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  1. Alliance Wars matchmaking

    Pretty sure this is an example of trophy fixing. Good for me though🤣
  2. Alliance War: Island Marker.

    Thanks for sharing my view on the topic😊😊
  3. Training Camp

    I think it' a good idea too...i have 2 heroes ranked 20 (Hercules and Perseus) who do all the heavy lifting. Rest just farm resources off islands. Ajax and Prometheus are so average I don' even use them anymore.
  4. Hello, I have one suggestion that I think would be great for alliances who don't have effective communication tools to use as a platform. What about adding a beacon or some sort of marker that leaders can place on the War map to show what is a priority Island or objective. I say this because I have problems with members attacking islands that aren' important at the time. And end up losing a island because they wasted an attack on a 14h island and not a 1h left island. This would allow for leaders to at least guide alliance members. Just a thought, may have Been brought up. But it would be cool.
  5. Thanks that makes loads of sense! Game did freeze. Thanks for the help!
  6. I tried to attack a player in an alliance war and i got this message? Please explain.