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Found 12 results

  1. For the devopler ,please check how much money I have spent here ,way too much ..keep getting useless cards from archmage pack .money has been spent to improve the strength of my cards but it's never baiscly you took money and you keep ask for more with your offers but you don't give strong cards to match the amount of money been it a joke or really feel disappointed and I even thinking of deleting this game soon as it's drain my money and NO DEVOLOMENT to my deck at all ...please all be aware
  2. I have 3 card pieces for guruk and I'm thinking of switching him with the assault drummer. Should I?
  3. Need to Fix Potion Bug

    Hi! Faced with such problem in Game... If stamina finishes we can buy one potion for 40 gems, BUT offen happens that I press on a button Window with offer doesnt disappear, and I pressed again. As a resoult I have spent 80 gems for ONE Potion.... It is so wrong
  4. Evoker discord server?

    Does anyone know if there is a discord server or something similar? If not I'd be happy to make one or join someone else's if they make one. I know there is a Facebook thing but is that it?
  5. Would it be a good idea to form an Evoker Community in your resident country with other local players where they can get together and share ideas, play against each other, have "Evoker Parties", set up personal contests etc. We actually love the game so much, the founding members of the community would purchase packages and reward other members as contest prizes. The only problem would be that Evoker is a "server side" game and it would be difficult to do this. Suggestions and ideas/input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. The GOAT

    Hello fellow Evokers! This Christmas/New Years season has been a rough one for me to say the least. But I always know my Evoker will calm me down and center me. Evoker has upped my mathematics and logic skills immensely, which I love. I've spent 0$ on this account i started in November and im sporting a Keeper of the Treasure+ a Cursed Stag+ a Sphere Weaver++ and working on a Guardian of Time and an Imperial Dragon. I still have yet to own a Red Ultimate but far as I can tell Legendarys are just as formidable. I lost an account last year that I could not recover In which I had a Moon Dragon+ and a Leviathan++ and I was dismayed and didn't play for about 9 months. But last month I got "back in the saddle again" so to speak and started a new Evoker, I'm already sucked in again. I'll give one of my strategies here and now. I do not like cards with abilities, I like brute force with maybe a healer or attack Booster. I have beaten decks much better than mine often because I have almost no abilities to nullify. My cards drop immense damage and have high health. Now my Cursed Stag changes that a bit, but I don't care if it gets nullified by say Tundugar because it has so much health, My Time Guardian gives it some attack power also. Basic strategy I guess, I'll also say I absolutely despise Lookalikes! I hate them so much, they are my Kryptonite Also anyone know of the "GOAT Evoker"? Who has the perfect hand? Is there such thing?
  7. Greetings Evokers! Evoker is getting festive with a special Christmas event! This is also a great opportunity to see that Werewolf Dwarves also know how to celebrate Christmas. Well… ok… in a very special way. The event will run from December 24th until December 31st. During this time, the following will happen: There will be one Special Booster with one Ultimate guaranteed. The others will be Legendary with three guaranteed Halloween Cards. That’s right, this is another opportunity for players to complete their Halloween collection! Players will receive one token per day on the 24th, 25th and 26th when they login Three “Special Premium Token Package” will also be available for purchase at the shop Have a wonderful Christmas and time in Evoker! Your Evoker Team
  8. Evoker

    Evoker,Dicas Sobre o Jogo ...
  9. There are 184 unique cards in Evoker. A player must also keep duplicates to boost them up (fusion etc). ...But the card limit is 80 cards per deck!Is there any way of increasing the deck capacity - to 200 cards for example? I asked the same question at game support and they answered politely that my suggestion regarding the capacity of the deck versus the amount of cards available should be also brought to this community forum, for more people to see and discuss. Cheers, Z.
  10. Perfect Fusion

    Hi All, I tried to find any useful information about Card Fusion on this forum, but without result. (Moreover it seems that search engine do not work optimally, but this is out of my topics). Please could you give me some advice for this? In game basic I find following in Card Fusion topic: Every level you gain with a card adds to its power, and if you fuse two card that weren't at maximum level, you are losing out on power. What exactly does it mean? For example I've Tamer+ (lvl 9) and 2 Tamers (lvl 1). How should I exp the lvl 1 cards to achieve most optimal ration power(highest) and experience(lower spend)?
  11. not getting my tokens :(

    The first day of the Xmas event I got two tokens, but since then nothing. Anyone else having this problem?
  12. Heyo, Godlike here... Not that active anymore, but my eyes are everywhere. Nice that Flaregames finally created an official forum for Evoker. I already linked it in the Evoker Community on Facebook. *Stealthmode* Don't hesitate to join the Evoker community on facebook aswell as the Evoker Wikia to discuss with more active players and have an overview of all stats of all cards that are existing !! I may get again a bit active in the discussions if this forum performs good. The only and real Godlike. Peace. Out.