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Found 22 results

  1. Hello there, it seems that I can't buy Gems through the Windows App Version. Meanwhile on iOS the buying Option still appears. I can't buy through iOS though because it is just a Company Device, so I can't do that Pleas fix it or I can't give you any more money. ^^
  2. Pet food did not credit

    Yesterday I was thrilled to have less than 1100 pet food left before I could get my Bucky to 9, and commented on it on our alliance chat. After opening a chest around 10 last night and again just now I am still 1040 away. It appears none of the food was credited. I've thought I had seen this before but discounted it. This time, though, it is pretty obvious.
  3. Hello Warriors, and creative members of olympus rising ... This subject concerns the titan chests by points ... It is very frustrating to not be able to win these chests and we are already spending so much money for the very game that it is almost impossible to pay 500 diamonds for these. I propose a solution based on a challenge style odysee with 5 islands at 100 gems, if we succeed the challenges, we unblock this bonus, or decrease according to the conquered islands. I am boundkiller ds the game and invested a lot of money to progress, protect my islands, do odysseys, ... I hope that ALL WARRIORS and high levels will help me and support this project THANKS TO ALL... GOOD GAME EVERYBODY AND HV FUN...

    My code is TEYRNQFR if you want an add just leave a comment down below and we will add each other for some titan rewards
  5. After the v3.0.0 update, before the Ninja event, I had 2 uber chests with no timer on them. Now that the Ninja event is over, I got the rewards: I got 2 legendary and 2 epic chests for my personal ranking and 1 epic, 2 legendary and 2 uber chests from my alliance performance. The 2 uber chests I already had are gone! Please fix this! IGN: Abbas-8, Alliance: Home of the Brave
  6. Titan Chests and Invitation Codes

    Here is a run through of how Titan Chest codes work, so that it's available for all to see. More information can also be found in the FAQ, here: In order to link, a new player needs to enter your code. Here's a step-by-step: 1. Find a person who has not yet started Olympus Rising, or a current player who has not yet entered a code from another player. 2. Ensure that person reaches Ascension Level 5 (which is where they can first access the Titan Rewards screen). 3. Give them your code. 4. Have the player enter the Titan Rewards screen and type the code into the available "Enter Code" box. Note: this box is only visible if they have not already entered someone's code. 5. You are now linked! To answer other questions: "What is the difference when I link my account to him or he links to me?" There is no difference, in both cases you will both be added to both players' lists. "Will it give me or him the points?" You will both get points, one per day, every day the other player logs into the game. Note: you do not immediately get a point, the first point will be collectable after 24 hours. Also it's worth noting that you get 1 point per day just by checking the screen, even if you have not linked with anyone. If I link with someone that opens a chest for me and I delete him afterwards: will I be able to link with him again for a new chest opening? Or do I have to find a new friend for each chest? You will need to find a new person to invite. Each player can only enter one code, even if you delete them afterwards. My friend added me, but now I can't add him. Why not? You are already connected with your friend, so entering their code will not connect you again! Your friend should already appear in your list. Now you can add someone elses code and link with another player.
  7. 2nd anniversary chest

    Hi! Had a bug with the anniversary chest: Got it, opened it, but when I was checking the prizes the app closed (windows phone) and it all disapeared before getting any of it. Can I claim it back somehow?
  8. This is to the developers or anyone who works for flare who has a heart. I am king level 114 and I buy MANY uber chests. I purchase the 5 for 50% almost every time offered and I have bought many of the 10 packs. I am literally sick and tired of being ripped off in these uber chests. I have unlocked all 8 slots in the Blacksmith and yet almost every PAID FOR chest I open has items with pearl values in low 20s sometimes ill get 2/6 items valued at 20-30s pearls. I dont know how you think its fair to do this?! I think the minimum pearl value item found in a paid uber chest should be no lower than 65 pearls. Either way anything lower than 50 feels like highway robbery. And when I get stuff worth 20 or so pearls I feel like calling the police because Ive been robbed! If you actually care about your paying customers please stop pick-pocketing us and giving bullshit in uber chests. Its bad enough how the game has come to a point where we are literally forced to buy ubers to get pearls so we can compete with other players who do the same. However giving low pearl value items is just a slap in the face. I think I have spent more than enough money to have my voice heard by management of this game. I hope to see a significant change in pearl values of items in uber chests. Show me that you give a damn about us high paying players!
  9. Players inequality

    Hello,Flaregames ! Why there is no bonus video сhests for Windows players ? Because of this difference in development - huge . Players of the Android and Windows versions have very different resources for development. Even in the simplest improvement is necessary to save.It's not fair.
  10. Just some Suggestions: - Random/Wild Bosses in Adventure mode (not only in Boss Hunt) - New Chests/Weapons - Sets - Sets, for example if you wear all three Items from Mammut-Chest you will get new bonus - new Abilities or new runes - Kick-vote in Boss Hunt, sometimes I had members in groups wich were inactive all the time
  11. Hi, I tried to ask players and others how do we get Uber Chests, but nobody seems to have an idea? Do you? I am not talking of decoding friends uber chest to get them, but how do we receive them or what triggers their receipt. There was a post that if somebody downloads the game and plays using your code you receive Uber Chest. That does not seem to work as one of my friends did that and I did not receive them. Is this another one of the mysteries, which has no answer too? Another fairy tale was the UBER ITEMS in UBER CHESTS. Players had enjoyed great items from the chests. Lately, it seems that FG has drastically reduced the contents in it. Anybody can support this statement?
  12. I get every time only the Royal Revolt spot. After the spot I have to kill the game. I use android 6.1 My ingame name is "robroy."
  13. This is really annoying! I bought the gold item chest but it turns out gold treasury. I would like the gems back or give me gold item chest.
  14. Daily chest streak

    I'm really annoyed. Was on my Daily chest streak, only two days to go. I have opened day 25 yesterday. Today, I open the game and I'm back to day one. Lost the golden gem chest and the Uber chest. What happened? I want my chests. This is one more thing that makes me want to drop the game :/ ign: Marcolino II
  15. Daily Chest Streak

    I was on my 26th day streak for the daily chest but when I checked today, I was back to Day 1 when I just opened my 25th chest last night. I lost my streak even when I redeem everyday. How did that happened?
  16. My suggestion is simple. Stop sending us Uber Friends Chests as virtually no one can enter friends code. They are hugely annoying and creates a lot of dissatisfaction.
  17. Great Lootings from the treasure chests are the things we want, but unfortunately, I often get to the stage 230, but stil ONLY have two or three 3-star-items, the most important items… On the way down till 230 you open A LOT of treasure chests, but I get waaaay to often a wooden or bronze chest… An when I have a chest where it is possible to have a 3-star-item, I just get always a 2-star-item at most… This brings a lot frustration, I want to be able to have a little more chances for loot of higher value… So please, a suggestion is to improve the algorithm of the treasure chests so we are able to get more 3-stars-items…
  18. Please dont show the Uber-Chest all the time if i dont want to buy it. Its annoying that i have to klick it away all the time i want to open the normal Chests. I accidently klicked it and lost 300 Gems.
  19. I want to bring to attention the cheating by FG in the name of uber chest and a possible solution. when FG decides to give UBER CHEST, they require to fill friendscode, which in my view is difficult. You may do many kinds of tricks, but in the end big daddy (Google), stops you making alternative account. Then you decide to take the 50% reduction offer, and what you get is completely useless item and perks. if FG can give each player individualised game codes, why can't the chest contain players need based perks. I mean if I have a slowdown perk, which I forged and made it good, why in world will I want an item with knight on it. It would have been good if the game recognised my need and gave me a higher version of the same perk. That would have done justice to the 300 gems that I spent.
  20. Age of Legends! Alliance Level 17 Main Language: English Trophie Requirement: 1500 We are a friendly and very competitive alliance. We love to win alliance wars. We also have a decent amount of cashers so free chests all the time! Like any alliance, donate every day! Hero level is not what we focus on, as long as you have 1500 or more trophies. We usually have boosts on as long as we have the donations to afford it. RULES: Be friendly to other alliance members. Participate in alliance wars. Do not activate boosts! (Only leader or generals can.) Donate every day.
  21. I have collected lots of chests since they were introduced. I opened only 5-10 so far, so I have more than 260 chests waiting to be opened, and they will be only more with time. I plan to open them at Christmas to have lots of presents Calculating with 3-4 rewards per chests, it would give around 800-850 rewards. To avoid food and gold rewards I plan to open the chests with full silo and treasure chamber. Let's see what rewards can be there. 1. In case of gems, pearls and vouchers - I believe there is no upper limit, so I should not worry 2. But in case of hero items, there is a limitation of inventory slots. If only 1 of every 10 rewards would be a hero item, that is still more than 80 of them. Will the inventory space be increased with additional slots? Or there will be no more hero items in the chests when inventory is full? 3. Can there be any other rewards in the chests? Furthermore, as there are no more pearl scrolls, how can I spend the pearls? Only at Granny? Thanks for anybody who can clear the questions for me.
  22. We have the typical 2% and the team in 3rd place has a 10.6% bonus. That is insane. I cant beat their top 4 players let alone my team. I have to get around 2,550 skulls for my first ever legendary chest at 30k skulls. The 10 raid max has held me back a little with unexpected losses and I will be rather annoyed if I just miss out from just because we didn't lose to get an advantage in getting more skulls.