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Found 4 results

  1. Friend Code

    here's my friend code CZOAXOROX. Please use it.
  2. friendcode enter problem

    I'm not a newbie but after losing my account i created a new one and its now in level 10. The friendcode button was always there till i joined G&M. And got a friendcode of ed when i tried to enter friendcode on voucher bazar i saw there was only a option of invite friends. Then went to the home(game's home) and saw there's only the name of war(there used to be a friendcode button). Then left G&M and thought the button might appear now. But alas still no appearance. I didn't entered a friendcode
  3. Hey guys, To avoid that the forums are getting flooded with voucher threads, please from now on use this thread only to post your voucher / friend codes. Please note that we have to close and/or delete any other topics posted regarding vouchers and friend codes. Thank you for your understanding
  4. EDIT FROM FLAREGAMES: PLEASE USE THIS THREAD ONLY FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT VOUCHERS / FRIEND CODES. WE WILL SOON GET BACK TO YOU AND TRY TO ANSWER ALL YOUR OPEN QUESTIONS. Please do not create new topics for voucher questions. Also please do not use this thread to share your voucher or friend codes. In such cases, we have to remove your post. To post your friend code, use this thread instead: Thank you. ------ Hi guys, this video is an attempt to explain the new voucher system Flaregames has introduced. Hope it helps!! My friend code: HXVJFGXT My Alliance Page : Alliance Facebook Page: