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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I am The Sagacity, a level 100 Kingdom. I have been playing since either Season 1 or Season 2, the time where Pearls never existed. I wanted to chance an opportunity to post my thoughts about improvements on the game before I leave it for good. HERO The Items tiers between Magic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Uber, and Pro is overboard. There should be an Item Overhaul back to the regular Magic, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Uber and Pro will be revamped into Legendary gear while all Legendary gear need to be revamped into Epic Gear, meaning Epic Gear now comes with 2 perks, and all Epic Gear revamped into Rare Gear. Legendary Gear now comes with "Secret" perks that unlock as you gather more of the same type gear set. Finally, we have Presets for our gear! Any chance you can change how we earn presets rather than a subscription? Such as start with only One Preset, unlock the second the moment you are capable of participating in Bronze League, and unlock the rest depending on either your Kingdom level or upgrading your Throne Room. Item Fusion would be a cool concept, and probably capable of replacing an unnecessary Vanity slot. You like the look of one item, but you want your regular perks from another? Item Fusion and done, enjoy! Can't wait for more perk ideas! Keep them coming! Customization for your Hero has improved drastically, keep it up! Awaiting Frost Pal, I would assume either a Polar Bear or Ice Dragon. Or make up a new kind of breed! KINGDOM More Landscapes Please! More useful Inventor's Workshop? We get to go back to our Wizard's Tower and Troop Academy to forge our arsenal even further, what can we do for this building then? Have the Castle Guard with Wave Management Presets. It's too much a hassle to work with already! Can we make the Castle Gate more useful? It's the Final Defense, it should be an epic clash rather than PEW PEW arrows. (Don't tell me about Doom Gate, I'm talking about a Normal Castle Gate having interactions as well) Revamp the Level System for all Buildings, mainly for the Silo, Farm, Taverns, and Castle Gate to be a closer to the Throne Room. Please, revamp the Granny shop and have her run a Market! And make sure the Market becomes a Festival during Festival Events. And make sure she keeps her Kaiser pal. Motivate Workers to finish faster with extra gold! Put up to 2 workers on one building at the cost of extra gold! Otherwise, they are already motivated by those advertisements to finish one day sooner... DUNGEON Would love to revamp the entire Dungeon system, and make a new twist to have special battle conditions for some of the dungeon missions: You start by your camp, and it's an room, randomly created to summon enemies within its dark halls. Your Morale Bar fills even slower, and the enemies are coming from everywhere. There is no end goal except one: Survive. You can roam and explore to pick up "Morale" while maintaining the Guard before the enemies surround your camp and destroy it. You have reduced vision, so you can only see so far. Make for a Creepy Dungeon. WAR SEASON Can we please have more different War Season Boost Rewards than the alternating 2 Pyro/Arblaster/Doom Gate and Mummy/Froster/Gargoyle Tower Boosts? We need more variation, even though we already get enough from the Special War Season Boosts. Slightly better skull bonus for losing battles Better Alliance Rewards for those that participate, not just an entire Alliance Reward. UNIT EVENTS Need more types of units for these events. I'm tired of ninjas. UNITS Revamp the Boost System for Units. Some units are too reliant on them to even be remotely useful as Normal Units. Other Boosts have potential to become War Boosts, mainly the Dungeon Units. Revamp Unit Stats per Level as well. Knights - Improve Normal Status, make Boosts more reliant on the situation of the current Season. Blazing Knights have Fire Damage as well as Normal, have the same Health but are immune to Fear and are Slow Resistant. Archers - Improve Normal Status, make Boosts more reliant on the situation of the current Season. Power Archers are a cool concept, keep it. Paladins - Basically slower Knights with more Health and deal Blunt Damage. Could have more impactful difference. Normal Status could use small buff, Holy Paladins are fun, keep. Ogres - Reliable Normal Status. Would rather have Stunning Ogre as War Boost rather than Elite, I am tired of seeing this. Frosters - Reliable Normal Status. Would like better forging option replacing Piercing Resistance. Wouldn't mind seeing an Elite Boost for this unit, but keep the Dragofrosters as a War Boost. Gargoyles - Reliable in early levels, loses power as better Dungeon units take control of the battlefield. Would love to see more impactful War Boosts for these guys. Cannons - Reliable, both Normal Status and Storm Cannons. Would love tiny buff on Normal Status to compensate tiny nerf in Storm Cannon. Pyromancers - Balanced against Frosters. Wouldn't mind seeing an Elite Boost for this unit, but keep the Dragomancers as a War Boost. Mummy - Could use a tiny buff or rework. Love to rework Surprise Mummy to a random surprise upon its death: Either a small horde of Zombies, Skeletons, or a Toxic Cloud! Arblasters - Basically a better Archer. Archers could use some love while Arblasters could use a rework. I hate Frost Frenzy War Boost, go die. Werewolf - Reliable Normal Status. Make its Elite Boost a War Boost, because I am incredibly tired of seeing this in action. Mortars - These units could use some love, you hardly ever see them unless Boosted during War Season. Could use an Elite Boost. Monks - Annoying but interesting. Could use small rework. Necromancers - Why do these things exist? Especially when Boosted? Would like small rework, preferably with their weaknesses. Preferably Necromancers weak to Fire (They deserve hell) and the Skeletons weak to something else (They are already in hell). Vikings - Recently implemented into the game, and so far not too reliable. Will see as game progresses. Overall, awaiting more units for the game, would mainly prefer reworking our older units. DEFENSE Please, make some Defense Presets as well! They are too much a hassle to work with already! Cannot wait for more Obstacles! We need more variation of these! New Pathing Ideas: Rivers, Bridges, Moats, and Pathoffs! Should lead to more Tower and Unit Designs, especially combined with the Castle Gate for additional epic finales! Rivers would make interesting Water Towers and Units, Bridges to help the path over the River, Moats for different Castle Gate defenses, and Offpaths, a path segment that falls off the normal pathing to create an "obstacle" for varying traps, similar to Royal Revolt I. Some Towers are just "better" than others. We need an overhaul on their performance as well as their Damage and Health. Revamp all Spells per Level to reduce Level Cap. Arrow Towers - They lose reliability so fast that they become completely useless. Then need to be reworked, especially with its Elite Boost. Bomb Towers - Reliable damage, range, and durability. Would love to buff their Normal Status. Nerf the Elite Boost but keep its range, its really good. Frost Towers - Competes with Snake Towers in Damage. Could use an Elite Boost. Gargoyle Towers - Now the weakest Tower of the liquid Towers, needs more reliable Normal Status and forging. Could use an Elite Boost. Love the War Boost! Firebolt Towers - Basically... a better Arrow Tower in every possible way, despite not being a Piercing Tower. Basically a Super Tower, could use rework. Snake Towers - Basically a better Gargoyle/Frost Tower without CC. Considered a Super Tower. Could use small rework. Skull Towers - Basically a better Bomb Tower... with slightly less range. Considered a Super Tower. Could use small rework. Lightning Towers - While a unique Tower, I hate its Elite Boost. The whole point of this tower is to stop the Big Units, but it just wipes out the small units too hard for what it does in damage in range. The whole entire Boost System needs an overhaul to make this Boost... reasonable to deal with. Heal Towers - Annoying buggers but has a decent weakness. Could use small tweaking. Basilisk Towers - Recently implemented into the game, appears to have mediocre performance. Barricades - Too reliant on Elite Boost. Blockades - Reliable overall, diverse between it and Barricades. Spikes - Reliable, but too dependent on Elite Boost. Would love more variations of these things. Jester Box - Fun little traps! Would love more variations of these things! OFFENSE Presets for Raids would help a lot. Not as much a hassle as messing with your defenses though. (PRO - TOURNAMENT) - Would like more experimentation ideas with Boosted Magic Spells! Froststorm, Stunstrike, White Magic, Hailrain. So much experimentation! Magic is probably the most diverse arsenal for the Hero so far. Can't wait for new Magic Spells! One Magic Spell Concept I have: Windrush - Wind is placed in a path, all enemies against the wind are Slowed and receive a minor push-back while Allies running with the wind benefit with increased Movement. Wind path length depends on Spell Level. Revamp all Spells per Level to reduce Level Cap Hammerstrike - The recent patch fixed its major issue. Toxic Cloud - Unreliable at first, but unlocking Slow Time makes it a good spell... late. Stun - Fun spell. Needs a tiny bit more reliability, especially early game. Firestorm - One of the best spells due to its damage, range, and SPECIFIC towers weak to it. Swordrain - Best spells against units due to damage AND range as well as a nice stun forged on it. Heal - Good spell, probably outclassed by Pal: Tammy. Probably outclassed by Shield as well. Blizzard - Reliable spell. Shield - Good spell, probably outclassed by Pal: Bucky. Would like to reattempt a rework on it to where Shield acts more like a small Barrier around the Hero for a brief duration. Bladestorm - Great against Blockade, tends to outshine Hammerstrike minus instant damage and Cooldown. Sonic Blast - Great against... everything. Tends to outshine Hammerstrike minus instant damage and Cooldown. Black Magic - Fun spell to counter an enemy Pal Flute - Fun! Hammerstrike, Bladestorm, and Sonic Blast tends to be the compared trio due to similar functions. May need to be looked into. Alliance Longer Chat History Please. Preferably within 36~48 hours or within 70 sentences. It feels too short, especially for big alliances. Reminder of a Revamped Elite Boost System and a more varied War Boost System. Overall, this game has improved so much, but it still has a long ways to go, and I know the game is going to get better, but I'm quite done with this game. The end goal I wanted to reach keeps shifting further and further away, so I'm ending it now. Alas, good luck, and take care of Mini-Garen for me! DEMACIA!!!
  2. New event announcement

    HI All Flaregemes team !! Again .maybe we get at lest some info about shortcoming event??? Every time waiting so long with announcement is totally unacceptable. TREAT US BETTER AT LEAST @Nikko @Flothaboss Can someone respond please
  3. Not sure if this is the place to write this. The medal rewards is to low only 29 medals for a fight at the event that takes all the sweat of me to finish is not ok. 600k gold reward and only 29 medals is just too low and the effort is too big. 300 to 400 medals when my level was 20 and now only 29 medals, why? Please do a different recalculation and perhaps make the event easier for lower lvl players (or perhaps not).
  4. I guys, you recently reached one million followers on fb that's really amazing. So, gives some events please with skull pert in belt item. I really love playing royal revolt 2. Thanks
  5. As you all know Easter Festival is going on, Will RR2 team start a new pal festival after this festival? PLease help
  7. community week

    Hey quick question, Saw the community week notification and I vaguely remember the things from last time. Is the list displayed for the first day then others added? Or was it those listed spread out? Never mind ... found it from last time... so if its the same? Defence event, bs event, Ubers granny, and alliance party ( thought I would leave this here for info sake)
  8. Just looking at the rewards given in my group 3-3.5 And 16 first place ties 4k pearls Next person 1.5k I completed all 30 no gems and a few missed towers 500 pearls They really need to just set these at coin or a set level. The disparity and wonky outcomes needs a bit more thought.
  9. Everyone is playing the halloween event but in my game i dont even have the calendar icon. My time zone is central standard time Also, my pet icon is greyed out when this become available? ////EDIT i need to make a 2nd ascend! Ty
  10. The events are getting shorter and also its value is decreased: 1. Only 1 day (no longer 2 days) 2. Max time for upgrading is now -20% (and no longer 2 days) See Why??????
  11. Hello everybody! Since we had many types of events during these last months, i'd like to know what is your favourite in-game event ! So maybe we can arouse more interest from developers side to reproduce with more frequency for example a specific event we mostly like. If others events will be created I'll update this topic, so remember to give an eye now and then. Below are described the specifications for each event (so if you don't know what it talks about, you can take a look here). You can also check this topic as a personal summary for your interests too.: Alliance Party Upgrading the Alliance Tower costs 20% less gems than usuallyUpgrades are also faster, it will now take 6h at most to upgrade your Tower!All Alliances have 40% donation bonus! (taxes)All Alliance members get special "Magic Gem Chests" if a member buys a gem packageCrazy Granny Days The re-rolls are cheaperThe items are better and cheaperDouble XP King will receive double xpVoucher Days Higher Voucher rewards for entering a friend codeHigher Voucher rewards whenever one of your Voucher friends levels upHigher Voucher rewards for every friend that buys a Gem packageDungeon Run Dungeons will take less time to be unlockedBoost your Defence The Towers and Obstacles will be 20% cheaperThe maximum building/upgrade time for the Towers and Obstacles will be 1 dayThe Workers cost 20% less gemsBoost your Offence The spells and troops cost 20% less gold to upgradeThe maximum building time for spells and troops is 2 daysBlacksmith Event The meltdown slots are 25% cheaperThe Pearls are produces twice fasterThe amount of Pearls produced per item-meltdown is multiplied by 5The chances of upgrading an item successfully are slightly betterCastle Boost Event The Castle buildings will cost 20% less goldThe maximum building/upgrade time for the Castle buildings will be 2 daysThe Workers cost 20% less gemsInclude ALLIANCE TOWER cheaper costP.S.: This topic i made it personally without the advice from some superior people, just to be clear If you notice errors let me know! Thank you for the participation! Regards, oPelle
  12. No Wave Event!

    I've been waiting eagerly for the past, say, 5 events, for a wave event to come up, to no avail. This is probably the fourth time the stupid alliance party thing has come up. They just want us to buy gems to feed greedy flare, and instead let us pay all the gold and effort and time to get an extra 2 morale points on our waves. I want a wave event!!
  13. Events!

    Currently the only event I am aware of is the wedge gun event. Not even sure how that works exactly, but I like the idea of the game having events so here are some I thought up: Event balancing rewards: Let us have a chance at getting special weapons, or if my experimental weapons idea is ever implemented weapon blueprints/parts. If not make these events worth a lot in gold and plasma To keep the difficulty of these events appropriate, we should have a pool of bases for each level from which the system randomly picks out one. The reward from these events should also get better at higher levels Every Wednesday: Seckorian conquest:this is a very easy to understand event. There are 24 hours, 12 stages of npc bases .Defeat all of them and you get a small reward for each base you defeat and a big reward for defeating them all along with the chance to get a special weapon Story:the sectarian are trying to dominate resource control by using their self enhancing bases! Destroy each one of them and prove that no technology can trump humans Every Friday: guardian of leavithian isles: basically you are assigned the role to protect a few regions of levethia, so you get to make a small temporary base out of the defense and defense levels you get. Every time you successfully defend that base from npc attacks you get another random combination of defenses from which you must protect the base. This event also has 12 stages and on completing all you get a huge reward with a special weapon chance Story: you have been assigned as the guardian for some of our resource docks. Protect these resorpurces from enemy companies! Every Saturday: Helena's fall(should be only available for people who have three rigs and and use all three inbattle )basically you get 1 big impossible to defeat base and u must destroy it through multiple attacks. After each attack whatever you destroy stays destroyed, So you get 3(or 7 really don't know) tries to defeat the base. If you are successful you get a huge reward with a special weapon chance Story: Helena is a commander with special financial support. The resources her monstrous base holds will only boost the cause of every captain who is skilled enough to destroy her. (More to be added)
  14. that would be more exciting if there is an upcoming special celebrations with the game...