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  1. League promotion

    If what you propose would be implemented, top players would make it impossible for you to win any diamond, platinum or gold league. So, for that to work, there must be a big enough penalty for anyone that doesn't want to be promoted. For example, if you don't want to get promoted to the diamond league and waste 3 days there, you need to sit out of the leagues for 24h (1/3 of the upper league duration) or 36h (half).
  2. Kaiser Pal Gameplay

    Check my channel. I got plenty of solo raids against boosted defenses (around 3500-3800 trophies). Even though Flothaboss's defense was not boosted, it is forged like crazy. It was a lot harder to solo than most boosted defenses I have faced.
  3. Kaiser Pal Gameplay

    The push forward is key with Kaiser and the heal ring is very nice too (that ring is a live saver against snake towers, Eldrak and Kaiser beasts).
  4. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Oh you should definately try Kaiser. It's a destruction machine. I've been using Kaiser since it was introduced to the game and I've been using it ever since. Immediately I was able to beat opponents with 20s left, while before with Tammy I couldn't even reach the gate. It was a massice difference.
  5. Wednesday and the question arises again

    What about Irmgard that makes him better than Kaiser? He doesn't look as powerfull as Kaiser. It only looks like Irmgard is less likely to destroy the gate too soon like Kaiser.
  6. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Well since there are people willing to spend serious amounts of cash to lvl up their alliance, it's just a matter of time until Flare will introduce new levels. I really don't care much about the levels. I think the real problems are 2: 1) important boosts that are just not available to lower lvl alliances (mainly the monk and necromancer's boosts). 2) The member cap should not have been upgraded from 60 to 65 players. The big alliances will grow from 60 to 65 and all will remain the same between them, but smaller alliances will just lose more players to the bigger alliances. That's clearly a move that will hurt the game in the long run and brings no benefit at all. I hope Flare realises this.
  7. No proleague rewards wtf?

    The league is not over yet and hopefully they're baning cheaters BEFORE rewards are given.
  8. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    There is a gap for sure, but is that a gap to VL or is it a gap to the top5 alliances (mostly)? VL is not the only lvl80 anymore and probably not the only one with lvl10/Phoebe beasts, right? As for cutting back on defensive boosts to level up faster, I see that as a normal and rational decision. If you have 40M donations and you want to upgrade your alliance level, then you can't spend 40M on boosts. That's what every single alliance does already. A lvl40 alliance with 15M donations can't spend 15M gold on daily boosts. They have to save that gold to keep upgrading their level. The problem here is that there should be a bigger downside to "boring and stupid Gate-Traptower" bases (and trap bases in general), but that's Flare's fault. They should fix that asap. They said they would and now all we can do is wait.
  9. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    A month has passed since this topic was discussed. A few alliances have reached lvl80 as well and they were pretty fast too (just not VL fast). So, is there really a huge gap between VL and the other top5 alliances now?
  10. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Is there an event coming today/tomorrow ?
  11. I complete all Quests :)

    As one of the most experienced Stun users... is it a decent spell? Would you recommend it?
  12. Fix the base defense algorithm

    That would solve the problem. The top alliances would still have to scroll to get 100% during war. The ninja event would still be the same. Gem wise, Flare would not be affected by this.
  13. Why??

    I can login again. Still no event is going on. Win10 PC
  14. Why??

    I've checked in game and the Basilisk Tower is exactly the same to me. I'm guessing the boost only applies to boosted basilisk towers. The 45 top scores thing sucks for me, but I understand that it's probably good news to every alliance with 60+ players. Also win10 pc user here. No event is going on.