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  1. Wow read it just now, so i could have easily gotten rank 1, i did finish all levels with 100% except for level 10, but with this 12 extra minutes i could have. So thats why i lost around 15 ranks in the last hours, thats really not fair. Like orko wrote prolong the event or give the players who didnt use the 12 minutes this time 12 extra minutes for the next pro league.
  2. Next War

    Why was the next war changed? The boosts and the rewards were different a few days ago. Edit: it is now as it was before.
  3. Game Freezes

    Since a few days the game freezes once in a while and all i can do is restart it, thats normally not a problem but now it happend the second time during an attack and this time in a dungeon which cost me 800 bread. Do i get a refund on the bread? Because i didnt get any reward out of the dungeon. I play on Windows 10 via PC. PS: I dont even want to think about how i feel when it happens at the starting Zombieevent.
  4. Festival currency

  5. Open bases?

    IGN: eucore open