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  1. Per the discussion earlier, we now know the hero/troops AI will change when switch between offense mode and defense mode. The pattern changes so hero and troops, especially troops will move and act differently under defense mode, compare to offense mode. But, does any one know if the defense mode also changes hero/troops status, like damage or resistance? Because when the game first time introduce the defense mode, it says "the harm do to your troops will be reduced in defense mode", does this describing the harm is reduced because the AI value the threaten differently, so the chance to get harmed is less, thus the overall harm is reduced? Or the defense mode actually DOES change the harm taken?
  2. Olympus time zone

    I don't know if any one can answer this, but I'm very curious about the time zone of Olympus. I have no question to the day change for personal event, like the daily chest collection, I know it's probably follow the player's time zone, so the new chest is available after 12am everyday, as well as the titan point counts. However, I'm curious about the universal events, like war. Why the war is always started and ended at 12am Japan time? I'm 100% OK with this, but can't figure out why Japan time zone is the standard? Or, this is only my misunderstanding, the war actually is NOT started and ended at 12am, so it's not taking Japan time as the standard?
  3. Nyx tower is now a tax

    very good ending, good luck.
  4. Nyx tower is now a tax

    Why do you think there's a bug only happen on certain account? Don't you think have different ways to run the same version of app by different account is wasting too much time and resources to make the app so specifically treat someone differently, and actually there should be NO one wants to do that because for them the most important thing is to make most of the players willing to pay for the game play, instead of make someone unhappy??
  5. Nyx tower is now a tax

    Will this range be too far so no unit can attack the Nyx tower other than trebuchetss? (trebuchetss not attack because it's on another path and not in defense mode, other units don't attack because it's too far)
  6. Nyx tower is now a tax

    Looks to me attacked by the Nyx tower on another path, AND NOT using defense mode.
  7. Nyx tower is now a tax

    @CaptainMorgan I do have a question. Let's say when the unit was converted to 50%, but then it passed the Nyx tower, get out of Nyx tower's range and move forward. Will the "converted level" stays at 50%, so next time when it pass Nyx tower again, it will take only another 50% time to complete the converting? Or the "covert" will be decreased after the unit left the Nyx tower? If the covert will be decreased, means the unit "recovered" from the converting effect, will it be gone immediately after left the range, or it will take some time to lower the convert level to zero?
  8. As title, the main reason is my friend needs to travel to China very often, and he can't play OR in China because he's using an Android phone. Is there any way he can keep current game play, have everything transferred to an iPhone if he wants? -----------------------------Question resolved!! Thanks, @Tomaxo
  9. Chest video issue

    Thanks a lot for your great help!!
  10. When the players do Odyssey adventure, the wisdom taken by each island is different, although I'm not 100% sure how the numbers were decided, but in average, the wisdom taken increased significantly when the difficulty chosen increased (more skulls). The higher difficulty adventure chosen, the more wisdom taken to proceed the adventure. For example, when I run 7 skulls, the wisdom taken is about double the wisdom needed when I run 6 skulls. I think this is not right, since I already spent more wisdom, and need to face tougher enemy (which also potentially has higher chance to lose me ambrosia and cost me gem), how come in the end I get the same number of gold compare to when I spent less wisdom and play much more easily? When I need to play harder, have more focus during the battle, and paid more, but get the same amount of gold after I finished it?? Compare to the regular island, I feel OK to get the same amount of gold after finished the battle. Although it costs me differently in ambrosia needed, but that's because of the distance are different, I can still well manage it like find a better route, or think about the resource I can get by take the island down compare to the ambrosia needed. But in Odyssey, the islands I need to conquer was defined and fixed, there's no room for trade-off. Here's the suggestion. For example, if the 5 skulls adventure is the standard difficulty, then if the player do higher than 6 skulls, the gold reward has certain percentage bonus, if the player do lower than 4 skulls, the gold reward decreased certain percentage. Like: 1 skull = only 20% gold of your The Hall of Gods Reward 2 skulls = only 40% gold of your The Hall of Gods Reward 3 skulls = only 60% gold of your The Hall of Gods Reward 4 skulls = only 80% gold of your The Hall of Gods Reward 5 skulls = 100% gold of your The Hall of Gods Reward 6 skulls = 100%+??% gold of your The Hall of Gods Reward (I put ??% here because I'm not sure how much it should be to be fair. Like said above, I found I need to pay about double the wisdom compare with 6 skulls and 7 skulls, so, should I get 150% gold in 6 skulls and then 300% gold in 7 skulls? Someone may think 150% bonus in 7 skulls may be too much, but look at the wisdom taken, it might still be a reasonable number. So it's difficult to put suggestion numbers here) 7 skulls = 100%+??% gold of your The Hall of Gods Reward 8 skulls = 100%+??% gold of your The Hall of Gods Reward 9 skulls = 100%+??% gold of your The Hall of Gods Reward 10 skulls = 100%+??% gold of your The Hall of Gods Reward Of course, I think the wisdom taken also needs to be re-considered, so the player won't need to pay double the wisdom but only has 50% gold bonus.
  11. Chest video issue

    @CaptainMorgan Could you do something on this? EVERY TIME I see this image when start the video, it will fail. This is pretty annoying!!
  12. Any suggestions about flying away dominance points?

    How about trade dominance to gold? Like 1 dominance = 100 gold, or 500 gold, the ratio could be discussed. I know this might not be attractive enough, but better than nothing and affect the game play not much.
  13. Helen of Troy Unbalance Issues

    Although we had a "debate" earlier, but I have to say I like this post, with enough details. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Helen of Troy Unbalance Issues

    Me, too! Understood, but, I think like Prometheus, most players thinks he is not OK, especially at higher levels. Unfortunately, by accident Prometheus is one of my highest level hero at this moment, so I'm working hard to level up other heroes to replace him so I could play easier. I could use Helen and leveled her up to 15, without big problem during the process. I don't feel she's weak at lower level, but just need to take care of the short duration of her power in the beginning.
  15. Helen of Troy Unbalance Issues

    OMG, I thought Jason is good, recently I spent tons of time leveling him up, should I give up now?!