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  1. i can't collect gold

    That is a horrible strategy. Raiding is the only way to get your 10+ million gold needed for most troop/spell/tower upgrades. Unless you don't care about improving your castle, spells and troops, raiding will always be the best option. The free chests should be used to get more pearls. 1 million is nothing. You should be able to get that (and even more than that) with a single raid.
  2. Cannot play the game

    I guess it does have something to do with the newest flashplayer 27. Filename = flashplayer27au_ha_install.exe I usually use Firefox. I tried uninstalling flashplayer27 and reinstalling it again but the bug was still there. So I tried the same thing, but this time through Google Chrome. This time the filename = flashplayer27pp_ha_install And the game is back to working.
  3. Cannot play the game

    The same thing started happening to me about 10 minutes ago. The game loads but the mouse doesn't work. I can't move the screen. I can't click anything. I can't do anything in game. I rebooted the game and the same thing happens, with 1 difference: now the mouse is not the usual blue arrow. Instead, it's just the regular win10 mouse arrow. Does this have anything to do with the new Flashplayer 27 ?
  4. I don't think you understood my previous post. I did not ask how to accumulate gems and KKStar's post that you quoted does not answer my question at all. Is the warrior package a one time deal or can it be bought more than once? ps: And yes, I am lvl100 and got offered the warrior package.
  5. Sorry for bumping an old topic, but I have a question. Is the warrior package (5 levels for 750 gems) a one time deal or can you buy it more than once? I'm only lvl 100. If it's a one time deal, It would probably be better to wait a few more levels before buying it.
  6. If that ever happens, the Pro-League loses all it's appeal. It becomes a purely pay2win event.
  7. About trophy shennanigans

    I've been droping trophies to stay around 2500-2700 for a few months now. When I started doing this I could regularly find opponents via the match making who were worth 5-10 trophies. If I did 0% on them, I'd drop 60 trophies. Nowadays i can only find players worth 20-50 via the matchmaking, which makes droping trophies a bit harder. The 20 trophies opponents are worth ~45 trophies. I always refresh until I find these opponents. Sometimes (rarely) a 10-15 trophies opponent shows up. It's a trap. When I do 0% on them I drop 0 trophies. They're just a waste of bread. As far as gold farming, when I stated doing this, I would find 600k+ opponents in the 2500-2700 range fairly easily. That range has been increasing steadily and nowadays I can only get 600k+ loots from opponents above 3100 trophies. Opponents with less than 3000 trophies will have no gold for me. Sometimes the same opponent will be worth a loot of 50k to me, but to alliance members with fewer lvls/trophies than me he'll be worth a 2 or even 3 consecutive loots of +600k. ps: if you want to drop trophies, do it via the match making. If you do it via the search feature you can only drop like 20 max trophies.
  8. Joining an inactive alliance

    It's not that the name is really bad... it's just not a recognizable name to the kind of players we're going for (portuguese speaking players). I'll try to have it changed but if it doesn't work out, we'll probably go with your sugestion anyway. Thanks alot!
  9. Joining an inactive alliance

    Just for reference, I'm lvl99. My current alliance is lvl 32 and this one is lvl40 (beasts are about the same in both alliances). We're seriously considering moving everyone to the new lvl40 alliance. It would save us like 2 months of donations. The problem we're facing is the name.
  10. Joining an inactive alliance

    Yes, I confirm that I became the leader of that alliance since I was the only active member. The members of that alliance are pretty low level, but the alliance itself is actually pretty decent. Is there a way to change the alliance's name? I tried but it seems blocked.
  11. Joining an inactive alliance

    So I got invited to an alliance a few weeks ago. I didn't take it back then and now the only 3 remaining members of that alliance are all inactive (and pretty low level). So my question is, what happens if I accept the invitation? Do I become a regular soldier of a dead alliance with no way to invite more people, or do I become the general/leader?
  12. Is this a hacker or not?

    I've been a lurker for sometime but since you're the biggest cry baby I've ever seen in a game, I had to make an account. You're seriosuly accusing someone of hacking just because you lost 9 trophies? To a challenger who was lower lvled and has 1000 less trophies than you? Come on... edit: here you go. Yesterday when I died at 33% was because I was raiding without Tammy for the first time. I'm still getting used to it. I won trophies even at 33% because the game thinks you're much stronger than me (since you have 3500 trophies and the most I've ever had was 2760). That's all there is to it.