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    oprime el icono the delos dos muñequitos y la segunda opcion de amigos o FRIENDS oprime ahi, oprime la seleccion que esta en la esquina derecha arriva dice SHARE FRIEND CODE y entra tu codigo. Suerte !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Items

    Warriornator Lots of question will be repeated by new players, have you seen how many pages I would have to go through to find the answer for this dome question. I tried to narrow down search and typed all sorts of words to try and find my answer but apparently I have no idea how other players have worded the same question. So if it bothers you to answer questions like this one just don't bother answering it. Let someone else do it. PS Thank you for the answer both of you.
  3. Items

    I have lots of items that I do not need and I can't sell them or melt them. They are taking up space for new items I don't want to spend gems on getting more slots it is to expensive. How can I get rid of those items that I CANT SELL OR MELT?