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  1. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    Invizzzible, Alliance of Ghost ninjas are gone.
  2. Rewards pro league

    you lost the ring. and I'm friends
  3. I am afflicted by awards for the war ... Can they be made more pleasant? I collected all the chests, but get only: gold - 4 100 000, gems: 169, pearls: 412, vouchers: 38... and items that are worse than those that I have. I made a video about it:
  4. Granny VS Blacksmith event coming soon

    гугл хром ....)))
  5. Granny VS Blacksmith event coming soon

    this is called a defect ... if we were warned for a week about the event, everyone would be ready, and it would not be necessary to spend gems.
  6. Granny VS Blacksmith event coming soon

    why does not the forging cool down, which was launched before the action?
  7. Granny VS Blacksmith event coming soon

    very expensive to play free games (с)
  8. Account Deletion

    just delete the game and do not go into it anymore ... why draw attention?
  9. Can Irmgard heal ?

    he heals when he strikes
  10. Another 12min added in PL!

    "Приносим извинения за доставленные неудобства!" какая еще компенсация? Этого недостаточно?
  11. Are you joking?

    Will these 12 minutes be transferred to the next league?
  12. Any event this week?

    finally make a calendar of events, at least for a month....