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Found 215 results

  1. Bug with videos

    hi flare, i have only two account in game. after update of new version of RR2, i tried to boost the tavern with video, but it did not worked. when i logged into my second id, i seen as shown in picture.. it also does with free treasure chest, whenever i watch video in id, other id gets the chest.. @flaretara@Nikko probably it is new bug with new version..
  2. Greetings Flaregames Support Team, I was able to login into my FB account on the popup screen that appears when I press FB Connect button. Unfortunately, I can't scroll to approve permission for the game in my FB account and finalize the process for the 35 gem reward. This is on my Lumia 920 running WP8.1, on the latest version of Royal Revolt 2. I've attached a screenshot. Thanks in advance for your help and support.
  3. Recently I've noticed that monks don't seem to sense troops with low health in a parallel path, both defense and offensively. I haven't been playing for a long time so I don't know if this is deliberate or a bug, but monks can still heal units over a parallel path, but only if it senses a unit with low health near it. For example, my king is running down an L-defense with little to no health, and a monk comes along the other path. I expected it to heal me, but no matter how many times I screamed the monk ignored my orders. I died. Meh. Aside from this, I've also noticed that players with clearly no beasts (most being without an alliance) have a beast icon displayed when attacking. The same applies to my defense, which doesn't have a beast. This is definitely a bug .. just pointing it out
  4. I need some advice. I will be very grateful for any imput. I am level 13 and one of the 5 slots of the multiplayer arena is occupied by a level 14 player that I can't either scout or attack. Every time I try the game gets stuck on loading his/her base. I play on Android and I have no problems attacking or scouting any other bases. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it did not help. What can I do?
  5. Hi since I started this boss hunt it has shown 0h 0min left in this boss hunt. Is this normal? How long do boss hunts normally last? I'd like to know so I know when and how much to push for rewards.
  6. Hi @oisia I can't see any boss hunt going on today. Regards
  7. Ambrosia bug

    When I don't have the silo of the ambrosia to the maximum and open the chests I find ambrosia in an amount exceeding the capacity of the silo.
  8. I purchased the kaiser pal from the 'Gran Festival' as normal. When I played at a later time, I noticed I had gotten all the currency "fake teeth" back. So I bought the gran scarf. When playing battles with kaiser selected, it was not visible in the fight at all. Switching to a different pal and back again did nothing. Today I looked at the pal list and kaiser is no longer on it. However it is still equipped on my A slot. Please help. I think kaiser is adorable and wish to keep it. I don't care if the gran scarf is deleted or not.
  9. Hi Olympians, Edit: This issue has been fixed by the Admin, based on the query I logged before posting this. Thanks to FlaresGames. Rated 5* in PlayStore and gave a nice review. I created the Alliance "Indr Neeti" when I started playing the game. And obviously I was it's 'General' (And the Founder, I Guess?) A while back, I randomly became inactive and my 'General' position was passed on to someone else, as I became an 'Officer'. Here I should note that I play the game literally every day. So there's no reason for any inactivity to happen. I've tried asking the person to make me General again, but so far he's been too childish about it. I don't understand how I got demoted in the first place in my own Alliance, and for a reason which is false (Inactivity). I'm forced to give the game a 1* in Play Store (If at all that gets the developer's attention) even though I completely love it. If this is a bug, please fix it. I'd like to become General again. My Screen Name is "Den Sai".
  10. Dear flare developers or whomever reads these forums, Yous said you'd fix the bug in monk where monk wasn't healing over walls. Please make this a priority. Thanks!
  11. Android v. 5.0.2 on Samsung galaxy tab 4. Game is currently up to date. Game connected fine till roughly 4am EST last night (Tuesday, July 18) and has since been unable to connect, showing "Could not establish connection" and, "could not connect to server". Tried restarting system, tried connecting via another wireless signal. Other online games and browsers all work fine. -I have insomnia, I play at weird times...
  12. I completed three of the tiers in the last event that ended on 3 July 2017 and got nothing, even though it was tracking my kills. What the heck?... I had completed the gold tier too.......
  13. Hello, new on chat ;D My english is not fluid but I will try to explain property... I have noticed several times while attacking/deffending that troops emerge suddenly close to the hero comming from nowhere (sometimes helping and others hitting me) This is not associated to medusas sons, fénix power, hydra hitting or any other similar things. For me it´s clearly a bug, and sometimes determines the battle victory/defeat. ¿There´s any other guy with the same bug? In other hand, I have checked that Hades, mean while he has take an ally life is vulnerable to Helena transformation power. I mean, sometimes Hades just directly die when Helena uses her power. ¿Isn´t it? Thanks in advance!!
  14. Has anyone else noticed this bug??.... Quite frequently on North County Lvl 4 I've noticed that a Titan will spawn but with the graphic of a Shambler. It will have the same health as a Titan and upon killing this mutant beast the graphic will change to a Titan for its little death animation. Haven't noticed it on any other levels but has happened at least 6-7 times on this level.... Only noticed as a result of grinding for Zombie Slaughter event!
  15. Major game exploit (cheat)

    By modifying recover price, memory cheat user are able to scam client recovering buildings and move them around, reconnect later and they'll be in new position but stays unfixed. If you make the unfixed buildings in circle, it forms literally unbeatable defense, zombies just can't get in. Please fix the bug ASAP and ban any user cheating this way.

    Hello, My name in game is Greek Mockingjay and I'm member of the Greek Winners alliance. I had a problem with the odyssey in the afternoon. While I was playing, suddenly the Odyssey stopped and now needs 6 days to start again the fights. I thought that I must upgrade the building to level 7 to continue but when I upgraded this , the problem was still there. I can't fight anymore if don't pass 6 days.. What can I do now??? Please answer and fix this!! I also send you a screenshot of the bug. Thanks Greek Mockingjay Alliance: Greek Winners
  17. My account was reset

    I started this game yesterday. And I checked starter pack. But today morning the game was reset, and started tutorial again. Please check.
  18. Hi everyone. Since 2 days ago, the game doesn't show up anymore the Super ad that appears every day. Is only me or all of you are having the same problem?
  19. Please imporve the Languarge syestem because we can see the weapon info from CHINESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. No boss hunt since February

    userID: F8B1A5FD In game name: Raburnator iphone 6s ios 10.3.2 I haven't had a boss hunt in my game since sometime in Febuary (or possibly early march). There had been only a few hunts since the boss hunt rankings had been introduced when the hunts stopped for me. A day without me playing back then was extremely rare so I couldn't have simply missed them all. Deleting and re-downloading the game did not work and I currently have version 1.9.6 of Nonstop Knight on my phone.
  21. I dont know if this is a bug, but 4 star weapons to be boosted are so expensive. Should be same as a 1 star weapon on its way to lvl 10 cuz its max is 40 anyways. Big issue... dunno if this is a bug, but needs a problem on balance change.
  22. Ascension Chest

    Its been an hour and I still haven't recieved my ascension chest. I just leveled up at level 60. I tried re-installing the game as well as restarting my phone and I still haven'nt recived the chest. Please fix this game name : crmil0113 alliance: Òrion Update: Its past 4 hours now and I still haven't received the chest. Do they stop giving ascencion chest once you've reached level 60?
  23. To the developers, For the longest time there has been a KNOWN BUG with ogres getting stuck in corners. Please fix this as it really ruins raids and makes the game less enjoyable for many players. There is no reason why ogres should get stuck in corners. Thanks
  24. Store problem

    I have a problem in the store, the moment I try to buy gems I get "wait, reconnecting" and this problem has already taken some time on my cell phone, I would like to know if someone I have a problem in the store, the moment I try to buy gems I get "wait, reconnecting" and this problem has already taken some time on my cell phone, I would like to know if someone else happens to you and how to solve it. The same things happen with the daily gems. OS: Android 7
  25. Regarding Bugs

    Hello @PaSte @Nikko @flaretara , There are two bugs which feels annoying. Sorry I couldn't inform about these before this update otherwise these would have been fixed. 1. When we try to search online players from leaderboard the connection get lost after sometime. It doesn't happen everytime but occurs most often. I think this bug has come in limelight before too but didn't get fixed. Plz fix this so that life of leaders n generals get a bit easier. 2. This is again related to connection losing. If we try to continuously delete the messages of notification panel by tapping the delete button without stopping the connection loses. This problem again arises whenever I try to remove the troops from waves by tapping them continuously in same manner as above. I hope these will be fixed sooner especially the first one. I can provide a video of the above problems if required. Thanks.