 chests. I'm not sure if it is better if I upgrade and also do the same 6 skulls but get only 4 or 3 chests, especially if it's not the highest level harbor, the 4 or 3 chests won't include a titan chest.
  3. Chest video issue

    I have to say, this is improved now. Earlier, the failure happens like 2 to 3 times for every 10 tries. And now I see 1 failure in about 10 to 15 tries. The chance seeing it happen is lower now, but still there.
  4. Odyssey

    Thanks for your info., no, I didn't realized the stats on my heroes decreases as I raise ascension level until you tell me here. This is really a problem. And the change you mentioned about a month ago makes me feel pretty come the dev. team decided to do this? Is this good for anyone?
  5. Odyssey

    Have maximum harbor level but will not go higher than the 1 million coins island, does this mean you usually can only get about 3 chests after you finished entire odyssey?
  6. Odyssey

    Is this because the enemies are matching your level at the same difficulty (skulls), but the heroes are limited to the maximum level 20 and can't be stronger? In this situation, a healthy game design should give you new, more powerful gears when you're leveling up, so your heroes are also stronger, although their levels are kept the same. I think this is a problem, the chance of getting better gears are lower and lower, instead of keep at the probability.
  7. Odyssey

    I had a question but not figured out yet. Is the difficulty of odyssey only related to how many skulls you choose? For example, no matter what level of your harbor is, 5 skulls give you the enemies similar to your player level, which are also similar with the enemies you see on the outside islands? And under 4 skulls give you most of enemies weaker than you, levels lower than you, when more than skulls give you enemies stronger than you, who are at higher levels than you? OR, the levels of enemies you'll see in odyssey, are related to the level of your harbor, and the numbers of skulls you choose will affect the number of troop and structure blessing the enemies have? In addition, because when the level of harbor is up, the fame number you need to get all the 5 chests are increased, so I don't want to upgrade my harbor level even I have the gold and books to upgrade. Although the "quality" of the chests are also upgraded, but I still don't like this design. I only upgrade my harbor when I'm sure I could finish the highest skulls level. For example, when I was having level 3 harbor, the maximum difficulty is 5 skulls, and I need totally 190 fame (or something close, I don't remember the exact number) to get all the 5 chests. When I upgrade the harbor to level 4 now, the maximum difficulty is 6 skulls, and I need totally 220 fame to get all the 5 chests. This means, if I want to keep getting all 5 chests during a odyssey, at level 3 I need to do at least three 5 skulls and two 4 skulls, but at level 4 the same three 5 skulls and two 4 skulls can only give me 4 chests. If I want to get all 5 chests, I need to do four 6 skulls and only one chance to lower the difficulty to 5 skulls. Although the chests quality (or you could say chest level) of level 4 harbor are a little bit better than level 3, but since the gears in the chests are randomly given, lower quality chest is possible to gives you better gear than a higher quality chest, so I prefer to get all 5 chests during every odyssey. Because to me, 5 chests with a little bit lower quality are better than 4 chests with a little bit higher quality, as getting maximum numbers of gears from the chests mean maximum chances to find good stuff. I don't know why when I upgrade the harbor, I can't get the same reward if I do the same thing like when I was at the lower level harbor. When the harbor is upgraded to a higher level, the maximum difficulty is higher, this is good, because I could challenge to a higher difficulty when I want, but how come I can't get the same chests if I choose to keep doing lower difficulties?
  8. Odyssey

    me, too, anything happened?? Could dev. team do some research?
  9. Sorry, bro, my fault, yah, I wanted to say 150K and 250K instead of 15K and 20K, in my country the digit separation is different with western countries, so sometimes I was confused and having typo kind of often. And thanks for the additional info.
  10. This is really a good job!! You're at the goal I would like to achieve!! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Understood, thanks for your reply. Agree when it comes to premium, there's price to be paid, it's true now the game industry is like this. In fact, it's totally correct because the game was developed to earn money, so the system could be kept running. But, I still don't feel it's right, as I heard upgrade ally hall from level 9 to level 10 costs 2,000 gems, and at level 9 the daily donation limit is 15K, when level 10 is 25K limit. I agree blessing should not be a common thing that every alliance can use easily, but I do hope at least a 24 people alliance like us, could keep 1 to 2 kinds of blessing during the war period, but now it looks like it's a long way to go if every member plays free. Per the replies I see now, I think the main players are kind of accepting current ally hall upgrade costs and the daily donation limits setting so far. Thanks for all of your opinions.
  12. Thanks for your reply, so far I played this game for 2.5 months, and just saved enough gems to buy the 4th worker. Totally I spent less than $20 USD on this game, so I think I'm a little bit faster than free players. But I decided to be a free player from now on because spending money is endless and I think I'll get used to it which I don't want to. When I heard from another player in my alliance that level up from 9 to 10 alliance hall costs 2,000 gems, it's a big challenge to me, but you're right, it's not impossible. Sometimes I spend gems in battles, like war, odyssey, and I just spent a amount of gems to clear griffins islands......Orz.....I don't have a gear upgrade for Prometheus for a while......T_T And also agree the daily gem pack is a really good deal, I bought it once. Actually the first time I buy a gem pack, just like you said, because I want to support the dev. team, but recently.....I see many complains and concerns to the team, and the team's "record" on "adjustment (nerf)" to the other game RR2, so I'm kind of hesitate to buy more to support the team now.......
  13. As you may know, after joined an alliance, one of the member's duty is to donate, so the alliance has money to do something, one of the most useful is alliance blessing to the troops and defend. However, do you think the design of donation limit is not reasonable, especially when compare to the cost of blessing? For example, my alliance can have 24 members, but now it costs us $180K to start the blessing to the archer for 8 hours, and $144K for extending the blessing time. But with my level 5 alliance hall, I can only donate $10K per 24 hours!! And the problem is, to further upgrade the alliance hall, you can only use gems, the gold and wisdom(book) are useless. How could you expect all the alliance members are willing to upgrade their alliance halls to higher levels? And my level 5 to level 6 costs 50 Gems already, but I still expect the donation limit will still be very low even after the upgrade. Is there anyone else also thinks this is not a reasonable design? How come the alliance members' fully daily donation can't support even only one single blessing for 24 hours, without spending extra gems to donate enough money? OR, this is the exactly design purpose of the dev. team, to enforce players use real money if they want to give their alliance fully cover of any single blessing?
  14. Olympus Rising Wiki

    Sir, during discussion with other players in my alliance, we found the cost of blessing seems be increased dramatically when the alliance level is up. Could you advise where I could search the info., or input the info. of what we're seeing now so people can compare, of the cost for alliance blessing?
  15. Flare just BROKE THE GAME

    Can't agree more..........this is really a bad joke..............