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  1. Hope you're not talking about you don't like Chinese people. Hope this is just my misunderstanding.
  2. You know what, actually, as a player that still hoping to get more unique items as quick as possible, so more chances to open a titan chest is always welcome. I really wouldn’t mind get titan chest from odyssey, AND get titan chest from war as well in the same week. Under current scenario, I have dual sources per week to get my titan chests so it helps me to try to catch the higher level players quicker. Unless I don’t want to be so active, otherwise, for players not reach higher level and get bored, why not have 2 sources?
  3. absolutely right, simple and clear. as the problem of 3am close out a strike, I can't think about a solution that could work, because 1. players are from all different time zones. 2. like said, it's difficult to fight against players that play very seriously. like we faced an India alliance who focus attacks in the last 5 mins. I think the only thing can help a little here, is to make sure the end-time of the strike your alliance started is the time your team members feel most comfortable, and hope by luck that's also the timing your enemy doesn't like.
  4. I like this lengthy post, as I don't mind read a long post if it's telling something. And for your reference, I'm never trying to shut anyone from responding, I was trying to clarify what they are thinking, and maybe help them to understand what others are thinking. If to determine whether it's fair or not, well, if the other players are playing under current rules, same with you, how could you say they are playing unfair just because you don't like to play in their way?? And I keep replying, although I actually don't want to anymore, because I don't want them think my shut is their win, thus they will misunderstand and keep thinking they are absolutely right.
  5. When you are saying something is bullshit, please think about which part are you talking about? OMG...... you are so good on wrongly interpret what other people are talking. I am saying team up with the others is making friends, NOT saying gank others is making friends, there’s a difference here. Team up is the earlier step, and gank others is the act after that. After made friends with someone, you can still decide what to do next. I do remember in this game there is an option that you could change how to join your alliance from “open” to “application needed”, and you know what’s the better part? You could then decide let him/her in or not. Isn’t this great?? Please advise your suggestion. Please try by yourself to explain and describe all these points well, and in the meantime make it short, I’m looking forward to see it. This is simply because they are not your friends, and they don’t want to make friends with you. I’m not talking about you should make friends with them, and there’s an option in the game you could decide and control who could join you alliance, and I suggest, don’t let someone you don’t trust get in. This is also because they are not your friends, right? Again, same thing. And if they need to be merged, they must be weak, and you can beat them if you are in the same war map in the future, right? Again, I’m not talking about they are trying to make friends with “you”. You two obviously think differently. And you could make friends with the others.
  6. Hi, dear, many of my friends are talking about how often the game crash recently, so I would like to bring this up, see if the dev. team could find anything or any clue to improve stability. 1. I think most of the players having this problem are playing in China. Since Android app doesn't have this game available in China, I assume almost all of them are iPhone users. 2. The problem is having game crash for no reason, some of them gave up the war just ended in last weekend because of this. 3. I don't know if this is 100% true, but the complains show up after 3.8.0/3.8.1 were introduced. 4. There's also connection problem when open the chests, including war chests, odyssey chests, and video chests. They lose internet connection to the game, NOT when they get the chest, but when they try to open the chest to get the stuff in it. It usually takes several times to finish collecting the items in the chest, open it, see item, lose connection, re-start the game, try again, get maybe 1 or 2, and then lose connection again, need to try again. Hope these info. help. Although I'm not affected, but really hope there's someone could resolve their problem, as their lost/not able to play don't bring any benefit to anyone.
  7. Could you let me know, if to choose the alliance you should attack is tactic instead of strategy like you said, then what should the strategy look like in your mind?
  8. How could you prevent players make friends in this game if they want? I'm not doing this, but I'm curious why someone thinks it should be forbidden?
  9. Unfortunately, this may not help to prevent allied alliances. Give a quick example, even one team can't attack the same side, the two allied alliance could discuss in advance and then determine "who is the winner of this war", and then, every time when the "loser alliance" need to attack the "winner alliance", it could lose on purpose, so in the end the "winner alliance" will get the most torches and become the 1st. The fact is, it's difficult to prevent alliance work together, if they really want to.
  10. First of all, if you show more respect to people, I think your post will be more worthy to read. So? Could you tell me, in fact, is it still a single war where two alliances team up against another or not? They didn't change the war rule, but just let you encounter such situation more often, but essentially there's no difference than the situation in 1 war there're 2 alliance team up against you, right? So the way to fight against them is still the same, isn't it? And why this becomes "you are fighting against an alliance with up to 100 players that can attack twice as often as you"?? I don't get it. The 2 alliances are still have separated torch numbers, and separated scores, right? So you can still choose to beat one of them, then you won't be the last, is this not true? If this is not true, it means your alliance is weaker than any of them, so you can't beat anyone even you use all the fury to attack/defend one and give up strikes to another, right? come on, they are not "attack twice as often as you" like you said. Please don't find you chocolate to eat, I will be worry about you. Again, please, don't try to find your chocolate to eat, really. Can't you tell the difference?? The example you're giving, shoot people and rob people, these are illegal, right? And is "alliances get allied" illegal? Is this forbidden in this game? If yes, then I'm totally agree with you. But, is getting allied not allowed and expressed by dev. team? what kind of example you're giving............ No, you're totally wrong. I'm not doing ally with another alliance. So, to a guy who think himself have honorable behavior, I'm trying to show more respect to players who want to have allied alliances, since it is not restricted. Please, read and see the details and try to understand, I'm not saying Hell is alone, it's Hell saying he feel always ignored when he want to talk about this topic, and then I give my guess. The unfair fights he hates, is result of diplomacy, isn't it?? You're talking about "have allied alliances" equals "cheap tricks", but, how come you can define things like you want, when somebody else doesn't think so? Your have the right to do what you like, but who give you the right to judge people who are not acting like you is wrong?? Are you one of the game designer of OR, or you're the one who define how this game should be? If not, why you're so confident with what you think this game should be and not respecting other players? Furthermore, if this is a loophole in the system, why there's no one from the dev. team show up and say "thank you" to you because you help them find this giant loophole? Did you think about why? Thanks for confirming the truth. Honestly, this is an option, and possible to implement. But I'm not sure will Hell be satisfied with this or not, because if like he said, there're 12 alliances allied from top 11 to top 30, so this solution you provide here may not work as efficient as you thought if thing is like Hell said. Dev. team could change this by defining the points needed to make each alliance to win. After calculation, I believe there will be a number that could be same difficult to either alliance.
  11. BTW, I think you just want the way you want for the war. That's it. So, good luck and wish you get it.
  12. Man, I won't sincerely reply any more. Obviously you're totally NOT answering ANY of my question, just keep talking what you want to say. You're not reading my replies and point out where the problem is or what I missed, you just keep saying "let's wait and see", "this is not fair", "this is not good", "this has to be fixed", blablabla....... You're even ignoring my opinion to answer your question "Why not many people join this discussion?". I think now the answer is very clear, not only because not many player think this is a problem, but also you're not wanting a discussion. For the last part of your reply, I want to say: good luck. Hope you're the strongest alliance so you can beat everyone, and hope you're strong enough to win 1V2 or 1V3 in a war. Cheer up. Since you seem a fighter expect fight, you'll get fights all the time, which is good for you I think. Keep stand tall.
  13. There's still strategy you could use if you cannot defend against any of the two alliances next to you, and they are allied, and you could only win the one on the other side (diagonal to you). Since you can't attack the one on the other side (diagonal to you) in the beginning of the war, then you should wait, your diagonal alliance in most of the case attacks one of the two alliances next to you, and then you see, you attack the same one. This way, you have chance to win a torch, or break-even, because you're in fact "allied" with your diagonal alliance, and this doesn't need any diplomacy if you really hate diplomacy. This is pure war strategy you could use easily. Besides, it doesn't really matter if the two alliances next to you are allied, because they can't attack each other NOT because they are allied, but because the fact they are at diagonal position. So, allied or not, doesn't really matter in this situation. The only bad part is they could attack the same alliance after communication/agreement so they could make their attack more efficient, but the target could be you, could be the other one at your diagonal, unless the other one is also their ally, which I think this is a bad luck draw. But, even so, unless the diagonal give up doing any attack, so no points won for them, no war chest for their member, you could still use the strategy as above, to attack the same one they attack to increase the chance to win and not become the last.
  14. this is a strategy game, so you could also find an alliance to ally with them, right? This are also thinks happen in real-life war, right? and games are something you could experience things you can't have in real-life and cost you much less than real-life, that's why there're war games everywhere, right? I couldn't see why these are "wrong" here. You could do the same thing if you want, right? And I think you did because you said you have some screen captures as evidences you want to provide to the dev. team, is this correct? Probably because most of players don't think this is a major problem, make sense? Why you have to be a long alliance? And if you really don't want to join them, like you said, even 12 of the 10 to 30 are allied, there're still 8 which are not, you could make friend with them to against those you don't like, right? I don't understand why, you seem hate diplomacy. I know diagonal attacks are possible, but it requires time to start, am I wrong? Unless you tell me there's a way to attack diagonal without going through alliance besides him (which you call "their allied alliance"). Any alliance needs to attack and won the islands besides him before start attack diagonal alliance, right? And if I guess right, the fastest it will be AFTER 3 islands are taken from the sides, which means more than 24 hours needed at least. But the problems I said, it's more boring, less strategy you could use, and the win/lose was determined in the beginning when the match was made, totally not resolved from your reply. If it's 1vs1, I can't see how a seems weaker but good contributor alliance can win the alliance stronger than it. It will be face to face, means no way you could use strategy, so, how contribute can help the weaker alliance win here? If your alliance is stronger than all the allied alliances, I don't believe you'll be the 4th place. You probably can't be the 1st because the others are allied, but you can't be the 4th if you are really stronger than one of them. I say this because we were attacked from both sides, no matter they are allied, or doing that not on purpose, coincidentally attack us at the same time. When this happened, we focus on defending one side. Because the game rule is you win a torch when successfully attacked another alliance, and lose torch when you fail in defend your island. This means, if you are really stronger than one of the allied alliance, you'll win torch from them, and lose torch to another one that you give up fight against with. Then the result is the number of you torch remain the same, stay at 10, like the beginning of the war, and the one of allied alliance you chose to attack, lose torch because of you. So, not consider the diagonal alliance yet, the one you give up fight against, will have most torches, you're in the middle, and the one you beat will be the last, because they have the less torch. So, unless you can't win any one of the allied alliance, you can't be the last. Or, you choose to fight against both of the allied alliance attacking you, then you'll lose as many torches as you want, for sure. Or, your team members are not following your instructions, so when you choose to focus on defeating one of the allied alliance, some of your team member still attack the other one, and waste treasurable fury, then you could be the last.
  15. Honestly, isn't diplomacy part of war? even in real life, I think the answer should be a "yes". I'm not very sure how do you suggest to change the war system, at least I don't see a whole picture of your new war system. If only comment on the contents you gave as above, will 1vs1 not being more boring than current war system? You said you hate to know the result from the beginning because there're allied alliances, however, if change to 1vs1 like you said, won't the result also be determined at the beginning, when you're matched with an alliance that is stronger than yours? I think the "result is fixed in the beginning" situation is the same, and it's even easier to tell what the result will be if change to 1vs1 battle, right? And you talked about 3 alliances attacking 1 alliance, too. I don't really get it how did this happen? with current war system, it's not possible to let you attack the alliance at diagonal, isn't it? The diagonal alliance can only attack you like 1 or 2 days later, after it won the islands separate you and it, and this process takes loooooong time to complete, is there any misunderstanding here? I have a friend started to play this game recently, so he's definitely at low level, but he never have the same feeling like you, he doesn't think his heroes are sent back to Mount Olympus and doesn't think it's too difficult to collect resources. Furthermore, he NEVER hire the fleet for protection not only because it's expensive but also because it's not necessary. And neither do I, I played longer than him and I NEVER hire the fleet. For your reference. Then how to resolve the problem when you're actually no. 2 strong of the 4, but in the beginning you're matched with the no. 1 strong alliance, so you ended at 3rd place but you're actually stronger/better than the alliance ended at the 2nd place? Is this the "fair" you want? You may want to say, then the dev. team should match only the top 2 for 1st round, and then the other 2 alliance for 1st round. Yah, then the question is, how should the dev. team determine who are the top 2, before war starts and alliance members start to act in the war? If the dev. team could tell who are the top 2, then why do we still need war process? Dev. team could directly determine how the 4 alliances in the war be ranked, right?
  16. Game crash happens more often

    haha, sorry, nice to know you. I'm not very strong actually. now leveling my Cadmus up. And maybe I give you some gems as a gift? if your Nyx tower seems difficult to handle to me by autoplay.
  17. Game crash happens more often

    yah, and it also happens during the war, so this is not affecting himself/herself only, but actually do harm to entire alliance, especially when the one has problem is the stronger member in the war.
  18. Game crash happens more often

    Two friends just complained today. First one is talking about lose connection and then reconnecting, happens all the time, especially when opening the chest. Second one, the Chinese in the middle saying “bad connection” so he’s hanging there, this screenshot showing he’s trying to enter the harbor.
  19. How will the Titan Code be refreshed?

    Thx, it bothers when the old friend doesn't play anymore (although we don't like to see this), and then we would like to connect to another buddy that is still playing everyday.
  20. Could anyone help to answer, if I input titan code of a player, but he doesn't play anymore, now I want to link to another one. Is there any way or under certain condition my titan code will be refreshed so I could input other's titan code to link and contribute 1 titan point each day for each other?
  21. How will the Titan Code be refreshed?

    Thx, but although I didn't try it by myself, I know my friends doing that but the entering code column still not showing up after dis-connection, so I put the question here, see if there's anyone, especially from dev. team, could help to answer.
  22. Version 3.8

    Question: When Ajax is unlocked by titan points, so are all his powers, why not Artemis is unlocked by Artemis Tower like level 10, and then unlock each of her power by 3 levels upgrade until the maxed 25? (unlock at level 13, 16, 19, 22, 25)
  23. Olympus time zone

    I don't know if any one can answer this, but I'm very curious about the time zone of Olympus. I have no question to the day change for personal event, like the daily chest collection, I know it's probably follow the player's time zone, so the new chest is available after 12am everyday, as well as the titan point counts. However, I'm curious about the universal events, like war. Why the war is always started and ended at 12am Japan time? I'm 100% OK with this, but can't figure out why Japan time zone is the standard? Or, this is only my misunderstanding, the war actually is NOT started and ended at 12am, so it's not taking Japan time as the standard?
  24. Olympus time zone

    Thanks, could we know why?
  25. Version 3.8

    Got it, so if I do 1 x 4, the others I need 3 x 7 and 1 x 6, I think this may be the lower we can do if keep 2 Titan chests. If I do 1 x 3 for Artemis, then all the other 4 must be 7 skulls.